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  1. I have a Defender too and I'm already enjoying the quieter roads here in Shropshire. Boop boop!!
  2. I plan to vote UKIP in the next European Parliament elections and Conservative in the next British Parliament elections. Although a Tory supporter, I'm actually now wanting Labour to win in 2015 so they can finish off this zombie economy and so Cameron and his chums can depart and we can replace them with Boris and other proper Tories come 2020.
  3. One of my favourites are the sketches with the guy selling over-priced tat to dumb women spending their husbands/MEW money.
  4. Saw this on iPlayer a week or so ago and thought "thank goodness there are others [outside HPC] who realise what QT is"...
  5. Meanwhile in Shropshire... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23973360.html
  6. I think that too... until I remember (with a sense of horror and amazement) that Brown actually was this country's Prime Minister for 3 years!
  7. The "image" is as made up as the BoE's inflation forecasts.
  8. The fcking hilarious thing that will come about is the government's (net) immigration target of "tens of thousands" is going to be totally blown out of the water. Since taking office in 2010 net immigration has actually gone up slightly (now 250,000 per annum) so already they're no where near meeting the (already incredibly vague) "target". I can see it hitting half a million per annum for a few years around the middle of the decade. Slumlords of the UK rejoice!
  9. A two-storey extension would always require planning permission, and they're all readily available to view online for free. I cannot stress enough that if you are going to buy land, houses, whatever, you do your own research before paying lawyers and councils for searches etc - much of the "searching" they do can be done by yourself for free beforehand, simply by looking online or by popping round to the local council's planning department in person. Planning permissions, planning applications, local planning policy, conservation areas, green belts, public rights of way, etc etc can all easily be found out about. Some things you will need to ask in person, eg tree protection orders, as they are (usually) not available (yet) online. 'DOYR' - "do your own research" - a few hours spent can save thousands in fees and official searches on a property you may not end up buying.
  10. Well not economists, the majority of which appear to be brain dead.
  11. What utter berk will buy that for anything like 400k?!! (Sadly someone will! There really are complete idiots out there with far too much money...)
  12. Excellent. Soon there will be empty roads (they are already getting quieter around my way) for me to drive my Landrover on!
  13. The QE programme does also help the banks in two ways: easier re-capitalisation and by funding the government which after all did plough billions and billions into the banks not long ago (and probably will have to again at some point).
  14. What I find surprising about this thread is that some HPC members have only just cottoned on to the fact that the BoE is printing money to fund directly (well, as directly as possible without the masses understanding what's going on) the government's deficit. Printy printy. Let them eat cash.
  15. China clay quarrying - it's a big thing in Cornwall actually.
  16. And see my edited post too... Seriously, the Lords is not the issue. At all.
  17. How is that "contrary to my belief"?? That was BEFORE the Parliament Act 1911. Indeed that was the principle reason for the Parliament Act. The Lords cannot do what they did in 1909 now, nor since 1911. (Supply/Money bills are treated differently in Parliament - the Lords cannot legislate on taxation.) Stop living in 1909 or whenever. Look at where power lies: it's not the House of Lords. You do realise that most of the hereditary peers no longer are members? The Lords now consists mostly of John Prescott types.
  18. What's the House of Lords got to do with it? You may have that revolutionary fervour, but also a lack of constitutional understanding. Taxation is entirely the domain of the House of Commons. 100%. Their Lordships have no say in it. At all. Rather than direct your attention at the upper house, or the monarchy, or any of the other largely ceremonial / figurehead elements of our constitution, you should look into the political parties, the way we elect MPs, the way parties are funded, the whipping system in the Commons, etc etc.
  19. We will not default. Creditors will get their money back. That money may be worth fvck-all, but it will be returned to them.
  20. Nice thought. In truth they're being replaced by: City traders today, accountants tomorrow, most of the middle class the day after.
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