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  1. We are at the return to "normal" stage of the boom & bust cycle, good luck & best wishes for the "FEAR"
  2. Gold has only just started to appear on the news (pawn brokers paying poor prices) - its got a long way to go before this bubble bursts!
  3. Maybe its not a rally - maybe its the next bubble. Bubbles take a long time to burst. It has not yet been televised
  4. Good question! Where would you invest £1 million? Everything can be charted to give long term gains regardless of entry point. Where would you invest £1 million? shares are at a high - can they keep going? property has flat lined for months - will it continue flat or drop? Golds at a high - where now? Do you give it to banks who will either hord it or gamble on one of the prevously mentioned? Where would you put £1million
  5. Its the stock markets go at a bubble. Property has burst & physical bullion is not as easy as on-line trading shares. There have been strong gains since March lows - a touch of main stream media hype about 150% gains within 6 months could launce the ftse - but what sector? Last time around it was dot-coms! How about mining companies to cash in on metals & gold? No - how about banks? No - they are part owned by Labour! How about house builders - you can't loose when it comes to property?
  6. Available in denominations perfect for the crack dealers & crack whores of Brixton!
  7. The protests will cause more direct fear & harm to businesses & people not directly involved in the financial services they are aimed at.
  8. Argos have a very different model to any other business. You don't shop in argos you just buy.
  9. There is work & jobs available! Its not what people want! Hard work! Low paid hard work will always be available. Will it service an EAs or bankers morgage/loans = no!
  10. There is never a good time to buy a new build! Its like asking when the best time to buy a new car is! All houses/homes depeciate! Over time only land values go up!
  11. Any toy retailers left next year will benifit from woolworths demise. But they need to survive this christmas first, everyone has bouught toys from woolworths massive fire sale!
  12. Small businesses? (government termonology?)Small businesses dont have lots of branches & they don't employe teenage managers. Trading will be tough for all sizes of business & the best will survive. What makes the best? Price? service? Advertiseing budget? Product? size & scale? Will we miss woolworths? Would we miss w h smiths? Sperdrugs? Boots? Commet? currys? PC world? Debnenhams? House of fraiser? Foot locker? HMV? BT? British gas? Probably not! Their range of products is still available on the high street even when they have gone.
  13. Yes & no! We can offer the rest of the world many things other than financial services. But like you say we are used to a comfortable materialistic existence. Manufacturing takes time & labour & when you are short of both why bother? Get someone else to do it! We can make things & maybe now people will start rather than importing them.
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