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  1. I've just completed on a repossesion last week. In my case the owners name is still on the LR documents, which I believe is the usual way. The final part of the process is that the solicitor registers the property in the new owners name after completion, which is the stage I am at now.
  2. Does the mattress roll back to reveal a hot tub?
  3. The reason they are boarded up is because the area is getting ready to be demolished, all these houses are coming down to be replaced by shiny new houses like these a few yards away. These places above are rough but compared to some inner city places I've seen on here I know which areas are worse. Google Maps
  4. Here's a few from Jan 2008 that haven't budged at all on their price after nearly 3 and a half years. Got a few dozen similar in my area. Best viewed with propertybee. £315000 £142500 £137500 £93000
  5. Here's one to start you off under offer at 81000 houseprices - bought for 175000 A few others in the same block suffered a similar fate.
  6. Nothing to stop you but the seller is still contractually obliged to pay a fee to the EA so no great advantage to them. How would you have known it was for sale without their advertising?
  7. Hi Wondering if anyone has any knowledge regarding my situation of a backdated contract. Spoke to my landlady last weekend and she told us she was thinking of putting the house we rent from her on the market. She's a head teacher and we rented privately from her when she moved away for work. Her plans were obviously more advanced than she let us think as three days later we've received some post from her confirming her intentions to sell, asking if we are interested in buying and saying she will want possession of the house in June 2011. Now if she wants to sell then fine, she is way overpricing and will not shift it. So be it. Now the relevant part if you are still here, she has included an AST for 6 months backdated from 28/12/10 so that it finishes at the time she wants possession. If I sign this today, 02/03/11, and date it does it apply from today or the artificial date she applied? So could we get 6 months from now or would her 4 months actually be enforcable? I realise I don't have to sign a new contract as we are currently on a rolling contract but some extra time might be useful if we can get it. Sorry it's a bit long winded, any info is appreciated.
  8. Wouldn't this also invalidate any insurance, either on the property or on the contents?
  9. TS26 postcode Jan 2010: 35 new properties Jan 2011: 59 new properties Increase: 70% Jan 2010: 519 total properties Jan 2011: 580 total properties Increase: 11% Sweet.
  10. Housing, food and travel aren't paid for though are they, they come out of their wages. Would you mind being paid very little in those circumstances, or do you think they know what they signed up for.
  11. With the anguish proclaiming bigotry in this thread, I found this sign posted by the squatters inside the house rather quaint. Latvian squatter?
  12. People say this like it's a stupid thing but we've not been bothered by the French since. Or the monkeys.
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