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  1. thats 1036000000000000 to 1. Or put another way the amount leant on credit cards each day.
  2. What is this 'Tesco'? If its a new fish egg speciliast I am willing to give it a go. In fact I might bloody well have to. Just got the bill in for my last box of Tasmanian Scallops
  3. thats nothing I AM SUFFERING. check out the price trend for caviar http://www.cge.uevora.pt/aspo2005/abscom/A...isbon_Bardi.pdf is a bloody outrage! why arent people protesting! Surely this merits being raised at primeminsters questions? At this rate i will be switching to the cuvee 64. Browns Britain
  4. I have choice of practically all funds much in the same way as SIPP. you can then check out sites like iii or trustnet to review what they hold
  5. Really? Only if you are final salary. If so tough sh*t. You have probably been smug about it. If you are money purchase then you choose where to invest and if you chose to invest in this well again tough shit. No offence intended.
  6. Indeed. When recruiting I avoid hiring unlucky people by throwing half the CVs in the bin before i review them.
  7. Yeah the declines in the north sea and mexico coupled with the huge growth in drill rigs just to maintain production at gulwar are just noise. Production is circa 85 million bpd and demand is basically 85 million bpd. Just because USA uses about 20x the amount of oil as china per person does'nt suggest that demand will increase. China isn't likely to use any more cars or flights or plastics or feterlizers. Loads of slack , no problem, nothing to see here..... there's some sand i'll go stick my head in it and everything will be fine.
  8. Not neccessarily. In the past industry used a great deal of oil now most oil is used in transport and manufacturing, it would take a depression to have a serious impact on consumption. In the 70's oil crisis industry moved away from oil power there is little scope for this again.
  9. LPG is include by the majors in reserve calc. This is know as BOE (barrel oil equivalent) which is calculated on joules not cost. Bio Diesel. Love it. Nice and inflationary and destabalising. Look at tortilla inflation in mexico (no thats not a joke) and pasta prices in italy about to go up 40% as the idiots use corn to make fuel.
  10. BP got 100 % too. And before any one accusses me of ramping, you cannot ramp a £100Bn company.
  11. Oil Cos are huge so share prices don't rocket upwards. Don't wait until they are higher to confirm that they should be. Buy them and then benefit from profits whilst watching inflation go up. Luvvly jubbly.
  12. i take this is on ebay? buy them. can't see any problems
  13. Have you been to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Maylasia? I have many times and the scale of growth is phenonemal. THe drive of these people is stunning. Do not underestimate them.
  14. Totally agree. I think and have done for a long time that this is exactly why they are trying to promote burning fossil fuels is a cardinal sin. I am loaded up with energy shares so drive a gas guzler, leave my monitor on and always take the lift at work and then drive to the gym lol. No. I am not very nice. I was taught by the maestro blair that selfishness and greed is good.
  15. Yes hilarious. They call it a plateau. So if you get to the top of a mountain and its flat then you have'nt reached the peak you've merely reached the plateau. hmmm
  16. Cash = zero risk. Are you sure. Every day its worth less and less. That is a simple fact.
  17. WOW. There's a lot to digest there. I didn’t say saving caused inflation but it does facilitate lending. Inflation is an insidious tool that governments use to tax money you have already paid tax on. 6% savings rate - tax is not enough to compensate an RPI at 4.5% plus surely you should aim to increase wealth not just maintain parity. And if you stuff money under a mattress that is even worse. Perhaps you should seek professional financial advice? But you are correct in saying don't look for it here. This is a forum for voicing opionions not advice.
  18. Agreed. It is worth noting that if you could buy property at 2001 prices you probably would. The ftse is still at 2001 prices. The path of course with stocks will not be smooth and another shake out is certainly due I have a couple of short positions on some key indecies just to balance out individual stock/sector picks
  19. i am probably guilty of loitering around kitco etc too much but i am not an ardent gold bug. I have only maybe 15-20% invested in PM stocks and then only those with real value on earnings and yield. I only buy shares where i can justify the value not on optimism for future earnings.
  20. Yep, buy buy buy. I aint kidding. Shares like BP, CYN will all continue to outperform due to increasing demands for resources and a bonus is that if the pound falls they will do even better. Cash is trash. Savings are purely subsidising the government through inflation and assisting more credit to the masses. If you must hold cash hold it in another currency.
  21. Which is about twice what you might expect http://phors.locost7.info/phors11.htm
  22. I dont understand your argument. Yes the price is correct for today (as the price is price) but that does'nt mean traders dont believe it will fall in the future. Its all about timing. I am certain house prices will be more than double todays nominal value in 50 years but i wont pay double today. timing dear boy timing
  23. cash is trash. Speculating on changes in rates can be profitable but holding cash for any period is just a losing proposition. Just got back from NAM and they have a similar outlook to most of asia. Exchange cash for something tangible as soon as you have it. They like real estate and gold. Wise bunch.
  24. errr. If they went bankrupt they would only be able to keep the house if they had no equity in it. So its a bit of an oxymoron as if they have no equity its not their house. So, no you can go bankrupt and keep 'your' house.
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