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  1. Looking to buy at the moment due to a change in circumstances, was hoping for some big reductions. Had two viewings in Lambourn Berkshire last week now both STC https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-93030857.html https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-77763163.html Also two in a completely different area Teignmouth https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-73312666.html https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-72077065.html Will have to see if they all complete weren't on the market for long and I wanted 100k of all of them any decent property in the areas I have been looking at are all going STC very quickly. Can't believe the prices some are fetching getting fed up now. Any way other than Land Registry to see when sold and completed?
  2. Yes noticed that seems the normal for prices in this area for nice detached homes most have multiple reductions long before corona virus hit. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-77923474.html this sold for 545,000 2006 now on for 499,950 House price crash started early in South Devon
  3. Hi Looking at buying probably from Autumn onwards up to 18 months had a look round Teignmouth, Devon Holcombe couple days ago seems have most of what we are after. So any local knowledge on the area /property market, will be cash buyers any ware up to 550000 but hopefully less Seems even before covid there were many properties with multiple price drops This looks nice https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-73312666.html?backListLink=%2Fuser%2Fshortlist.html%3Fchannel%3DRES_BUY%26page%3D1%26sortBy%3DDATE_ADDED%26orderBy%3DDESC&onetime_ShowNotes=true
  4. No traffic put me off renting in Hungerford
  5. Wouldn't put it past them, but if they do pound is going to come under pressure result interest rates up inflation
  6. Cant see why the stock market has had such a big rally, mass unemployment recesion / depresion on its way many dividend paying stocks cancelling the dividend makes no sense to me must be government stimulus. Would think once the USA elections are over in November there will be one almighty crash. maybe then a buying opportunity
  7. My Tesco Hungerford was short of stock not much beer no toilet rolls or hand sanitize shelf's 1/2 empty
  8. Would think it would this virus is going to cause a recession and big stock market crash why would house prices not fall. Survival is going to be much more important than moving house.
  9. Possibly over 10-20 years you would be fine but for a number of reasons UK and world economy's have changed plus Lots of oil and energy companies in there, will they still be around. Only 28 of the original 100 companies remain listed on the FTSE 100. that were there when it started in 1984
  10. Yes but will those dividends be maintained if we have a world recession
  11. Good for you sounds great life, do you have a blog or website with your adventures?
  12. Hi, Any Salisbury residents still about as have a new job was looking for rental properties, wondering if anyone had an insight into demand and pricing at the moment , also any areas to avoid.
  13. Ten days for which not paid, plus working 55 plus hours a week and no sick pay, Canada
  14. I truly believe I live in the best location, plus 2,300 Sq ft house approx $165,000 English speaking peace and tranquility
  15. Some real stereotypes here about Canada I moved to the South Okanagan from Marlborough Wilts some six and a bit years ago and am now a dual Citizen. There is a lot of Canada outside off Vancouver and Toronto. Ware I live we are semiarid about 8 inches of rain / snow a year, we do not usually get much snow and only cold for a couple of months normally in shorts from April to November, we do however get bears rattle snakes wolfs and scorpions but you leave them alone they leave you alone.Eighty mile long lake 1/2 mile down the road, and when I want to escape I jump on my ATV with the two dogs and there are hundreds of trails in the back country were you can go for days without seeing a another human being. Now I do miss my football and local pub but don't think I will be moving back any time soon.
  16. Not all of Canada is in winter ten months of the year I live in the semi arid area called the Okanagan BC, shorts normally go on in March and stay on to end October nice 80 mile warm lake to swim in and hundreds of wineries to visit.
  17. You can buy my place if you like 950,000 Canadian, in The Central Okanagan BC. in the warmest part Canada Very little Snow or rain very warm long Summers In shorts now till mid October • Nearly 6,000 Square feet • 190 degree lake view • 4 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms • 850 square foot lake view deck • 14 years old quality CONSTRUCTION on 3 floors • Most rooms have lake view • Home Theatre room • Games room • Lake view 8 person Hot Tub • Oversized double garage
  18. So many posters with no debt all must be of a similar mind set. Asset rich cash poor not much debt but no savings $23,000 Canadian on Line of credit bailed out on the UK 4 years ago. Million dollar house no mortgage business brought with cash (small taxi company) Truck, boat, Corvette, ATV, couple 3 & 5 cars brought for kids. Am I mad thinking on returning to England as I miss my Football and English pubs
  19. Wow what a lot of rubbish is being thrown around in this thread class divide seems alive and well in the UK. I was a Gas Service Engineer for 25 years in the UK and the general opinion from a lot white colour workers is to look down on you because you’re a trade’s person they seem to have a superiority complex. That’s until there central heating breaks down in the middle of winter then I have had them on telephone begging me to come and fix there heating. Now I have earned nearly 200,000 a year working as a self-employed gas fitter but I have certainly gone the extra mile for my customers including working Christmas day and after midnight plus many 80 hour weeks in the winter so why shouldn’t I earn that much. Also I completed five years of training before becoming fully qualified. Lots of responsibility if I leave a screw lose or over look some think I could blow someone up, or kill them with carbon monoxide poisoning. But I believe I always did a good job never had to advertise and had a waiting list for new customers. Invested lots money in the best equipment and a large inventory of parts, Insurance and training. Anyhow I left the UK 3 years ago to come and live and work in BC Canada in my $1.5 million lake view 6,000 sq ft house. The trades are certainly more respected in Nor h America than the UK not the same class divide.
  20. For BC check this site out. http://www.realestatetalks.com/viewforum.p...642ebc1e1e17f2a
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