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  1. It's a "strange" place to say the least. I can say that having lived here since birth. Too much to get into and bore the HPC masses but from a purely practical POV, school choices, particularly primary play a massive part in area "makeup". The schools here are divided under religious lines, catholic and state primaries. Catchment plays its part. Catholic areas around catholic schools etc. Ghetto areas historically made up of one religion are all over the place. People are uncomfortable with that culture so don't move there. Kids from there suffer deprivation and don't move out and see the world, rise and repeat. The powers that be are there because voting is tribal. No chance of an intervention so nothing changes.
  2. Would you settle for a terrace in East Belfast with an outside toilet and drug dealers on either side for 15% more?
  3. The Northern Ireland property website and estate agent portal Property Pal is looking for views on the property market post covid. I wanted to put a shout out on HPC to try and add a bit of "balance" of opinion. The site's chief economist has been pretty bullish in his outlook. Sees a 3-5% drop followed by a rise in 2021 back to normal. He suggests NI is undervalued because prices are historically 20% less than England. Currently 40% less. Of course all the revenue from the site comes from EA listings. Link for the survey below. It's open to residents throughout the UK but it would be good for some realistic responses from NI also. I expect the local EAs here to be getting the furloughed staff to fill multiple copies. https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ZLQAG8/
  4. HMRC don't want prosecutions. They want settlements. Litigation is always a last resort.
  5. Didn't know it worked like that. You can also use home.co.uk to pick up the TR and SB drops. For example this one that's dropped 15.5% https://www.home.co.uk/search/price_info.htm?property=4238389299 They are relisting everything at the moment.
  6. What are you using for the price history? Could be increased to make it look better when they decrease again. Bit like Tesco.
  7. I've been the same with my last 5 car deals. Cancelled within 14 days and keep the discounts. Dealers absolutely hate it. Last car I bought I saved 13k. Audi dealer actually half joking told me not to come back. I thought it was a good time to remind him he threw in the 3 year service plan and ceramic paint job for free to seal the deal.
  8. I'm actually sad to hear that. I've gone out of my way when flying to make sure I'm in an A380. Fantastic plane.
  9. Time limits are out the window for fraud they can pursue at their leisure while interest and penalties build.
  10. Good luck taking a 50k loan and paying out as divs without paying corporation and personal tax and not expecting HMRC to come knocking. BTW it's my understanding that the regulation surrounding these loans hasn't actually been sign off yet. Banks worried they are on the hook. Good opportunity for HMG to spread the load when they are chasing defaults.
  11. HMRC won't be going for conviction. They'll be going for settlement.
  12. Business class is the profit. I think instead of 4 BA flights to NY per day there will be 2 but with a covid full business and first. This ticket costs won't drop massively.
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