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  1. But would they be prepared to work their way up the ladder from the "bottom" (Ba dum tsh). What's the glass ceiling on this one? Anyone prepaired to comment?
  2. Only the comments that pass through their filter... Any reasoned debate will be quashed... sieg heil etc etc...
  3. At least the gold bulls are doing it with their own money. So, even if gold goes down the shitter, I'm not going to have to pay for it. :angry:
  4. I hope so. I needed to buy some new vertical fabric blinds for the kitchen yesterday. £2.00 each at one place, and £1.00 each (on offer) at another. That's £20.00 PER WINDOW! :angry:
  5. Most people around here will vote Labour because their parents did. I can assure you it hasn't eluded me! Edit: "will vote", not "vote will"...
  6. That's what I'm waiting for. Consett would be an ideal location for me (I was born there). And they will fall to 50% off. After all, a recession under a Tory government is ALWAYS good for the North East...
  7. There's an article about it in the Labourgraph too.
  8. Is it just me, or does the back garden look too small compared to the front of the house?
  9. Yeah, warehouse worker makes £16,000.00 a year and has £120,000.00 mortgage, bread costs £1.00. Five? Years later, warehouse worker makes £28,000.00 a year and has £107,500.00 mortgage, bread costs £2.00. Would I be right in thinking this is how it works? (Assuming they can do it).
  10. Just don't leave the magnet on the TV like I did! I think it's any 1p or 2p on or before 1991 that is made from brass, after that I think they contain the steal blanks. I used to filter them out in my wallet and keep them for last. Don't know why... Something to do... That's a very good site, used to enjoy reading it. You sometimes (at least used to) see old money on ebay.
  11. 240 pence to the pound? The chavs can barely handle decimal! Great idea, we can reduce benefits without them knowing!
  12. If they did that then I'm becoming a MONK... I'd NEVER hear the end of it from those who bought into the bubble... :angry: (And - just checked - if diluted to a low concentrate, then antifreeze is probably safe for use as window wash. Propylene glycol is none toxic (but I don't know if it effects paint), and ethylene glycol and methanol appear to be ingredients of "window wash" anyway! )
  13. Actually, if it contains Ethanol, then it'll probably evaporate? So is probably OK... Maybe it is OK to use antifreeze after all!
  14. If it just contains propylene glycol (none toxic antifreeze) then it's OK. But if it contains methanol or ethylene glycol then it's highly toxic. It's probably fairly safe at a low concentration, but you shouldn't really be using it as a window wipe... (Ethanol (alcohol) is the stuff you drink, methanol and ethylene is the stuff that poisons you!) Edit: Added alcohol.
  15. If you are new to gold, then I'd STRONGLY recommend you do A LOT of research before spending a large amount of cash. Don't "panic buy" and get burnt! Just think how you'd feel if you bought a few KG at $1000.00 and it dropped back to $800.00 within a few weeks! (If I remember rightly, the other forum has a good introduction thread to gold, but I don't have a URL for it unfortunately.)
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