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  1. Definitely could be an issue but I like the "spirit" of the proposals. Open up the bonnet so to speak, on all that tech that lets the main dealers price gouge. It's an iteration on the EU Block Exemption legislation. Tech being used as an excuse to have repairs carried out by main dealerships. You've bust your flux capacitor and only we have the photon decoupler to get her going, that'll be 5000 bars of gold pressed latinum.
  2. The ID4 looks impressive. My "couldn't give a monkey" about cars wife will probably get one. She's a member of that group of millions, she won't buy any other brand but VAG.
  3. Fantastic. VW will be at 330k BEV in about 6 months. Took Tesla what? 6-7 years? The established autos don't need to learn how to mass produce.
  4. They've been trying to sell this on and off for 5 years. It's been rented and now back one https://www.propertypal.com/84-balmoral-avenue-malone-belfast/456058 Started at 750k now down to 599k.
  5. Vw is already starting to blow them away in Europe. Tesla will always be a niche, but the big boys will show them how to make big volumes and more importantly make money. The whole thing reminds me of the ecig shock to big tobacco.
  6. Exactly. This is a property company selling drinks. The debt, it to mostly service the santander 400k a quarter debt. Looks like they have loaned them money to pay the interest on the existing loans.
  7. I see NI as a case study. The same could be said about not picking houses up on my street and the ones around for less than a couple of mill from 2005 > 2009. People would be queueing once they dropped 20%. But that's not what happened. Once the falls started people with the money to spend sat back. Plenty could afford the price 10% off, but why buy when you could save 200k when they dropped another 10%. Transactions fell off a cliff, surveyor's valuations were reflecting the new market.
  8. Have to say I don't agree. Perhaps NI is different but when prices crashed, the top end was hit more than the bottom. Here's an example, Sold in 2007 for £3.5 million, dropped to 825k in 2013. This is probably the most expensive street in NI but there are countless of examples of the same happening throughout the city. My own street is an expensive street. I bought after 60% falls, along with several others. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-21277512
  9. Yep, good luck getting a possession hearing and enforcement in <12 months.
  10. I bought in 2013 with a 60% discount on 2007 prices. Why I'm telling you this now... its important to remember what I believed would happen and what did happen over the last 15 years
  11. Definitely an interesting one to think about. So many variables and obviously the sums will be different for multinational vs smaller manufacturers. Contract manufacturing or not etc. I expect the tradeoff will be this. If you're going to go to the effort of relocating across the Irish Sea, what's the difference between tariff and non tariff barriers vs corporation tax savings. I.e. is it cheaper to manufacture in NI and ship to UK Europe or pay the tariff and manufacture in IE.
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