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  1. blimey, they skimped on the stairs too ? (only slightly more helpfully, pram out window, carry baby?)
  2. I should have realised my cat was middle class when she got picky about those cushions
  3. lot 188, a scratch of land somewhere in Ealing with a late addendum to the description saying there were unspecified revisions to the purpose to which the land could be put guide price £25-50k. Sold 335k.
  4. last 5/6 months is interesting July 2007 218888 Dec 2007 219591 that's 1.4% annualised. The first half of the year isn't *that* good every year (especially not this one)
  5. There's more where this one came from In conjunction with the property auctioneers shown below, we have the ability to display live bidding from online property auctions in the UK. This means that if you cannot make it to the auction room, you can still watch the bidding for the lot you may be interested in. http://www.eigroup.co.uk/onlineauctions/ Auctioneer Telephone Auction Venue Date Time Barnard Marcus 020 8741 9990 Cafe Royal, 68 Regent Street, London, W1B 5EL 07 Feb 10:30 Savills Residential 020 7824 9091 Royal Garden Hotel, 2 Kensington High Street, London, W8 4PT 11 Feb 10:00 Edward Mellor Auctions 0161 443 4740 Lancashire County Cricket Club, Talbot Road, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0PX 11 Feb 13:30 TOPS Auction House 01603 750 450 De Vere Dunston Hall Hotel, Ipswich Road, Dunston, Norwich, NR14 8PQ 14 Feb 11:00 Andrews & Robertson in Assoc. with Willmotts 020 7703 4401 New Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA 14 Feb 10:00 Graham Penny 01332 242 880 Pride Park Stadium, Derby, DE24 8XL 14 Feb 11:30 Clive Emson 01622 608 400 Ramada Hotel, Ashford Road, Hollingbourne, Maidstone, ME17 1RE 15 Feb 11:00 Clive Emson Sussex 0845 603 6614 Hilton Brighton Metropole, 106-121 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2FU 18 Feb 11:00 Clive Emson Hampshire 02392 554 555 The Rose Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, SO30 3XH 19 Feb 11:00 Brendons Auctioneers 08456 525251 New Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA 19 Feb 12:00 Barnett Ross 0208 492 3636 Radisson S A S Portman Hotel, 22 Portman Square, London, W1H 7BG 20 Feb 12:00
  6. I have to agree that the CML figures are high and don't reflect (for the long term) a whole bunch of people who are nowhere near the market at the moment. It just seemed too much of a coincidence not to mention ;-) I don't know much about the relative spreadbetting firms. Is spreadfair judged to be a trusted estimate (low volatility?) of a similar size of market to IGIndex et al, or is it a much smaller operation with a few wild prices thrown around ? If the latter, then I guess those who think this site overdoes the 'gloom' should pile in !
  7. Here's 2%. I think the other one is better - I wanted to correct for long term house price inflation, not general inflation (I know fans of Shiller/Herengracht might say they're the same thing). spreadfairhalifax2percent.bmp A trend is a trend is a trend, The question is, will it bend? Or change its course, Through some unforeseen force, Or carry on all the way until the govt are finally forced to admit they're making it up spreadfairhalifax2percent.bmp
  8. Since when was 2% inflation relevant to anything ? Haven't got the stuff here, maybe later
  9. Here's a graph of Halifax monthly S.A. prices since 1983, with spreadfair futures tagged on to the end, all adjusted to be in Dec 2007 prices (I used 0.0048 per month, or 5.9% p.a. HPI as this looked the most 'flat'). It puts the spreadfair futures into perspective, they are actually predicting fundamental falls, back to the lowest recent levels of 1983, 1995-1998. spreadfairhalifax.bmp For those who can't read the attachment, it basically says that this futures market has put the Dec 2010 UK average house price at 137k (sell) and 140k (buy) in today's money (assuming a fixed long term house price inflation since 1983). That's a 30.2% drop from the July 2007 peak. Interestingly, it also projects forward to around 2012 to be 120K in today's money, which is (guess what) 3.4*today's average FTB salary of 35200 (as according to CML 1ML2 Nov 2007) spreadfairhalifax.bmp
  10. I hope no-one has to try and do anything useful with your excel sheets. Weren't there 800,000 empty homes in the UK last time they counted ?
  11. And an update MAR-08 UK House Price Sell 189600 Buy 193200 Mid Price 191400 Now a fall of £7100 priced in from Sep 07 to Mar 08
  12. That'll teach you to draw swear words on your screen
  13. That reminds me of this : a truly artistic justification of how paying for free childcare for civil service workers makes the workers cost 17% less. If this is how they work out the rest of the numbers no wonder it's all going tits up civilservicenurserymaths.bmp civilservicenurserymaths.bmp
  14. for that case can I suggest you hold on to the edible hat as a hedge ?
  15. As it turns out there are already products under development that not only verify a fingerprint but look at the veins to 'verify the liveness' of the subject
  16. I'm trying to buy it but am placed 126th in a queue to talk to an advisor. They've probably completed by now
  17. "Chancellor Alistair Darling declined today to give clarity on the Government's future funding plans for Northern Rock, despite the deadline for takeover bids closing tonight. A spokesman at the Treasury, said this morning: "We don't have an expectation of an announcement today." It had been hoped that Mr Darling would issue a statement on whether the Government is prepared for the taxpayer to pick up £2 billion interest charge on the £20 billion the Newcastle-based bank has so far borrowed from the Bank of England. " Times news about shock news silence Bet that's really helpful if you're trying to put a bid together.
  18. Or will they be more like... Real house for 60k on rightmove you get a whole bedroom. Oh yes, and you don't get to live in it : "Freehold subject to the protected periodic tenancy of Mr and Mrs XXX paying £65 per week."
  19. isn't the cat is going to be rather worse off than 'stunned' after the dog, man, and horse have landed on it ?
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