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  1. http://www.goldmoney.com/video/james-turk-presentation-on-gold-and-the-US-dollar.html
  2. A remarkably prescient post. Welcome to 21st century serfdom.
  3. My thoughts and prayers are with him. I genuinely hope that he can extricate himself from the jaws of financial disaster.
  4. noun /ˈseptik/  septics, plural A drainage system incorporating a septic tankadjective /ˈseptik/  (chiefly of a wound or a part of the body) Infected with bacteria Denoting a drainage system incorporating a septic tank
  5. Quite. In our consumerist world, a middle class label is just an excuse to own a better car, holiday, house et al.
  6. The mass of the populace thinks itself 'middle class', without realising that the majority have been levelled.
  7. Embarrassment is an emotion devoid of the Nulabouristas. Just think of Byrne, 'Red Ed' et al.
  8. Which is an impending scenario in many American states (California being the most notable). Interesting times indeed.
  9. Correct. The contrived victimisation of the English population at the expense of the Scots, Welsh et al is designed to provoke a desire for an English parliament which will no longer remain as the UK parliament. Interesting that the Welsh parliamentary referendum will result in greater power for the Welsh assembly eh? All of this malarkey is not part of some enlightened philosophy to encourage localism or democracy. Quite the reverse in fact. The power of the EU Parliament is waxing; by contrast, the UK parliament is being emasculated out by stealth.
  10. In de facto terms, Britain no longer exists. The growth of separatist regionalism through devolved parliaments has fractured the UK. Moreover, the effect of mass immigration has diluted what it means to be British (remember Robin Cook's speech on the topic back in 1999?). The methodology of regional fractiousness and non European immigration are stealthy tools of the elite. What better way of creating a federal European superstate through the imposition of European law via regional parliaments and dilution of national European identities? The final phase of the Eurostate is near: Britain's military is facing forced merger with French and German 'assets' on the basis of a contrived financial background. Interesting times indeed. Jean Monnet's methodology has worked a treat eh?
  11. Quite. One woud expect a former Major in the Parachute Regiment to be a tad 'grippier'.
  12. In real life it was the other way around. The Honda Concerto (Honda's version of the second generation Rover 200) was built by Rover at Longbridge from 1989 to 1994, prior to the Swindon plant becoming a fully fledged car manufacturing operation. A crying shame what happened to Rover; the Honda link could have kept them going for years.
  13. Succinctly put and an excellent riposte.
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