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  1. The closing of pubs, shops, etc, and their conversion into housing is often caused by the simple economic arithmetic that goes through the owner's head. Quite simply why bother running a shop/leasing it out as a shop when you can make loadsamoney redeveloping it into flats or so? It's another effect of the restrictive planning system. Rural businesses (local shops, pubs, hairdressers, whatever) can work. And as petrol/diesel gets more expensive then local services will make more sense again. Yes that loaf of bread costs 10p more but if you have to spend £2 to get to the nearest supermarket then you may as well pay that bit extra. In my experience (out here in rural Shropshire) whether a village has a "community" does to a large extent depend on what public services there are. Having a shop or a pub helps a lot. People mingle. There is on-going activity at the heart of the settlement. You get villages of 500 people but no services which are basically dead. On the other hand I know much smaller villages with pubs, shops, etc (it's sometimes quite surprising what has survived in some places!) and life seems much more pleasant and civil there. And of course it provides some local employment too. One aspect of life in my neck of the woods is how many garages there still are. Each one employing a mechanic and occasionally with either (but rarely both lol) petrol or diesel available. Some have tiny general stores attached. Some have about 4 or 5 cars (usually clapped-out 4x4s) in front for sale... it does make me wonder!
  2. £600k for a glorified barn that has three rooms in it which the planning system allows one to put beds for humans in rather than for animals. That's the truth of it. Grim, isn't it? Edit: it's between Cambridge and the Centre Of The Universe. Where do I sign up?
  3. Oh yes, don't go into land unless as a long-term investment or if you're actually going to use the land yourself. Yields are now shockingly low. It is the "gold" of the real estate sector.
  4. Knock it all down and start again, perhaps with a smaller town based on a mix of industries (ones where things are actually produced and not fvcking call centres and the like). Enough piecemeal "redevelopment" in places like this. It's pointless.
  5. So-called "Independent" newspaper prints anti-Tory news story. Shock.
  6. I so hope they do this, if only to make it easier for the ignorant masses to see what a load of b*llocks the entire monetary system is.
  7. 3.64% Cor! So you're investment will be keeping up with inflation! I can do that too by buying a fvcking field.
  8. Now add in inflation. The increase between the late 90s and today is probably exactly "wiped out" by it. In real terms you're at the same figure.
  9. So you're copping out of the "no capital growth" (aka "keeping up with inflation") issue by surrendering your important (and I agree it is) income in order to make up for the lack of capital growth. You invest £100 in 1998 and it's now worth £100. Except in real terms it's really worth £50 (or less actually). But wait! That's okay because you can ignore the £50+ loss by factoring in the dividends. As someone else pointing out earlier, for most people it's a case of "better off in the bank"!
  10. Global depression called off. It's back to the 80s. Yeee-haaah! God Bless America. Etc.
  11. Consigned to history, presumably in the same chapter as the tulip bulb mania etc.
  12. So we're back to where we were when Labour took power in 1997. Such progress!
  13. Seriously, this "second class" nonsense is something dreamt up by the Eurocrats to scare the British into submission. It's only "second class" from the perspective of the EU. Not from ours! A UK outside the EU would still have free trade with the EU. The EU is already negotiating/has already negotiated free trade agreements with a number of countries from around the world. Why wouldn't they trade with the UK? Of course they would: we import more from the continent than we export to them! The EU wants the UK as a member as we pay the bills and have a decent military. Why we would want to be a member of an introspective grouping of bickering countries on a stagnant continent I don't know...
  14. Is that such a bad thing though? I think people being self-employed, with numerous sources of income even, is going to become increasingly the norm.
  15. This is why I pay the absolute minimum in tax, even earning less than I could just so I don't feed the system. I only pay a bit of corporation tax and of course VAT.
  16. He's right. Sadly the Lib Dems, being the useless fvcks they are, will block any radical reform.
  17. It's good to know that the Chinese are even more stupid and consumerist than we are. God help the Communist party. What have they unleashed...
  18. So water has gone up 4.5x since 1987, but on the plus side we can now buy as many DVDs as we want. Right. Nothing to see here...
  19. Another (pretty big) step in the destruction of the middle classes. Many my age (20s) are expecting large inheritances. Oh dear.
  20. This is what happens when you buy a cheap house in the Valleys - you get tons of spoil (from the coal mining days) burying your house now and again!
  21. And get planning permission and building regulations consent for such a building. It's annoying as there are plenty of plots with planning permission for a 3/4 bed house in my neck of the woods (Welsh Marches) for about £50k or so, but you would simply not be allowed to erect a pre-fab of any sort on the land. That would of course be affordable housing. Oh no. You have to erect an expensive brick 'n' tile house AND then pay towards "local affordable housing need". This country is a complete fvcking joke.
  22. I am curious to know (and this isn't a wind-up!) - when you add up all the costs (including set-up) and take them away from your earnings and then divide the time taken by you and your wife in setting up and then making the cakes, what is your hourly rate of income? (Ignoring tax.)
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