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  1. Not a kitchen that the purchase price would warrant anyway!
  2. It can still be bought with traditional finance, it just won’t be at a high loan to value %
  3. A house can sell for whatever the buyer wants to pay for it, regardless of the ceiling price. The ceiling price only affects the financing of the purchase (if required). As for your formula, each to their own.
  4. I see agents now putting ‘ballyhackamore’ in the listing address on PN, even though the house isn’t in ballyhackamore. Have seen agents do it with Ballyholme in Bangor also.
  5. 10x the average wage of one person. This isn’t the type of house that an average single person should be buying. An above average house in an above average area should be for a couple on above average wages. In saying that, I’m not agreeing that it is good value, just that it’s comparing apples and oranges. I’d imagine an average house for the average single income would be more along the lines of a small terrace in greater Belfast, not a 2.5 bed in an expensive area.
  6. It’s always baffled my why the likes of estate agents and car sales people don’t open late into the evenings and longer on weekends and bank holidays. I’d have thought that’s the time that suits most people to come in and make enquiries, leading to a purchase? Ive mentioned before about freakonomics, where EAs are only incentivised up to a point. As the agents cut is only 10% of the agency’s fee of 1%, It quickly gets to a point where it’s not worth thier time to chase every offer. £100k house means agency gets £1k, with the agent getting £100. If he has to spend 2 more hours doing viewings and chasing people to get the bid up to £105k, the extra money in his pocket is only £5- so not worth his time. They’d be better spending those two hours on another house to get an offer somewhere near the asking and move on. It stinks, but that is sales I suppose! Until the system changes, expect more of the same.
  7. Australia market is largely in reverse because they’ve built a gazillion apartments in locations that nobody wants to live in
  8. You could be right, but generally the agent will just stick up a “sold” sign whenever they’re changing the instruction just to make themselves look good.
  9. Yes wouldn’t be the typical auction lots! Good way of getting cold hard cash in though, provided they sell...
  10. Haha thanks for the info. Googled it, looks like it was in OK’s last auction.
  11. See this site back on the market: https://www.propertynews.com/property/OKY670710 Anyone remember what the story with it was or what it was listed at before? Must have been a deal fallen through?
  12. What’s your point other than stating the obvious?
  13. Still doesn’t change what I said? Also there’s an apartment in Malone square on for £465k.
  14. £400k apartments in BT9 are nothing new. Bladon and harberton have more expensive ones than this.
  15. Montgomery street is under construction...
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