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  1. The GFA took a referendum north and south to get through. Zero chance of a renegotiation of the GFA.
  2. 2buyornot2buy

    Did you get help from Bomad

    I've given my parents money. Never as a loan.
  3. 2buyornot2buy

    Derek Tughan

    I'm gobsmacked that a member of the Law Society would state on camera that the whole setup was to avoid paying corporation and CGT tax.
  4. 2buyornot2buy

    Derek Tughan

    No if or buts. He'll have to pay it back. Perhaps he can sell his house. https://www.gilbert-ash.com/projects/portavo-house
  5. 2buyornot2buy

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    Huh.... Belfast has a greater population density than London.
  6. 2buyornot2buy

    Did you get help from Bomad

    The internet has empowered us. That makes me laugh. The internet is the new beer and page 3.
  7. 2buyornot2buy

    Media articles NORTHERN IRELAND Hpc Related

    Interest one here. I believe me kenwright has been declared bankrupt twice and was given an 8 year director ban... The businessmodel for his hotels involves selling room investment at 80-100k a pop... You see them popping up on property pal. I wonder how that will work out with Belfast occupancy rate declining due to a massive overbuild. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-46466351 The man behind the delayed George Best Hotel project in Belfast is involved in a dispute with the city's council. Liverpool-based Lawrence Kenwright is now threatening to scale-back investment in the city.
  8. 2buyornot2buy

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    Didn't happen in Northern Ireland. Prices fell 60%. Lots of people bought after 20% falls thinking it couldn't fall further. 5 years later and prices were still dropping.
  9. 2buyornot2buy

    Did you get help from Bomad

    No. I live in N.Ireland. I bought after the inevitable carsh without help from BOMAD. 60% drops meant that a couple earning above average salaries didn't have to get help from retired parents. The way it should be.
  10. Most I know don't bother handing the keys back. They just stopped paying the mortgage. One guy still hasn't heard from the bank 5 years after giving up.
  11. No true. Most just gave the house back.
  12. 2buyornot2buy

    Northen Ireland - Brexit impact and House Prices

    The reason for this hypothetical drop is rates going to 5.5%. If hard brexit = 5.5% interest rates then supply of decent stock won't be a problem. Plenty of zombie households in NI clinging on at .75%. It'll be 2007 all over again.
  13. Didn't realise he was a fellow Irishman.
  14. 2buyornot2buy

    Residential Property Price Index exclusive thread

    Best of luck. Upper Malone isn't a bad spot. I nearly bought a new build on dunmurry lane a few years ago myself.

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