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  1. I have a lot of dealings with web/advertising clients and there had been some crazy money spent in web advertising in the last 2-3 months but the last few weeks have been very quiet. A big campaign I had been dealing with was all set to start and has gone a bit quiet (keeps being delayed) and ultimately I think it won't go ahead. I think the advertising industry will be hit very hard and I am just glad I am well prepared and have my fingers in a few different pies! It's all quite simple really, companies are reducing their budgets and tightening their belts.
  2. This is a complete farce and Merv's head should be put on a stake at Westminster. Why can't they see that the longer the economy is propped up the more damage we will see in the future. They should let the market find its own level.
  3. A lot of graduates expect to leave University and land themselves a job earning £25k+ a year. This is not the case and I think this year (and next) these graduates are going to brought back to reality. I do feel a bit sorry for them really, they were children/teenagers of the boom years and expect an easy life - They will be in for a shock that's for sure. Most of them will just party or travel all summer but come the winter months when they are stuck at home with Mummy & Daddy I think a few of them will be feeling quite depressed. A friend of mine has recently graduated and started her new job today, out of all her friends who have just finished Uni she is the only one to have landed a job!
  4. You really haven't got a clue have you! You're supposed to be a 'webmaster' and you don't even understand the workings of property bee. Ok, it might not cost a lot to host the Property Bee website but what about the server behind the scenes which gets thousands of queries per day by thousands of users which records all the changes/updates on prices and other Rightmove information.
  5. I would just like to echo the comment about giving kudos to you for coming over here to post. It's good of you to explain your actions/situation and I genuinely feel sorry for you. I read MSE and saw your original thread long before it came on here and it made me think about my sister. She is in a situation whereby she rented for the last 8-9 years and was quite happy doing so but she got married and was encouraged to 'buy now otherwise you will never get on the ladder'. Sadly, that was in April 2007. Both her and her husband had saved a large deposit over the last few years and that has been completely wiped out by the devaluing of their property. They bought an ex-council 2 bed flat in Oxfordshire for a stupidly overpriced amount and when their 18-month fixed mortgage deal came to end they had to borrow some money from a family member to bring the LTV down so they could then get a new rate. They are currently in Negative Equity although can afford the payments but I get the feeling they regret buying... They are now tied into a fixed rate for the next few years and actually feel hard done by now because the interest rate has dropped... I think this is not a bad thing because IMO the rates are going to shoot back up soon. I feel sorry for people who now can't move and will be stuck in a property for the next 10+ years all because they were encouraged (dare I say pressured) to get on the property ladder.
  6. This news doesn't surprise me in the slightest to be honest. The last two companies I have worked for (I changed jobs in the middle of last year) have put a freeze on upgrading their employees Dell machines. We all have Dell machines where I currently work and they are a good few years old and I know for a fact I won't get an upgrade anytime this year or next! 5-10 years ago the leaps in performance gains by getting a new machine were huge, now not so much. Feel sorry for those who are losing their jobs though.
  7. May I be cheeky and ask which ad agency? (Feel free to send me a private message) I deal with many different ad agency's on a daily basis (online only) and am intrigued to know! I understand if you don't want to say of course!
  8. Here are some of my predictions for 2009: - Huge drop in people taking foreign holidays. - Some big names on the high street gone - More drops in the housing market (15%+) - Interest rates down to American levels and then shooting back up again - Massive unemployment (I reckon I will lose my job) - Less traffic on the road - Big sponsors pulling the plug on football, F1 etc etc etc Going to be an interesting year! Hold tight and fasten your seatbelt!
  9. I'm a Web & Graphic designer for an E-Commerce website. Taken a 10% pay cut and my job will be under threat in a couple of months. Others in the company have had the same pay cut and are also now on 3-4 day weeks. Looking very bleak here in the Thames Valley. Very few jobs advertised and those that are seem to get snapped up very quick. I have no debt but do have savings so will be ok if the sh*t does hit the fan job wise.
  10. A few things so far this week: 1). All members of staff at my workplace have had a 10% pay cut and the majority are now on 4 day weeks. 2). Local newspaper which came out today - the job page had 3 main jobs in there are 1 smaller ad (a company looking for self employed debt collectors)! 3). Huge increase in the number of properties for sale in my local area. 4). Went to the cinema with a friend in the evening and including us there were 4 people watching the film. New release, huge cinema with HD screen which 6 months ago would have been packed. Two tickets came to over £15.... ouch!
  11. I had to take a 10% pay cut starting this week to keep my job. I am a web designer.
  12. Likewise! Although I stumbled across this forum a few years ago (I was a FTB dreaming of owning a house one day but could never afford one), then I came back a few months ago and it has been a wealth of knowledge and news. I just wish the average joe who only only reads BBC biased news could read half of what was on here, then they would know the truth. I do think this place will be a good indicator of when (or if) to get back into buying a property!
  13. Does this mean it will be easier to smuggle drugs and guns?
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