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  1. Surely putting a charge on the home for social care (to be collected after death) was not threatening homelessness at all as I understood it. It would be written in the process - and if someone was so frail they needed a care home - the house would have to be sold anyway (up to the last £100 k). So far as I can see - it was nothing to do with 'dementia' - just labour trying to scare the voters and a crowd of ignorant social media ranters saying it was not fair. If I needed social care - I would a damn sight sooner stay in my home and pay (via my house) to have carers visit me there. I would still have £100k to leave to my dependents anyway (same with care home)
  2. wasn't this what cost the Conservatives to lose seats in the last election (the so-called dementia tax ) when they proposed that anyone needing social care in their home should pay for it - down to the last £100k and the up the current £23k to £100k for those in care homes. I have never understood why it was so hated - seems more than fair. Was it the snowflakes thinking they would lose out on inheriting 'the family home' and the associated windfall.
  3. you are not alone. I compare 2018 with 1968 when I was at university, students protested about real world things, there was no social media, cctv, a complete lack of 'victim' mentality and the envy/hatred of those who are perceived to have white and/or male privelige. The US attitudes to race, the SJWs and the virtue signalling was just NOT apparent. I came from a poor rural background ( father was a farm worker and we lived in a tied cottage). I had a grant to attend university and needed to work during all holidays to survive. There was not the sense of 'entitlement' that the young seem to have now without accepting they have 'responsibilities' as well as 'rights' in society.
  4. SOME endowments (mainly the later ones) were missold - mine was not and neither were lots of them sold at the time (late 1970s) - if mine was missold - how come I did not get compo (oh yes that was because it was enough to pay off the mortgage and give me some left over) I don't think you read what I wrote in my post - so I give up trying to explain
  5. I took out an endowment mortgage for my first house (£9K) in the late 70s - it was a better deal. When I moved I switched to a repayment mortgage (interest rates in double figures) but I kept the endowment on as a savings vehicle. The endowment matured (there was an early option available to cash it in) and it was worth around £20K ! they were not missold at all. Obviously later ones were sold with wild promises and bigger mortgages fuelling HPI in the meantime. I never took out PPI, I never took a salesman's words for fact and I feel that if financial acumen and common sense was taught in schools one would hope that the general public would not fall for the smooth talk of a bank lackey. I feel sorry for the generation who are now in effect paying for the feckless (or into BTL scumlords) IO mortgage holders who were greedy and pushed up house prices /rents to their current insanity.
  6. what you are missing with this analysis of yours is this was a telephone poll (and we all know how accurate they are) in this local election 2018 - great swathes of Tory heartland did NOT go to the polls - mainly rural/Conservative areas WHERE THERE WAS NO LOCAL ELECTION. ?
  7. given that most of the country did NOT have a local election - the results do not represent any shift either way. e.g not Scotland, Wales, Welsh Borders, Cornwall and Devon (except Plymouth and Exeter), most of Yorkshire and East Anglia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_local_elections,_2018 that said most of the 'no council election' areas are strongly rural /leave/Conservative areas.
  8. why does she need to live in London? my net income is LESS than hers - granted I have no mortgage but have to pay council tax /utilities, insurances etc. The point is she does not NEED to work 3 jobs - in fact because she does is probably why she is having to top up her rent and pay her own council tax. Maybe 3 other people who are younger could do those jobs instead.
  9. the 66 year old (who by the way is a baby boomer!) does not need to work 3 jobs she would have the state pension and if that was not enough be entitied to pension credit of circa £155 per week in total. in addition she would get her council tax paid, housing benefit for most of that rent (if not all), cold weather payments, warm front help, winter fuel allowance, free bus pass, free prescriptions and so on. She would not be starving in a garret - and I suspect her landlord is taking advantage of her naivety. Either the story is a lie for sensationalism (how does anyone work 3 jobs?) or she genuinely does not know what she is entitled to.
  10. it was nulabour who bailed out the banks with their QE
  11. exactly just as low low mortgage rates (to fund overpriced houses) are the 'new normal' the money to do all these 'end of austerity' things has to come from somewhere/someone
  12. Even £150k gets you a nice house in some of the nice market towns in the Midlands The 'yoof' and the 'left' protesting about housing, the NHS, the police/education 'cuts' are London-centric and London-based protesters and to an extent I can see their point if they look at their own lives but the problem partly lies in the concentration of jobs/power/numbers in the London metropolis which is not solved by corbyn and his empty promises. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-66618632.html
  13. how could interest rates go any lower (currently hovering at 0.25% ) and how long since they were dropped as an emergency measure (was it 8 years ago?). Seems to have become the 'new normal' and just pushed up asset prices
  14. the 'independent' was reporting that the British taxpayer are on the hook for 2bn over this. It is very sad for the 'legitimate tenants' who have lost their homes and they should be rehoused but to my mind it should be Kand C council should pay for it out of their council tax take - I am still incensed that a band F there pays LESS council tax than I do in rural Herefordshire for a 2 bedroom cottage (nice place to live though) with none of the facilities londoners get (such as freedom pass etc) current reporting seems to be that the city of london will pay. I hope that is the case - London is richer by far than most of the rest of the UK
  15. why not just take a tenancy out on the empty homes compulsorily as the govt would be paying some housing benefit wherever they manage to rehome those who have lost their homes? I also think that moving some of the families out of KandC on a temporary basis would not be such a disaster - they could return at some point as homes become available in their chosen area. Corbyn is becoming a loose cannon and I suspect his age is making him reckless. The rest of his mob are waiting in the wings to take over
  16. that is about the only genuine placard there ! and I totally agree with its sentiment the rest of the rent-a-mob seem to be 'socialist worker' carrying 'tories out' re-usable placards for any march/protest regardless of the facts. it is very sad and tragic what has happened, but the making of political capital out of it is very distasteful and makes me desapir for the powers that be in this country.
  17. EU rules europa.eu/youreurope/business/public-tenders/rules-procedures/index_en.htm By law they have to tender it out; and not just to UK, but any company in the EU. They also aren't even allowed to specify we want 'x' cladding by 'x' company. You can only say we want 'pink cladding to BSxxxx' (British Standards codes)
  18. I am not so sure about your figures ? The nationality of NHS staff 55,000 out of the 1.2 million staff in the English NHS are citizens of other EU countries, according to the English Health Service’s Electronic Staff Record. This includes doctors; nurses; other professionals like paramedics and pharmacists; support workers providing care; and administrative staff. There are far more non-eu NHS staff who would not be affected by leaving the EU
  19. I thought the thread title was a spelling mistake and read 'prices come down' - wishful thinking
  20. this needs to be investigated - this is what I was suspecting - labour have been very manipulative of the inexperienced young https://www.change.org/p/uk-electoral-commission-labour-general-election-fraud-2017
  21. interesting stats - aah - those pesky young people and UKIP voters who went back to labour! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/12/theresa-may-just-400-votes-short-majority/
  22. When Jeremy, citing one poll by Lord Ashcroft, wrongly claims that two-thirds of Labour voters supported Remain, his supporters and opponents gleefully nod in harmony. Any mathematician can quickly work out that in fact Labour areas were the strongest to vote Leave and any well organised party, sampling ballot boxes, will know that in Labour areas it was the Tory voters who tended to vote Remain and it was large blocks of Labour trade unionists who voted Leave.” sorry it is a quote - not my words this often touted 2/3rd of labour voters supported remain is the result of a POLL
  23. Is it nice that the people of Canterbury who have lived there for a lot more than 3 years have lost their constituency MP because students voted for labour! So does she pay council tax - thought not - students are exempt How much tax and NI does she pay if she is a student - I doubt very little Will she stay in Canterbury after she graduates from university ? So she is happy to use all the public services (since when is that a net contribution? ) Nice.
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