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  1. Get an home insurance quote before viewing or making offers etc. The insurance quote is a ' mine of information' for problems in the area like flooding, crime, subsidence etc . It's always one of the first thing I do before proceeding with my time and expense because they are very informative and free !!!
  2. All together now The Bear Cha Cha Cha (another long time lurker)
  3. Look really closely, it is not just an England supporter with happy little children playing with an odd toy, there are three families Spewing out of these houses, These are not family homes they are homes for fussy, neat, flowery, window box gardening, boomer pensioners who have retired to a life of bliss by the sea or house proud nesting first time buyers googooing over their first newborn. For 130k a family should be able to afford a FAMILY house ie front garden, a good sized back garden, swings maybe even a garage for the bikes and peddle cars where dad can mend things without having to take the table out to the front street/road. 130 Thousand Pounds for a life where no one living there can possibly be happy, The pensioners are probably going bonkers, their retirement ruined by families who do not have enough space to live, love laugh and play. Zoom in on both houses next door to the neat house for sale, this little snapshot has captured life in this so called sought after cullde-shack where housing has become so crazy, overpriced and unsuitable for ALL who live there. Anyway that's what I could see and it sent a chill right through me.
  4. Use the zoom button are the neighbours having a garage sale ?
  5. Location Location Location, Sought after rural village (so the estate agents say) Check out the street view. http://www.rightmove...y-26355055.html Now what would you offer?
  6. The SE is full of bonkers carp like this - a further example here ... nearly a quarter of a million for a sh!te farm shed in a renowned flood area and you are not allowed to live in it! My link
  7. http://meetup.ebid.net/showthread.php?t=126006
  8. He's gagging for it - what a grubby little man - I've just been violently sick!!! His feedback's not too hot either - Please excuse me I need to vomit again !!!
  9. 70K in debt funding 'Jordan wannabe' daughter. http://www.closeronline.co.uk/RealLife/Rea...-lifestyle.aspx Caught a look at daughters rag-mag and spotted this - If the Depression ends the Chav Era then bring it on !!!!
  10. How weird - all the Miles & Barr new listings have disappeared today, they were all were showing in the last 24 hrs search yesterday and now not even showing in last 14 days new listings. Do Miles Barr/Wilson's read HPC - or was I having a "fabulous" dream yesterday,
  11. Did a Right Move search of new listings in the last 24 hours in Ashford just now and it looks like someone may be busy dumping a portfolio. Miles & Barr have a host of new listings today where in general listings elsewhere have been very low today, Could these new listings be the start of the Wilson's panic and demise I wonder!!!!
  12. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-199...p;mam_disp=true
  13. Could also be due to the permanent gypsy site that is practically in their back garden. Look at the map with the satellite view- its the large scruffy white area full of caravans about one field away towards the country. When dusk falls the lane is full of these citizens walking up and down looking for work I live about 30 miles from Ashford, too close I know but its good to catch the train to France and sometimes do a bit of shopping. Ashford has the biggest run-down council estate in the universe. There's also a vile burger vendor in the center which makes the whole town stink. Is Ashford going to crash Big Time "You betcha"
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