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  1. I'm sure when more bulls do actually reappear on here a large % will be EA's the ones that aren't please start buying so less competition for when i'm looking late next year
  2. a lot of the general public seem to be in denial about the price of there house. they will look at this 1.5 interest rate cut + the fact most of the banks are now passing it on as a sign that everything is saved. this will for the next few weeks boost retail sales but then we will get LR report of actual average sold prices (albeit without repo's) of house dropping a further 2.0% + over the next 2-3 months and they will soon change there minds and come to realise that the cut has done nothing. a very very large % of the uk population don't realise that LR and to some extend Halifax price index is actually 3-4 months behind and as we all on here know the last 3-4 months have seen the biggest fall of prices since this HPC all started some 12 months ago. I predict that this month sales of houses may slow the drop of the crash a little bit, but we wont see the figures until Jan-Feb and by that time everyone will be in panic again :S .. Xmas will be tuff on many people and although retail is usually very busy the construction industry is not so lucky as it comes to a standstill most years in Dec/Jan . 2009 will be a nasty year worldwide and a 1.5% cut wont stop people talking about the elephant in the corner for very long
  3. just exchanged contracts on my flat ! yipeeeee i have a lot of equity due to the fact i bought it 11 years ago. Ref preium bonds. i understand on average they pay a below a good savings account but with decent savings accounts disapearing and me not geting my cash for maybe 2 weeks + does anyone thing preium bonds maybe the way to go ? i can spread the max 30k over myself wife and close family so will have 3-4 people at cap of bonds. .. i also liked the idear (albeit vv small) of having a win . im not thinking the 1m prize though possible ofc but more of the 5-10k wins that arent unheard of especially with the amount im sticking in over a time of 1-2 years. any help / advise anyone can give /salute ! FnF
  4. really great work tommyboy its looking more and more like the safe zone is 2001/2 at moment .
  5. true a friend of mine works for a high street store and all their jeans come with one button left to be put on .. they do that in the uk and stick the made in uk label inside
  6. well if exports are going down cant we sort out a deal with the french they like to eat horses ? I was thinking along the lines of 1 horse for 15 T-bone steaks
  7. # dont ofter lol reading forums but that sure did it for me ty
  8. the HPC has started but sellers are still living in cuckoo land. and there are still some people that do actually think House prices are close to bottom .. no1 on here ill add ofc spoke to a pal last week who i haven't spoken to in a while . he said he had put in a offer on a house . i was like WTF i hope you put in a 40%+ lower offer .. no it was up for 325 he offered 275 was rejected he then offered 285 . rejected again and then he offered 290. rejected .. he got a call 2 days ago from the ea saying that if he went another 5k to 295 they would accept. he is thinking about it .. i had a long chat with him and directed him to these forums . he has since told them were to stick it and is gonna stay in rented for now. point is there are still people out there buying at inflated prices .. be it very very small amounts and its these people sellers are holding out for. on the whole the prices are crashing and the real proof is the land registry figures for last month 2.2% fall . they were released last month but really only reflect sales from 3-4 months ago. and HPC hadn't really started to kick in then .. id advise to w8 for LR figures issued in Feb/March 09 to see some shocking figures and proof that we really are falling rapidly. you will also get some area's in the uk that dont look like they are effected that much . this is due to the very small amount of exchanges actually taking place and giving an incorrect figure. im sure there will be small pockets of area's were aveage house price will show to go up in some months . this will be due to the odd £1m home selling in a area and bumbing the average up incorrectly Edit- im not sure if LR figures include auctions and repos , can any1 confirm ?
  9. over the past year we have been hearing in the media about how house prices may or may not fall in 2009 and onwards . but as time as gone on more and more people have come forward to state that they predict house prices will fall 20-30% more in 2009 .. and now it seems its general belief that this is true .. you only have to look at the banks no longer offering any 90% mortgages anymore and the fact that trackers keep getting put up by the same amount that the BOE is reducing interest rates . the reason is simple . the banks don't want to lend money for an asset that is worth less than the loan and will be worth a lot less in the near future . it maybe partly wanting to balance books but that i think is a small % of the reason. they ain't loaning coz they don't want to go down more with bad negative equity debt . i cant blame them not passing on interest rate cuts at all why should they loan out say £100k to someone to buy something that's really only worth 50K .. banks know this .. we know this .. Kristy should know this .. why the hell is the Sun giving this idiot a platform to spill all this sh!te and cause more pain and suffering. (and yes 20-30% 2009 was conservative from myself)
  10. * Have you bought with your partner, * Bought into a shared equity schmeme under the various HomeBuy initiatives, * Do you feel frustrated by the lack of help, * Do you feel you did everything right only to have been affected by the contraction in credit and the recent downturn.... hope they got a lota bandwidth and time to go through all them email inc there way
  11. link you have posted shows one sold at £213k (no34) in april 07 and also shows one sold in may 07 same street for £120k . can only imagine that there are a few different types of houses in this street so hard to compare the one listed sold at 85k (no20) prevously sold for 95k in 02 and then for £122k in 04 ... it seems same as most auctions that prices are reflecting 00/01 price sales
  12. I went into a natwest today to open a join account with my wife ... i have all my personal accounts with them also. when asked how much overdraft we wanted we said how much can we have ? .. girls answer was hmm that's strange it says you can have £25k. we was both gobsmacked as was the girl doing our application, she said she had never seen such a huge figure available .. we went for £2k in the end for emergency use only . I earn quite well but i ain't mega rich (dont own my own house even) . i don't have any debt and always pay off all credit cards in full every month when i use them .. only conclusion i can get from this is that natwest maybe a little bit behind on the other banks practices at the moment. as for original post I can see they want to get there balence sheets looking better but i cant see this doing anygood in the medium/long term . do the banks never learn anything, i mean they seem to look only to the present not the future .. which is why we are in this situation in the first place
  13. hello everyone ! my first post but i have been reading HPC.co.uk for about a year on and off .. last 3-4 months im on here everyday ... its geting my wife down a bit as she says thing like why cant u be normal and stop banging on about the HPC. anyhoo ive never posted before coz well i never felt i was up on the info most people seemed to be able to offer and didnt wanna sound stupid :S a little storey about my own situation Sale of our flat (very nice flat and always marketed it under anyone else on estate) we put our flat up for sale Dec last year at £185k and had an offer within a week. surveys done contracts drawn up etc .. march they pulled out .so back on market . was on for 2 weeks and accepted an offer of £175k. june buyer pulled out .. back on market. 3 weeks on market at £175 found a buyer .. they offered £170k .. 1 week before contract was to go through they offered £165k . we accepted and exchanged 3 days ago... very very very happy ! Purchase of a house back in april we found a very nice house we loved and had a buyer at the time for our flat . it was up for £375k ., we veiwed it and was told they had 3 offers at asking price already and it would go to sealed bids in 3 days time . it was a very run down victorian house that needed everything doing to it .. floors windows elect plumbing walls etc etc .. was just a pile of bricks . well we loved it we didnt care house prices were falling because it had the potential to be a family home for 15-20years + .. ticked ALL the boxes etc anyway we went in at £390k and got accepted . there was a problem with the LR and the dimensions of the garden so this draged out the drawing up of the contracts so even though we made an offer in april it wasnt untill Sept untill we were ready to exchange. at this time we put in a lower offer of £350k and was rejected. our own flat at this time still hadnt sold and if accepted would of been running 2 mortages ! .. looking back thank god it was rejected . anyhoo got a call in oct saying they would accept £350. and by then i was HPC.co.uk hooked ... thank you ALL !! .. i said best i could offer was £265k and im aware that it will be rejected but maybe come back to me in 6months time when its still on the market .. EA laughed at me and said it would be gone in days .( they never did come back to say if the 265k was accepted/declined )..... 4 weeks later its still there we have now just signed up to rent a 2 bed cottage for 1 year and will see how the market goes with a veiw to maybe buy mid/late next year if we can get a bargan. we have a lot of equity from the sale of the flat as we bought it in 98 . we are thinking of sticking it into preium bonds .. ie 30k my name 30k wifes 30k mum etc etc ... keeping fingers crossed !! thanks to all at the HPC forums for letting me see the light ! FnF
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