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  1. Syria bombed by a foreign state. https://www.rt.com/news/426190-israel-military-alert-syria/
  2. A short video on the West's Mercenary Military in Syria,
  3. How many rounds of sanctions have been imposed up to now? Whats that that is said about repeating the same after same and expecting a different result?
  4. I don't need to imagine, i've been aware of the hostile occupation forces since the begining of the Syrian conflict. I've seen with my own eyes the consequences of hostile invaders in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I've studied the consequences of hostile invaders in South America, Africa and the Middle East. and so it continues.
  5. I suspect the Russian's will be extremely mobile in Syria due to them being invited into be country by the Syrian Govt.
  6. There was definitely an attack. I have seen on our news channels children suffering pain and distress. The White Helmets told us so.
  7. 6 photos in that BBC article, 4 of them show children in pain and distress. Keep pushing the narrative to the public that the Syrian Govt and Russian military are barbaric animals while the armed rebels peace loving saints. How would the situation be portrayed if there was a bunch of armed rebels holed up in Enfield shelling the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace?
  8. There is no evidence that Russia is responsible only hysteria being fed by our media. Agreed that Russia is a dangerous actor in international affairs when engaging against her enemies. I remember a few years ago when Obama was telling everyone that Russia was a joke, weak, on her knees, finished as any sort of power. Read all about it in the Collapse of the Russian bear thread.
  9. This did make me smile when announced. With all the Fear Propaganda coming from the West at literally turbo speed of how Russia is so aggressive and dangerous to all us Western peace loving nations coupled with the embarrassing US/UK toys out of the pram verbal exchange with Russia at the UN regarding the corridor being opened for Syrian civillians to get out of E. Ghouta. I feel its very timely for Putin to tell the West just what sort of weapons Russia is packing nowadays. He's given all Russia's ahem "Partners" something to really think about and let them all carry on playing the innocent victim.
  10. I'll see your Krokodil and raise you Methamphetamine, the drug for Americans the New York business district don't give a shit about. Just purely for balance of course..........
  11. Thing is they don't even have to try. Western MSM is just the PR arm of Western Govt's. No questions no journalism just inform the proles via the telescreen of what they need to be told. Russia bad, anything Russia supports bad, anything Russia does bad. No thought required, save that brain power for Bake Off, yum yum
  12. That's very noble of them. Personally i would have liked that decision to of been made several years ago as it would have cut down the number of dead bodies that have littered Syria since.
  13. Russia seems to be doomed on "The Rise Of The Russian Bear" topic. I belive this thread would be the most suited for any and all Russia is going/gone to the dogs articles.
  14. Couple of thread de-railers on this at present with not enough brain power to work out the thread title. Possibly Damiks' slightly thicker younger twin brothers?
  15. Europe is in crisis to a degree. As for the racist card that you throw out it just shows that your point of view is weak. You mention America being a destructive force, educate yourself on their interventions in Central America, South East Asia, Middle East and Ukraine.
  16. A little later than thought but now at last. Independent Canadian journalist challenges MSM, explains what actually is going on in Syria,
  17. Works well as a stylus for record players by letting the corner drop into the groove, unfortunatley the BOE did not incorparate any leads to plug into an amp.
  18. If the americans do get a no-fly zone there'll be Champagne corks flying in the Pentagon.
  19. Yes i really liked the area and the locals were friendly. They were all single or working couples, as you say though not really practical for a family.
  20. Topical thread this one for me. Just refurbed a 2 bed b2b in Armley. I was sceptical about the rental demand for this property. The owner put it on Gumtree and had 5 viewings after 24 hours of the ad being posted. All parties who viewed are working and all were falling over themselves to rent it, £450 pcm. The house is solid, watertight and gleaming after 90 hours of graft put into it. Only downside is no private outside space. On the upside a 10 min walk led me to the best record shop i have ever had the pleasure to visit!
  21. £500 Billion helecopter money given to the banks since 2008. Interest rates down to 0.25% given to the people. Great New Deal.
  22. Don't be put off by Digger UK, he really is very special in his world.
  23. Aleppo looks like it will soon fall back into govt hands soon. America letting Assad stay. Too occupied with the South China Sea maybe.
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