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  1. I know at least three people that did this back in 92/3.....they bought again within 3 years. Is the debt not written off, it seems unuasual they could chase you for 50 or 60 years...
  2. Just aint the room for them....dont know why they dont go and camp at Calais, would soon be here and getting a damn sight more than their paultry pension....how can the government allow miliions in the last 12 years into the U.K. that have no intention of working, have nothing to offer except crime, have travelled over 10 or more safe countries so are not ayslum seekers they are invaders.....and yet a few thousand hard working loyal courageous people are not....what has the world come to.....I bet if thet were black they would soon be allowed to stay..makes me sick
  3. Unemployment at 2.1 million...and that is a fairy tale figure....and still importing scrounging immigrants to add to that number...madness, couldnt make it up if you tried.....still at least unemployment in Africa is going down
  4. Rubbish, they will never go back and that is a fact
  5. bad timing or what...should have done that 6 months ago...now you must be mad
  6. OAPs that have paid tax and N.I. for at least 50 years and the state wont give them a penny...yet some ungrateful runt from Africa that has no itention of working and only taking will be housed,clothed and kept warm...all at the expense of the suffering OAPs.....this and prvious governments should hang their heads in shame....June 4th...we know where to place our vote...the real alternative for the British population
  7. It also has a lot to do with the increasing amount of popularity for the BNP. The rest of the world can see that soon the U.K. will be the greatest nation on Earth again....1.50 $....more like 4 $
  8. Hope no offence taken...I made the comment in jest but reading it back, it seems a little hard..... do you know the colour of his wifeys underwear
  9. Just as soon as her real husband is out of prison for dealing yabba....
  10. But if people did, they may see a change...trouble is, the mere mention of immigration controls etc sends all those leftist twits into a right dizzy....then they get their ethnic boot boys to do their dirty work and go around clubbing the opposition with hammers........June 4th may see what the people of the U.K really want...
  11. Not too much trouble in BKK....a few skirmishes but everything else as usual.....I just travelled from Samut Sakorn to Chatuchak and only one episode with the Army....so its not as bad as the BBC portrays, definatly not smouldering ash at every junction..also managed by bike, bus, MRT and walking not to get wet......that is a first....
  12. Wow...twitching net curtains or what around your way.....you really should get a life rather than poking your nose into other peoples business....
  13. How can the poor in the U.K. that have been paying taxes for years and now need a little bit back when times are hard expect to get any help.....Africa and all the bleading heart immigrants and asylum seekers that aint paid a penny deserve it more dont you know.....thank feck I got out and dont pay any taxes....
  14. Considering the latest prices in probably a far better location....64,000 is actually expensive for only a one bedder...that can stick it the same place as their cheap beans
  15. Not the weather, the seasons are quite enjoyable....its all the foreigners coming in and sponging off the hard working tax payer...I wouldnt want to give a single penny to any of the ethnices that land on the shore with their filthy grubby hands held out....send em back where they came from and maybe the white flight wouldnt be happening
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