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  1. Of course he can come out with a referendum promise - it's only a promise to hold a referendum IF HE WINS IN 2015 and he knows full well he's not going to win the GE 2015, so can say whatever! When in opposition all three parties (even the Lib Dems in 2010!) have promised an EU referendum of one form or another.
  2. But! But! House prices only ever go up! No wonder the bankers want the UK to remain in the EU and keep the immigrants flowing in!
  3. Move out of the SE and you can afford a decent (though modest) house and a Range Rover!
  4. Thing is, the way I (and any other rational thinking person) see it - with no one renting it, it's rental value is nil...
  5. Have you seen how much commercial property costs, especially in a decent town or city centre? (It makes housing look cheap.)
  6. They will destroy the entire economy and currency and even society in order to maintain nominal house prices.
  7. Oh and to add to the supermarkets, coffee shops and delicatessens... Amazon pick-up places. And in-between all of these no doubt 50 estate agents (or "property managers" as they are now). There's a part of Shrewsbury (Shoplatch, Bellstone, Barker Street) which has become (over the past 5 years - bizarre I know) solid EA territory. Seriously, about a quarter of a mile's worth of (formerly) retail shop frontage now taken up by letting agents, estate agents, and the like.
  8. Yup, the future is coffee shops, delicatessens, and Tesco. Oh JOY. As for who else is to go soon - I still reckon W H Smith will close most of their high street shops, concentrating on railway stations and the like.
  9. How is this "news"? The world's superpowers have been squaring up against one another with nuclear strike capabilities since the 1950s. What would be news is that Mutually Assured Destruction was no longer the case (ie if a power created a defensive system against incoming nukes) - that would bring the world back to pre-1945 and the prospect of mass conventional war between the great and super powers. MAD has kept the world's powers from going to war with one another. We should be grateful for nuclear weapons, even if they mean looming Armageddon... but it is that which stops them going to war (against one another). If MAD ended (either because nukes were abolished or if defensive systems meant that a country could not be nuked) then tensions could actually boil over into war - with you and I as cannon fodder, in good ol' pre-1945 style.
  10. They will. Whether they'll pay any rent and not eventually leave the place literally covered in sh!t is another matter. Can't or won't?
  11. You're right. And they're right too - they've stopped wars between nations. However we're now going to see war within nations the European state.
  12. Don't worry, they will. There are some members on the BoE's MPC that have sleepless nights because they're just raring to go with printing several hundred more billion for their banker chums.
  13. Absolutely - I think a lot of people don't realise that the various nations in Eastern Europe are very different from one another. The Poles are in the main hard-working and civil. The Romanians and Bulgarians are... not. When they start coming here in their millions (and they will) whole towns and cities are going to be ruined. It is going to be a nightmare. And as you say, even many British slumlords are going to struggle!!
  14. He does look like a right dodgy geeza to be frank!! Not the sort of guy I'd trust with, well, anything....
  15. Quite. Just wait until 2015. Milliband (Ed) and Balls (Ed). Going to be a fvcking disaster and the plebs who vote Labour will know the true meaning of poverty by 2020 when those lovely welfare cheques either stop or are worth nothing, no matter how many zeros are on them.
  16. ALL ABOARD THE FAILBOAT!!! Quick! Quick! If you don't buy now you'll miss it!! Didn't watch the programme but sounds like it was the usual "never mind hard work - become rich by buying a house for someone else!" bllocks.
  17. No, the EU does the opposite of what you say - it doesn't provide clear leadership in Europe - it instead makes a complete muddle of government and endless bickering amongst the nation states, only this time held in endless meetings in Brussels rather than with infantry and warships. The US knows perfectly well that the EU is a useless entity and always will be, and wants that in the same way as a Prime Minister wants a hopeless Leader of the Opposition. Historically, it was much simpler. Europe had major and minor states. And each had a sovereign government. (And the continental institutions were servants of these states: eg postal system, etc.) The major states kept an eye out on each other and now and again came together to solve global issues etc. A minor state was protected because doing so was in the interest of several of the major states. The US would have contacted the British government who would have passed on the message (so to speak) to the other major states at their next conference or so. Now the US can go to the EU, or any of the nation states (big or small), and can expect f*ck all in terms of a coherent response. The US and Germany know perfectly well that an independent UK would be perfectly fine outside the EU, as it would still have open trade and still be pro-capitalist etc and still be part of NATO.
  18. The US loves the EU as it removes much of the European continent from its list of major economic rivals. The EU is slowly killing off Europe.
  19. Yup, it's now increasingly clear that we are not in any sense an independent state, but a vassal of the US and a fixed piece in the European elite's jigsaw puzzle. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-20974666
  20. No, what we saw during the 20th century was the replacement of physical labour with machines. What we are seeing now is the replacement of mental labour with machines. What is there left for us puny humans to do? We have made ourselves obsolete.
  21. From the bowler-hatted gentlemen of the 1920s to the braces-wearing spivs of the 80s to the utter c*unts of the 00s... now meet your new financial masters. The real reason for unemployment and not just in this sector. More and more middle-class professions will go this way.
  22. Quite. I'm not proposing it! Villages need new people coming in now and again. It's just a shame if they either chose not to mix or cannot mix - the latter as I've mentioned probably because there's no longer a pub or shop or school or the like. Really villages need some minimum commercial/public amenity buildings/land allocated. Shame the planning system is instead pre-occupied in making sure (in the countryside) that nothing is built anywhere unless it's an existing building in which case "cram 'em in"!
  23. And how would that result in anything different? Who would be self-building and where? The land in and around the village is still owned by the same people. Those who need housing still cannot afford land and a house built on it. You'd still end up with "newcomers" to the village as building new housing means an increase of the population, and that's not happening (much) by natural increase. And the shop that could be converted into a house could still be converted into a house by a developer who seeks profit. To me the main positive of self-build would be to improve the architecture/build quality. The only way to do it would be for local co-operatives, or the local parish or district/county council, to buy land and then sub-divide it into building plots and then make sure that only local people both build and then live on those plots. That's a lot of "..and.. and...and..." if you get my drift.
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