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  1. Was yours a cash offer, or did you need to arrange a mortgage?
  2. I think the OP should start looking at buying if at all possible.
  3. It has probably already been said but, we need antisocial housing for the scum.
  4. And that is just what is happening, its the way the world works. (Unless you work in the public sector)
  5. That is probable just the cost of materials,, if you then build in the massive investments required for machinery, finance, R & D, etc I think you will find that there is not much left over. Most car makers have been losing money for years. Compare for example the cost of using a local company to say replace your windows, cost about 5 grand. Compare that to what you actualy get in a car for 8 grand and the car seems pretty good value.
  6. Bit of a daft comment, there is no point in making something to sell for less than it cost to build.
  7. Did anyone ever think mortgage advisors were anything but salepeople? eg Security Consultant - burglar alarm salesman Financial advisor - Insurance salesman Home improvement consultant - Double glazing salesman, kitchen salesman Sure there are loads more, anybody got any good ones.
  8. But many people who use public transport do not shower in the mornings. Its horrible.
  9. Brown apologised to the Chinese president (or whatever he was) about the weather. Don't think he has ever said sorry to the British people about the way he has buggered up the whole country.
  10. Think Moosetea here could be upfor the chancellors job
  11. If you got time look at some of the guys replies. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showth....html?t=1448413
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