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  1. See furlough, in some shape or form, is to be extended until March 2021...
  2. I see the price has been corrected to £4,200 pcm
  3. The next crash has probably been delayed a few months by the news of furlough going back up to 80%. Would expect to see mass redundancies soon after this is reduced again, assuming the government don’t extend it again.
  4. That can’t be right, even annual rent of £50k per year would seem a lot. Plus the £80k deposit!
  5. The change in furlough will drag things out longer, with employers only needing to contribute 5% of the wages rather than the 33% or whatever it was before.
  6. I have seen a mortgage broker on LinkedIn complaining that applications are being turned down for buyers that they would have expected to sail through, with no explanation from the lenders as to why. Reading the replies to their post, they weren’t the only one!
  7. I just can’t see how the market can remain even remotely functional beyond the end of furlough. Even this new furlough 2.0 where the employers have to pay towards employees wages is going to wipe out a lot of businesses and the employment they provide. 6 months from now could be an absolute bloodbath, with the first stages of it taking place from the 1st Nov.
  8. This has got to be one of the craziest examples of north coast house prices: https://www.propertynews.com/property-for-sale/16-the-edgewater-portstewart-bt55-7rt/property/VEB80054-1-15416615/ £1m for a townhouse that is completely overlooked by a big apartment block. Nice views though.
  9. Another update on the co-working space.£6k per month for the mezzanine floor...
  10. co working space at the gallery- doesn’t look like much imagination has been used compared with other coworking places available.
  11. Not commenting on the price but it looks like it’s been extended outwards and upwards plus a refurb internally which, if its RV hasn’t been adjusted, will give a false view on the RV:Sales Value ratio
  12. Just a side note- I was told by a multinational hotelier that it’s impossible to get a hotel over c.95% Occupancy as there are always rooms being repaired/refurbished, bookings cancelled etc. but I agree with the gist of the point, hotel occupancy In Belfast was mad!
  13. Gary McCausland has been advertising that the ground floor commercial unit is being converted to a co-working space. in terms of management charge, the GF commercial units normally only contribute to their share of the block building insurance, usually based on sq ft. They’ll be metered separately for utilities and are stand alone units.
  14. Ok thanks, didn’t know if you were talking about house price inflation, wages or whatever. Technically they haven’t made anything until they sale their house though!
  15. Can you explain how people have made a fortune?
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