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  1. And those that bought a house are paying their mortgage and growing older. What's your point? House prices are only going up in a few places. For much of the UK they're dropping, especially in real terms. I'm quite happy renting. Sure, if I had the money I'd buy outright (and I could buy a small flat outright) but in my neck of the woods you can rent pretty cheaply. 2-bed cottage for 375 a month. One way or another you pay for the shelter you live in. If you're lucky to inherit or to have bought in the 1990s low, then good for you. But housing is currently WAY overpriced. I'd rather rent and wait, even for another 10 years, than buy now. Most who buy today are buying with an IO mortgage and are therefore effectively renting, especially as the value of "their" (read: their bank's) asset isn't going up in value. Well, whoop-de-do. Give me another 1990s and I'll do the same. And then my daughter in 20 years time can have her fancy sports car on the driveway too. Buying BTL - especially with borrowed money - TODAY (NOT in the flippin' 1990s) is a mug's game. But hey-ho...
  2. Oh God! It gets worse! Just did a search for cupcakes and Shrewsbury - there's more than the one I spotted! And not just "in Mum's kitchen" - whole shops, many of them! http://www.designa-cake.co.uk/ FFS seriously WTF.
  3. The market in farmland and woodland at the moment is ludicrous. I was at an auction a few months ago where some small plots of woodland (of no particular use whatsoever - even by main roads so no "amenity" lark either) were going for really silly money. Felt sorry for the b*ggers buying it. As for cupcakes... I've just been to Shrewsbury and lo and behold! A whole shop devoted to cupcakes! I kid you not! Seriously, this country is just one bubble or fad after another. Whether its woodland or cupcakes.
  4. Farmland is a bubble caused by the uncertainty of recent years - money is being ploughed into it by those with tons of spare cash who want to protect themselves from any total financial calamity. It's gone way too expensive to be an actual investment: the yields are now about 1%. It's effectively the gold in the world of real estate. As for planning permission: any land and any building can be used for agriculture without permission, though new agricultural buildings do usually require some form of permission. I'm not sure we can compare the market in farmland to that of houses - they're completely different, even though you're actually dealing with exactly the same thing legally (estates in land).
  5. Asset stripping is pretty much all our "masters of the universe" have been capable of in the last 50 years and they continue until there are no more companies to strip assets from. Expect the mining side to be sold to a Chinese firm for £1, operations closed down and then re-started in 25 years when the lights go out. Anyone want a bet?
  6. I believe the Downing Street tree is donated every year by the Norwegian government as thanks for our assistance to them in WWII. Correct me if I'm wrong!
  7. My thoughts exactly. Internet - check. Airports - check. Office space - check. Hotels - check. Golf courses - check! etc Actually you could argue you might as well have a HQ in a nice country house somewhere in rural England, so long as it's reasonably accessible and has good internet access (which any big business could easily sort out). Most parts of central/southern England are within 2 hours of several airports and of course London itself. If you're in central London it takes about an hour just to get out...
  8. Exactly. It's actually a "crisis of capitalism" in the sense that there isn't any!
  9. Eh? There are £50k houses today. Lots of them. Obviously not in London though...
  10. Wonderful, isn't it? The thing is, many people do understand what's going on, but by no means the majority. And so long as the politicians can dupe the majority that's alright.
  11. The article is nothing more than a forum post presented as "news". Perhaps we should modify the way the HPC forum looks, so that it appears to the proles as "news" too?
  12. Roughly, to work out doubling time, you take 70 and divide by the % in question. 70/7 = 10 10 years.
  13. Words fail me. *facepalm* I've just read the article and I can't get my head around that this is what "journalism" has become. There's far greater wisdom and revelation here on HPC.
  14. General manufacturing will move from China to cheaper countries, those now further down the "development" scale. India, Indonesia, etc. Later on, Africa.
  15. It's a sign of the times that someone who complains about 20p doesn't mind in the first place forking out £5 or whatever on a coffee and a mince pie.
  16. Never mind the chimney, what about the £72 per month service charge... Including the nominal ground rent that's £865 rent per year. So basically you're buying a property so that you can continuously pay the freeholder in a good ol' fashioned feudal way. Often these "service" charges pay for such huge maintenance issues as weed spraying once a year just outside the front door. And on the same morning the same fvckwit, this time with a chainsaw, will devastate the shrubbery.
  17. Guys, it's clearly a 75 sq m plot! The EA just made a balls-up between sq m and sq ft.
  18. To be fair, many of these new universities are existing very successful technical colleges which do courses that actually lead to actual jobs - eg Harper Adams in my county of Shropshire. Unlike many of the existing universities who do courses that frankly are a fraud on the young people who sign up for them.
  19. Get a copy of the title register (assuming the land is registered) from the Land Registry for £3. http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/public/online-services If you see anything in there you're not sure about, ask a lawyer or post here or message me.
  20. Brilliant find. So never mind the hundreds you pay every month to A Banker in interest (aka "rent") you get a "free" gift (probably from "the back of a lorry" too)...
  21. *head in hands* I was taking the p!ss... hence the "quotation marks" and the Christ in a biscuit tin.
  22. I suspect there's been the (standard) EA balls-up with the plot size. Should be 75 square metres. I often see mix-ups between sq ft and sq m... and also some EAs don't know how to convert from one to the other either! ("So there's about 3 and a bit feet in a metre... so 10 square metres is about 33 square feet! I can do maths!" ) As for the plot and the price - there's A LOT of plots with PP for a house around. Trouble is once you look into all the costs involved you quickly realise it's not worth it. Try connecting your plot to even the basic services..!
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