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  1. 57 minutes ago, 10 rillington place said:

    Ok but list on the Aircross was over £20k, so might have got it for 17k new. Better at £12.5 k with 3800 miles done.

    Depending on the model you could get a new one with delivery miles for 15k.

    Not having a go at you BTW, I just find the sweet spot for depreciation is much longer than 1 year. Particularly when buying from a dealer. 

  2. 2 hours ago, 10 rillington place said:

    2 year old Citroen Berlingo which is great for our hobbies (mountain biking, kayaking) bought a year ago for cash. Also a Citroen Aircross for my wife. This was bought for cash this year and was also a year old. I always buy a year old car letting someone else take the big hit on depreciation. I've got an old classic pickup that sits in my garage and only goes out when the sun is shining. Purchased for cash too.

    I think 1st year depreciation figures are often over exaggerated. Simple enough to get 10 to 25% off the list price for new cars. The massive % depreciation is a % off RRP. Who pays the ticket price one new car?

  3. 3 minutes ago, GregBowman said:

    Roaring twenties for about 2 years. Only yesterday GM and Honda made very positive announcements, after that who can tell ? There is a shortage of good people driving wages up all over the world. There is a lot of money being held by a lot of people looking for a opportunity to spend, holidays, cars, clothes, watches, motorbikes in fact just about anything.

    Have to agree. Bought a new car and two expensive holidays in the next 6 months. My corporate accounts have never looked healthier even with the massive raw material inflation I'm seeing. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Speed1987 said:

    Exactly the problem I'm having, finishing a complete renovation to my property... yet I cannot get a plumber/ fitter interested and if they are the price is x2 what you would expect to pay. For example, a recent quote was £2.8k just labour... I know the labour is only 10 days for 1 man...

    If you want work doing, expect to pay top dollar currently.

    That's about £35 an hour for a skilled plumber. Not cheap but not exactly mental. I know sparks on 60k in Dublin in 2002.

  5. 4 hours ago, Brendan110_0 said:

    Got a BMW 3 series Diesel (PCP) much better internal spec vs most electric vehicles at same price point - figured I'd wait a few more years before going electric.

    Is it really though? When you remove the cost of fuel (granted I'd expect a 3 series to be doing 60mpg) there's probably not much I  the spec. What's the price point?

  6. 3 hours ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    That's what we did a while ago on an ID3, for a near £8k discount. Dealer's finance guy not happy at all but we won't be needing his services again. 

    The ID3 is another great car but like all non Tesla's is a pain in the **** if you want to travel long distances because of the state of the charging system. My wife travels 300m, each way, to see her parents once a month and always has problems with charging (slow chargers, broken chargers, charger queues, rip off prices) that often end up adding hours to her journey. 

    NI has to be the absolute worst "developed" nation in Europe for chargers. Think we have about 15 rapids, only 1 Belfast, max rate is around 45kw. 40% of the network is down most of the time. 10 years ago it was top class. It'll be home charging most of the time. I've put a 22kw charger in two of my warehouses so I'll not be stuck if I use it. I expect the network will get there eventually. VW has the size to get a decent one established. Tesla is pretty much non existent in Ireland. I went with the 77 Family so not too worried about range. The ID3 is a great car, just doesn't work for us with 2 child seats or I would have gone with it. 


  7. 2 minutes ago, PeanutButter said:

    Be interested what you think of it. 3 ID3s on my street now, but despite having a golf it sticks in my craw to give V “emissions scandal” W my money now, just a hugely corrupt company imo. 


    It's for the OH but the dealership was kind enough to give a demonstrator for a long weekend. Not the model we went for but same battery. I have to say I was very impressed. It was a toss-up between it, the Q4 etron and the Enyaq. All very good cars in their own right. OH wanted the ID4. 

    Agree emissions gate was a disaster but VW seem to be the only company really going for EV choice at the minute. 

  8. 2 hours ago, BelfastVI said:

    SDLT was free up to £125k and was 2% on anything over that to £250k. with the average NI house sale of £150k the normal SDLT payment would be £3k. Removal of this, at best should only increase prices by that £3k or 2%.

    I think when you get into very expensive houses this would become a factor. we are booking houses today that will complete long after this SDLT holiday is over and it is not a factor.

    You can't borrow SDLT. 

  9. On 28/06/2021 at 23:24, Flat Bear said:

    Good Price? Everything is relative.

    Less than one year ago I was paying less than $1000 dollars for a 20ft container. Last October I paid $1200 dollars and was annoyed at the increase.

    Move forward to this morning and I have just paid $7400 dollars and I am very happy about this because generally they are now $8000 plus.

    In the end everything will work its way through the system, and I would expect freight prices to come back down to realistic levels, but at what level the new realistic market price will end up I can only guess. The time frame is even harder to predict.

    That's a crazy price for a 20ft box. What configuration were you after or are you talking shipping? 

  10. 32 minutes ago, Uchimata said:

    I discovered Dave Ramsey over here a year and a half ago, debt free and investing early (compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world) is the way to go. Some of his callers have very American specific issues like student loans, being cleaned out by the ex-wife and investing in real estate (it makes sense here due to federal tax breaks).... but his baby steps/focus on paying off debt could change your life. 

    I'm familiar with baby steps. It's all about investing early. If you get employer matching on pension contributions it's an absolute no brainer. 

  11. 3 minutes ago, JoeDavola said:

    Oh my. Well done you.

    Doubling your money in 8 years. You've played it well.

    The sums of money that are being made and lost here based on when you happened to buy a house are life changing i.e. being able to retire at 50 vs working till you die.

    I'm not going to retire young, but I also don't want to slave 40-60 hours a week so i won't be buying into this market any more than I need to. It's getting to the point where maxxing out my S&S ISA every year and ending up a renter with 300K+ in shares in a tax free wrapper might actually be a wiser thing than buying a house in Belfast.

    I personally think the people who bought it are absolute mugs. But then what do I know. I would never have convinced the OH to do it if it wasn't for covid. Plus the fact we had a mortgage free house to move to. 

    Some fantastic stock opportunities out there at the minute. BP have been a absolutely brilliant buy for me. 

    You should really read up on the FIRE movement. Get to the stage where you can semi/fully retire. If there's one thing this whole covid situation should have taught the world is that you can't buy time. 

  12. 59 minutes ago, JoeDavola said:

    I'm still quite shocked at how spectacularly wrong I was when I assumed that the lockdown of the economy would put a brake on HPI or might even cause a drop in house prices.

    Anedotally, most of my peers bought 5-8 years ago and none of them have moved from their first house and have no plans on moving they think the market is insane and don't want to take on an extra 100K debt as they approach 40 for a little bit of extra room.

    This trend may well continue given the smaller number of transactions actually happening, but if it does you've got a housing market that fewer and fewer of the population can actually buy into. And as I mentioned above the idea of a housing 'ladder' is now gone.

    Well I've cashed out so to speak. Sold up a few months ago in BT9. I don't want to say too much but it wasn't a traditional sale. I'll see what happens over the next 12-18 months before we decided what to do next. Just about doubled our money since we bought about 8 years ago. We've been fortunate enough in that the inlaws inherited a house that they don't need, so we've moved in while we decide what to do. It's a big house, outside the city. It needs some work but covid has made us reassess what we want from life. 


  13. 8 hours ago, Uchimata said:

    Could it be said that people leaving Belfast would be younger with low net-worth but people returning from London would be older with a high net-worth and family? Would this feed into higher prices in the mid/upper market?

    It could be that. It could also be EA bias. The low base level of transactions from people returning, a massive increase last year as a percentage but a really small absolute number. 

  14. Lots of talk last year about people moving here from England and pushing up prices. We have a bit more info now from the NI population estimates. Belfast had 2500 more people leave to GB than arrived. 


    Between the year ending mid-2019 and the year ending mid-2020, the number of people leaving Northern Ireland to live in the rest of the UK increased by 1,200 people (12.0 per cent), while the number of people coming to live in Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK decreased by 1,400 people (12.3 per cent). This led to inflows of 10,000 people and outflows of 11,600 people in the year ending mid-2020 and resulted in a net UK migration loss of 1,500 peopl


  15. 13 minutes ago, Data Dave said:

    So ive had an email reply, which I wont copy and paste incase there is any data issues involved with doing so, but I will paraphrase as per below:

    • The NI HPI is reported quarterly as there aren't enough sales in NI to report 'a robust price index on a monthly basis'
    • They state there is no geographical bias, the UK adopted the NI HPI methodology in 2016 but decided to carry on publishing the UK HPI monthly as was the case pre 2016.
    •  The NI HPI ties in with the UK HPI in the 3rd month of the quarter which should be the most reliable month of a quarter (3 months)
    • The NI HPI alongside the UK HPI were critically reviewed from conception to final publication by the Office for Statistics Regulation and achieved the highest accolade when they were awarded National Statistics status in September 2018. 


    I thought you might get a response like that. We need the LR to get online. 


    I'd expect a copy and paste response to a 10k signature petition.

  16. 12 minutes ago, Data Dave said:


    ''Ciara why is the NI data reported 'differently' [quarterly] to the rest of the UK, there is clear geographical bias here?''

    I expect the reason is due to "anonymity". They obscure the data on the report when it gets to a level where you point to individual sale prices. Obviously in GB it's not an issue as individual sale price is available online via land registry. Monthly here might result in lots of useless blanks particularly during lower transaction months. If all you're after is sub-regional average then I don't see the problem. 

    Really what should be happening is our land registry should move with the times. 

  17. 18 hours ago, Data Dave said:

    As per title, why is the N.I data published quarterly versus the rest of the UK which is monthly? Makes no sense and is geographically biased

    Purchasing property is probably the largest expense in anyone's life. The data for NI should be reported like the rest of the UK so that people have the data there to make informed decisions. 

    With just 10,000 signatures it will ''get a response from the government'' [source: https://www.gov.uk/petition-government]

    Any interest, do you think it feasible that we could get 10k signatures??


    I think you would be better in the first instance, to fire an email off to the statistician responsible (Ciara Cunningham) for the report to ask why the report is produced quarterly. Then work from there. 

    I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if there was a plan somewhere to move to monthly.

  18. 25 minutes ago, simon2 said:

    Would have thought he could be a big earner but his company appear a bit tight, if that is the same guy, ie:


    There are probably supermarket or fast food managers on more than that. 

    The only thing I'm pretty certain of it that a lot of things were embellished for maximum effect.... wouldn't be news otherwise. It sounds like he doesn't have BOMAD, so his wages must be pretty good. No real disaster if he is overdrawn by £5k for a couple of months cos it'll easily come back, but might as well pretend otherwise.

    Simpson Millar looks to be running on fumes. I'd have serious issues taking out a 100k mortgage working there. 

    Salaried partner by the looks of it. 100k absolute tops salary if a 8 year PQE is on 36k. 

  19. 5 hours ago, morty said:

    I got double what I thought my banger was worth which I used on a 0% finance deal on a car with a 10 year warranty lol.  Not electric, I’d only have a Tesla because of the charging network but they’re out of my price range. 

    In reality there's no such thing as 0% finance on cars. You're getting less discount on the price or no deposit contribution. Work the numbers, but probably better to take the dealer finance and then cancel having arranged your own. 

  20. 9 minutes ago, Clarky Cat said:

    It has the NHS, but you're still going to need to pay privately if you want anything doing in a timely manner. Some sample waits for a first appointment pre-pandemic in Belfast:

    Routine neurology: 5 years

    Routine dermatology: 2 years

    Urgent ophthalmology (i.e something sight threatening): 2 years

    Suspected cancer urology - 2 months


    If you need a joint replacement you'll be waiting 5-10 years from referral. Over half of patients on waiting lists for a first appointment have been waiting for over a year.

    Yep, retiring to NI for access to the NHS is a bit of a joke. Fine if you want to see a GP in around a fortnight but for any consultant led treatment you're looking at a wait so long, you might as well say the NHS doesn't exist. You could (until brexit) use the EU directive, pay upfront and get treatment in Blackrock and reclaim. No longer possible. 

    I pay around £140 a month for BUPA, I expect it's similar in the South. 

  21. 1 hour ago, markyh said:

    Sure, Skoda Enyaq is aimed at people who dont like change and want to look like they are driving a fancy new ice car, so they dont get picked on. Dont forget to take off the green rectangle number plates an swap them to "GB" ones. 

    with Tesla, we wont even need any special numberplates, everyone knows who and what Tesla are. 

    I sort of thought the lack of an exhaust and front radiator grille would be a giveaway. 


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