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  1. She's completley off her head and the bbc reports her as a 'retired businesswoman' - yeah right! cut your loses and be done or hang on to the grips of insanity to your unrelastic dream which has come crashing down around you only she and the rest of the sheeple cannot accept it. The crash is playing out nicely - its great to sit back and watch these retrards get there just desert. Her house is only worth what the market is willing to pay not what she decides. I can't afford to go any lower, would love to know what she paid for the damm house in the first place, bet it was no-were near even the asking price it is up for lol
  2. I have just finished an MSc which I found from my own experience isn't for the faint hearted. The fee's were a disgrace with no help from the government or anything in terms of student loans etc. plus the workload was excessive so no time for a pt job like I did studying for my BSc. When I was doing my dissertation over xmas I felt like packing the whole thing in, stuck in doors constantly wasn't doing my health any good I felt like a social recluse. Now that it's all over im glad I didn't jack it all in. Yes, it was hard work and tough and won't probablly benefit in the short term however it will stand be good in the long term and if anything it was a personal achievement.
  3. High house prices help no one, only the greedy BTL amatuer landlords, estate agents, government, banks etc.. Most people have the idea that house prices must and will come down, only the one's with a vested interest are hanging on to the believe that HPI wil rise forever. If the bubble of HPI didn't take off the way it did we all would not be in the situation we are in now. Higher mortgages = more interest being paid to the banks therefore less disposable income to spend on clothes, holidays, entertainment and actually having a life. We are too obsessed with house prices and need to get over the fact that there is more to having a life than simplying slaving away to pay for an over priced cereal box and line the coffers of the greddy fat cats. Enough is enough - as painful it may be for some to accept HPC, it will benefit all but the greedy in the long term.
  4. I had thought we might have entered fear, however looking at property sites and the news I do feel we are still stuck in the denial phase, with entering fear possibly Q3 2009.
  5. Do we all remember him slating the financial planner guy on his show in November? well karma comes to mind, what goes to round, comes around. Its a nasty world out there and I hope larger than life Nolan gets everything thats coming to him ! You deserve if you whinning big girls blouse. You wern't crying your lamps out when you were raking the money in for doing virtually nothing all at the expense of other people looking a home.
  6. Inflation within the next number of years as interest rates will need to go up, they have been too low for too long.
  7. Very well put across ratatat. If people would stop seeing their house as an investment / money box and treated it as a home instead of trying to make a quick buck then this nonsense would not have occured and this whole sorry mess would not be as a bad as what it is. People are greedy and greed is what has caused this. If you make a couple of quid from what you paid for your home - fair play but when people start getting greedy for higher offers and trying to fleece others they deserve all they get. The true value of a house is only what others are willing and can afford to pay. Not what the so called amateur property investor decides. The sellers market is long gone
  8. I also bought office 2007 last year and after 2 weeks of hell using it reverted back to office 2000. It does the job alot better.
  9. So if a couple bought that 2bed slave box on a 30 year IO mortgage aged 22, by age 52 they must 'find' the cash to repay the capital and think about a family only when this has been done. Sad, sad world we leave in now, this is what greed has reduced people too. While Chav's can open their legs, have an army of children, live comfortably on benefits and have a house thrown in too. Plus, they have the option to buy the house back at a discount, sell it and move up the 'ladder' to a more affluent area. Makes me sick!
  10. 90%+ Falls! Now thats something that would certaintly cause a stir. I would have a grin as a big as a cheshire cat if that happened - bring it on!!!
  11. EA's can easily be replaced with E-Commerce. EA's the time is up
  12. I had dealings with an estate agent in the summer and to call the guy a moron or an arrogant twit is an insult to morons. The property was valued in March 2008, It was August 2008 when I spoke to the EA, told him the house was over-valued as the market was declining, explained that I do understand what I'm talking about having graduated with a bachelors degree in Business studies and currently studying for an MSc. He said I won't take those sorts of comments criticising my valuations from someone who just walked off the street. He also spouted off some drivel, have u seen that house, its the best in the street. Coincidently the property is still on the market at the original price and his EA office is up for lease apparently stating re-location of offices.
  13. Hi NuBrit, You are basically getting what you are paying for with Hesketh Park, Crumlin Road, BT14 - £48k and Ballygomartin Road BT13 - £80k, dont mean to offend anyone but not nice places to live by all means. Have a look at BT15 which is pretty close to the city centre, is a big more pricey but a far better area and holds it value up well as opposed to BT13 OR BT14, plenty of nice period terraces or semi's near the antrim road area.
  14. philipm this may help - (from another poster on the main forum)
  15. I was thinking that myself, but if everyone thinks of doing there will be big trouble for the banks. I see a legal loophole being closed over regarding bankruptcy. If you took on the debt to start with you should be made to pay it back, there should no way out of it for no one!
  16. Caribbean Beauty I could not agree more, good read! I was laughed at for not buying a house. I saw that house's were over-valued when I graduated from uni so I worked for a year and went back to Uni to study for a masters degree which is almost complete A number of people have now told me I made a very wise decison, i doubted it at the time. But now it was the best thing I have ever done.
  17. I know someone who bought a property during the peak with an interest only mortgage apparently as they could not afford repayment (begins to tell you something ) they mewed in the past few months to purchase a new car, holidays etc.. and are now screwed.
  18. I do believe that at present you will only find forced sellers selling on the market. In a few years the problems may really come to a head. As many people have mortgaged to the hilt and will be in big negative equity. They may default on their payments and the banks will have no option but to foreclose. Also, these people will find it difficult ever to get back into the market if they 'lose' their house. As the negative equity has to be paid back to the banks regardless whether they own the property or not. So they could end up having to rent a house but also paid back the money they owe to the banks for the forceable future. And I know alot of people in this situation and im sure everyone is the same.
  19. Rateable values act as a good guide where property values should be falling to at the present moment in time. I would agree that in NI we have had a property boom for many years not just in the recent 5 years. As far back from 1999 at least houses began to spiral out of control. Remember that a bubble does not suddenly occur, it happens over a period of time. And while it took a number of years for prices to rise I feel it will be the same for them falling albeit not as long. There was another posting somewhere on this site where another poster had mentioned that 50% of the rateable value would bring houses back to the affordable levels. I would agree with this claim, you only have to look at the UU reports to understand how over-valued the NI market really is.
  20. Most of the sales are tat that nobody really wants. People think they see a bargain because it has 50% off. It has 50% off for a reason, it ain't selling! The whole concept on sales and discounts is just a huge con to get you to part from your hard earned cash into the coffers of retailers for stock that is obviously over-priced in the first place.
  21. If 50% is now mainstream then there is still room for a further 10% or so, my guess is 60%. It was reported in some paper, the mirror i think so not obviously a reliable source that prices in N.I could fall 70%, my guess is N.I could easy take a hit of 80%!!! These falls may cause pain and misery for alot of people but in the long term it is a blessing.
  22. The shit is really hitting the fan now. This is going to be one major crash, one that nobody will forget. It has been fuelled with a debt binge orgy over the past 10 years and is now coming to a head. Any 'equity' gains over the past number of years will be completley wiped, with all those who mewed to maintain unsustainable lifecycles in tears and they have brought it all upon themselves. I envisage this will result in a major re-distribution in wealth.
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