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  1. 60% discount from what though ? The figures the banks have in their books are nonsense but left there otherwise the house of cards falls in on itself. Ask yourself if Santander or the other banks will be writing down their retained property values by 60%! Yes there are some 'bargains' out there but maybe before people jump in they might want to ask why they are a bargain. As for buying in Spain remember the government's relationship with property. They provide statistics that suggest the market has not fallen too much, tax on property sales at not necessarily what price you buy but what they think the value should be, allow new builds then decide they did not have the required consents, look to fill the gaps in the numbers with other property related wealth taxes etc. Unless I was offered one in the main cities or was thinking of living there no thanks to a second home on the costas - renting for holiday seems the sensible option for now.
  2. As Baa Baa Black Sheep is now banned surely black whatever day of the week it is must be causing offence to someone in the public sector ? Far more important an issue than the world collapsing in on itself. Get your priorities sorted remember at all times - we are doomed
  3. I think 'we' are by asking the public sector proletariat to sort it out.
  4. Looking at Inverness and struggling to find any statistical data on the market. Just wondering if anyone knows of any indices that will give some background on prices. I would also be interested in views on the local market and in particular if any of the new developments are worthwhile considering.
  5. C'mon get real don't you know that in the brave new world we live in it is the public sector that is delivering growth and wealth generation
  6. Idealistic vote catching nonsense If you look at the Estate Agents and Solicitors ads of late you will note they have been encouraging folk to get their houses on the market before Single Seller Survey takes effect. Only cost is initial advertising. As for the SSS the only effect I predict will be greater financial heartache for sellers in the short to medium term. Not only are many required to release capital now but in addition they will have to pay handsomely for the privilige. Then when the house has not sold after something like six weeks guess what a repeat fee for updating the SSS. Maybe surprisinging for some but most surveyors are hoping this is what keeps them alive for the forseeable future. All major firms have had one or two rounds of redundancies and now live in the hope that the number of surveys holds up to existing levels as the average cost of the SSS is broadly double the average cost of existing standard valuation reports. That aside two other areas of concern that appear to have been overlooked. Firstly I have heard on the grapevine that some sellers agents have already been phoning around a number of the surveyors asking for an indicative verbal figure and guess what the highest number gets appointed (not sure how that works in favour of the buyer) and secondly interesting to see that everyone is assuming that the buyers bank/building society will rely on the report - afraid not as many have already stated they will require the lender to commision their own report as they are not sure they can trust the sellers valuation! All of the above has already been experienced down south. What disappoints is the unseemly rush by the powers that be north of the border to push the button without at least trying to resolve the teething problems. As a potential buyer with nothing to sell I am none to bothered as I only see the SSS as creating further grief in the market.
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