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  1. going to buy house in car bottom road, bd5. any one living in that area, is that good area of living. cant afford in allerton so buying in bd5
  2. interest rate remains same at 0.5%. should reduce to zero.
  3. imi


    new year started and news shows that thousands of jobs will go this year. noticed few properties droped their prices more than £13,000.
  4. check the site mustbesold
  5. imi


    Propbably property is sold or withdrawn.
  6. imi


    Good news. I never imagine that prices will come that much down.
  7. imi


    Prices has been dropped in oldham too. Now there are more than 1000 properties for sale. Anyone interested in this well presented bungalow with guide price of £85,000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-164...p;mam_disp=true
  8. People watching prices in their region regularly. There are few houses still selling so why not try your best.
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