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  1. +1 good advice from a wise old lady
  2. you want to know about the c0ck that spent hundreds on star wars crap then
  3. why extend the inevitable?.......house prices in oz are the most over inflated in the world !! the first home buyers grant just entices "first home buyers" into debt slaves. " to force buyers to move sooner" WTF ?? i`d like some of those drugs you smoke
  4. what happens when the first home owners grant and such ends??? which i think is in june.....does mr rudd throw more money away??
  5. i live in clitheroe where all this has been happening. it was all kicking off at 5.30 pm !! clitheroe is a very small market town and nothing ever happens here . heres what i know after going for a drive around. i was alerted by the presence of a helicopter flying very low then i got a phone call from a mate saying theres police all over the town center,which i witnessed myself,armed police at that. seems 2 men of "asian" origin were arrested around 5.30 ish in a local bed and breakfast. if i get more i will post.
  6. i`m watching this.....basically cause i have no idea what happened in the late 20`s early 30`s . interesting so far..........wonder if there are any similaritys to our predicament now??
  7. it just gets worse and worse why the fook do i get of bed 6 days a week and work just for these fookin h0mos to take the fookin piss ??
  8. this 1 is easy to answer.......if you seriously want to sell..........BE REALISTIC ! ive just recently sold my house,just get the EA`s in to value it and knock 30k off !! get yourself a board and advertise it yourself.......it does work
  9. hmmmm.....yes.......not gonna here the "hannan" word mentioned tonight y am i strangely drawn to this shite on tv ?
  10. hmmmmmm.........just turn knife a little more.......its not hurtin yet :angry:
  11. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/searc...ces__increase_/ WTF is going on here??????
  12. 1st post..... hi guys tbh........ i wouldnt offer 100k for it.........its tiny for that money,check out the floor plan,bed 3 2x2.8mtr2......just about get a bed in that i`m slightly biased though........was subbing for redrow (sparky) about 5 years ago..........they throw these up in 6 weeks,footings to move in. buy an established house ,bout 40 ish years old........lots better build quality
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