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  1. Update Update!. Just been emailed new prices for the launch They are about 15-18% lower than the ones quoted in November 2008. Still, I think they ned to drop another 40% to spark some interested. 440K (instead of 540K) for a 2 bed of 75 sq.m in a block is a bit too high Oh, and lets not forget: ... A non refundable reservation fee of £1,500 is required to reserve a unit Service Charge approx £1,250 Ground Rent 1 bed £300, 2 bed £350, 3 bed £400 Units marked with an asterisks* will be offered parking at an extra £25,000 "Flat no." "Floor" "Beds" "outside space" "sq.m." "sq.f.""Price (march 2009)" "Price (November 2008)" 5 "2nd" "2 bed" "corner balcony" 91.3 983 £450,000.00 £550,000.00 10 "2nd" "2 bed" "balcony" 74.8 805 £440,000.00 £540,000.00 17 "3rd" "2 bed" "balcony" 81 872 £450,000.00 £550,000.00 22 "3rd" "1 bed" "no outside" 55.8 601 £295,000.00 £365,000.00 23 "4th" "1 bed" "balcony" 58.3 628 £310,000.00 £380,000.00 25 "4th" "1 bed" "balcony" 48 520 £285,000.00 £345,000.00 29 "4th" "1 bed" "balcony" 51.9 559 £290,000.00 £360,000.00 37 "5th" "1 bed" "balcony" 48.2 519 £290,000.00 £350,000.00 47 "6th" "1 bed" "balcony" 47.3 509 £300,000.00 £365,000.00 58 "7th" "3 bed" "extended balcony" 93.4 1005 £550,000.00 £675,000.00 59 "7th" "2 bed" "balcony/terrace" 79.9 860 £500,000.00 £580,000.00
  2. That is why I love the English language... BTW Wine rack has a small but good ... rack of decently priced (if you get the buy 2 for 3 offer) quality wine
  3. 22 Buckland Crescent (Flat 5), Belize Park, London, NW3 5DX Last sold on 29/06/2006 for £250,000
  4. I totally agree Lucky1. Why don't people just try to live within their means? And we are talking about some very well off people here... Is it greed/human nature?? They could just as well go for a £1m house, not for a £3.25m one!! I guess it is part of human nature that we always want more than what we get, but is it really...? Or more of a fabricated mirage to encourage us in more debt? BTW I remember an article I read 2 years ago saying that the most unhappy bunch are the people that are worth between £5m-£10m , because they aspire to the lifestyle of those that are worth much higher... says it all really
  5. Another disaster (equivalent to that of Thamesmead in the east of London) is at Plough Lane: Plough Lane yes, that is £275K for a Barratt shoebox (452 sqft). The 'development' (seems more like a 'backtracker' to me) consists of almost 400 flats! If you pass by it already looks and feels like a ghost town... very few inhabitants.. I don't think many have been sold actually... if any of you has any info And there are loads of other new developments around... oh dear. No more than £85K for one of those me thinks, that is around -70% off
  6. yes indeed they have. Now things are coming down to earth: 2 bed terrace for £425k (Still grossly overpriced) Palmerston Road 2 bed terrace for £330k (some sanity returning!) Russell Road
  7. Yes, it's not even the posh end, this is down in the town, the posh part is in the village. There are not many 1 beds up in the Village, but it is a very special case up there. This one is on the hill road for 285K asking: 1bed up on the Hill. A person I know bought in the town very near the station beg. of 2007 a 1 bed for almost £300k !! We are talking for 450 sq.f. (41sq.m). That's madness I thought then, but those were the going prices. Yes, that was a row of shops that got demolished. I also thought they must be joking re the 50% sold, however I recently mailed Savills and I was sent a document with the current units available, which shows that the SA document is correct about the reserved ones (see attachment). The surprising thing is that even now (Nov 2008) prices have not dropped a bit ie they are asking for the same as of summer 2007!!! My only explanation is that if the deposit they were asking and got is true (the 30%) we are talking about £100K which is a lot of money to forego... I don't know what else to think, maybe that's why they keep building it, otherwise I expected this to get mothballed! Sure enough, these should not shift for more that £175K for the 1 beds (current stamp duty threshold). Chorus_Price_List_November_2008.pdf Chorus_Price_List_November_2008.pdf
  8. I tried to post this on the main forum but never appeared... Hi all, I am new here and decide to write because I saw this recently. I live in Wimbledon, which I consider to be a very nice area, where I have been happily renting for the past 5 years. I, as everybody, have seen prices rise to the stratosphere in the past years (although they are clearly falling now). Now, if you know Wimbledon, in the Broadway there is a new development, built by Durkan, due to finish by summer 2009, named Chorus. Chorus, SW19 It consists of about 60 (mostly 1 and 2 beds) 'luxury' flats, priced at (don't fall off our chairs): from £345K for 1 bed from £450K for 2 bed Advertised as 'great investment' (yeah right!) Oh, before I forget, parking is extra £25K (no, this is not a joke!), Service Charge approx £1,250 Ground Rent 1 bed £300, 2 bed £350, 3 bed £400 You can rent decent 1 beds for 1-1.1K and decent beds for 1.2-1.4K in the area, so do the math! It gets better: its on the busiest road (Broadway, and about 50 yards from the local Walkabout) (Friday and Sat nights on the main street are quite a spectacular mess!) Now, just to show the madness (scam) I have found after some search on the net, an investment document, from a SA company ramping up the place, because many SA people live in Wimbledon. The math they use are just unbelievable!!! I cannot post the whole document here due to size restrictions, The link to this disaster:Oh my God But for 1 bed: Even after allowing for rent of £1150, which I think is too optimistic, judging from rents in the area and taking into consideration the fact that there will be sthing like 35 1 beds dumped altogether in the market, and for 5.29% interest only (hah!) they come cash flow negative! However, they allow (sic) for 6% annual appreciation, which miraculously turns it into a nice earner... Not to mention, the unbelievable extra fees (brokers, sourcing, etc) here is the laughable summary WIMBLEDON 1 BED SUMMARY Unit Number 25 -------------------- Solicitors Fees + VAT £1,500.00 ---- Maintenance £600.00 ----------- Return on Investment (£) 15.80% Purchase Price £335,000.00 -------- Stamp Duty Band 3.00% ----------- Yield 4.12% ----------------------- Depriciation on Rand 10.00% Reservation Deposit £2,000.00 ------ Brokers Fees 1.00% ----------------- Monthly Balance -£42.42 ------- Return on Investment ® 17.56% Sourcing Fees (+ VAT) 1.50% --------- Disbursements £1,000.00 ------------- Yearly Growth 6.00% ----------- Deposit Amount (on exchange) 10% -- Rental Estimate £1,150.00 ---------- Monthly Additional Income £1,675.00 LTV 70.00% ------------------------------ Interest Rate 5.29% ------------------- Total (Monthly) £1,632.58 Total deposit 30.00% ------------------- Letting Agent Fee 8.00% ---------------Total (Yearly) £19,590.95 Exchange Rate (£:R) R 14.00 ----------- Ground Rent £200.00 ----------------- Total (Yearly in Rand) R 274,273.30 Apparently more than 50% are sold... oh dear... I believe 1 beds should be more like £150K (parking included) and 2 beds more like £250K (parking also included) What do you people think?
  9. If this is the reposessed that came back on for 375K, they are having a laugh... I live in Wimbledon and I don't think this is worth a l ot more than £250K Link
  10. Halifax are reducing their fixed rate web saver rates : http://www.halifax.co.uk/savings/personalr..._rate_web_saver 3 months was 7% last week and 6.75% yesterday
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