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  1. Is it HUTH where they have that funky music when they bring on the EAs like they're meant to be really cool? I think they should play some more appropriate music and as star wars has been mentioned perhaps it should be Darth Vader's imperial march
  2. Yep someone threw themselves in front of a train at Earls Court on the Piccadilly line, the air ambulance was called out and landed right in front of the Exhibition centre, apparantly the person was pulled out alive.
  3. How about a KIRSTY? Keeping It.... er someone else add the rest!
  4. Meh i'll probably be ok, there'll be something they'll find for me within similar operations at worst i'll end up in another department. Anyway in the meantime i'm concentrating on overpaying the mortgage and patting myself on the back on borrowing 3.5x my then salary and not more which would be handy if i did get the boot in a few years
  5. Hi this is my first post, i am a tube worker and i work in an operational role. Now what is happening is over ten years there will be a cull of a lot of support jobs in things like legal, finance, hr etc. Anyway this is not just LU but also TFL and most jobs i believe will be done away with natural wastage. Nice to see people rubbing their hands at the thought of frontline staff getting the job but it's not really going to happen. The changes in staffing bought about by the implementation of oyster has already happened and in fact with new signalling systems being introuduced over the next 2 to 5 years more trains will be run on lines as they can run more closer to each other which means they will need more drivers to drive them. I must say though, my particular job which is in signal operations is going to be done away with in the next few years with the introduction of said new signalling systems but i guess thats just progress eh?
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