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  1. Yep m8 rofl lol lmoa! You are right though, I should go and work for a decent private ambulance service like Evolved... er hang on they just employed lots of nearly struck off ex-NHS staff and went spectacularly bust, or Wings, er, oh no, they are being 'financially restructured' for the 3rd time in as many years. Hang on a minute, I've just noticed, you haven't got the slightest clue what foaming rubbish you're talking have you!? You see, I thought people came on here, especially on ANECDOTALS to discuss, or state what they have observed. But I was wrong, in your view its just for arrogant one line put downs from smug tory boy Daily Mail readers, isn't it? p.s I heard last time you did some 'mild anonymous needling' you had a visit from some of my other emergency service chums and got 5 years?!
  2. Exactly, I'd love to see you all you Daily Mail readers do the work of an Health Care Assistant or Emergency Care Assistant on Band 3 NHS pay... YEAH MEGABUCKS!!!
  3. Ah, memories... I took a grasping developer to small claims there when he decided not to pay me for no given reason... He abruptly gave up (not sold, or even mothballed) his successful plumbing business to start property developing, and 2 days after the hearing I gave up being an electrician to train as a Paramedic - and who's laughing now eh?! Well actually I'm not sure if either of us are laughing, but since I don't work for London Ambulance Service and I know he hasn't built a single house since I've done OK :-)
  4. Not sure if these sorts of places will ever just close down en-masse... Agreed that in some places there is a saturation of them (and thats not just the fat, ha ha ha...) but anecdotally some of my poorest 'clients' (I work for the ambulance service) seem to be the biggest users of takeaways; based on the number of old wrappers on the floor / table / overflowing from bins etc.... So whats to change? I just feel sorry for the guy in the title of the thread; as he says he can't reduce prices, but those who do it badly, by not changing the fat at all, will be able to. I had all this before as an electrician when they introduced compulsary registration; it didn't make my work any better at all as I was already doing it properly, but it did make the local cowboys, albeit now working illegally, look even cheaper again...
  5. Having funded my own training for 2 years with no grant or loan, and having seen the starting wages for the fire service, and the (rightly) excellent conditions in the fire stations due to home-office funding, as compared to the try-hard 'wannabe a foundation trust' numptys that look after the ambulance service, you'll understand why I'm not shedding any tears for your 'erse'! But then, I love my job and thats enough to stay. At least its not like working for wall-mart... YET!
  6. And its designed by Ken Shuttleworth! Whats Kens brother, John, up to these days I wonder?
  7. Absolutely; this is a usual BTL amateur alarm-bells sign! On all the jobs I used to do, I used to impress the virtues of plain, commercial grade equipment. Syphon toilet cisterns (not P/B), NEVER EVER any bloody spotlights EVER!, commercial pegler shower mixer blah blah etc etc... 'Boring', eh?!
  8. I wish the OFT would investigate the contant 'offers' on Salmon (fresh and smoked) that goes on. I know it happens to many products, but all supermarkets participate in a rolling scam where salmon is offered HALF PRICE! or 2 FOR 1 on a constant basis, quoting was prices that I've never seen ever in any store. (Yes, I know the 'was' price only has to be in a % of stores!). The only stores that don't are the likes of Aldi and Lidl, but theirs is Icelandic Salmon normally All PR nonsense really, bloody churnalists.
  9. Actually thats another thing! In years back, I seem to remember woolies pick and mix offered something unique; brands of wrapped sweets you'd never heard of, wierdo combinations (banana and liquorice toffee!?) everything basically sugar in various shapes with a hint of coaco and an e-number for flavouring, etc etc... But now, doesn't it have the same identikit 'all from one supplier' pic-n-mix as the average cinema or shopping centre?? If I'm right, its another example of where the management thought they'd save a few pennies, but in the process homogeonised the product, and so removed the one thing that made the store distinctive, and somewhere you purposely went. Bit of a shame really
  10. Doesn't it just. Had to buy some spare parts for our obscure boiler, from Germany last week, obviously in Euros... Plus the very reasonable HSBC £9 transfer fee Ouch :angry:
  11. Yep, very clever 'ooh its a MEGA FIRE SALE' tactics from the admins. Went to local store on Monday as I was in the area anyway.... Sweets; 10% off; even then still dearer than the Tesco next door (which is dearer than the Co-op in town) Games; Am I going mad - swear it said 10% off, even Wii stuff.... BUT all controllers, consoles, Wii fit etc... 'sold out' Most other tat; 20-30% off, but mostly so overpriced it wasn't worth even thinking about it. Only decent cookware were Tefal pans (the French made higher priced range, not the budget chinese jobs) but only 2 left, and some Uk made Pyrex which is often on offer at Morrisons or Tescos every few months. That thing about the guy with the suitcases is quite sad, really.
  12. Christ, the blond bit is nothing compared to the welsh wonder who spends all Daddys money on flea-bay 'designah' tat!! Homes under the hammer is a classic. Although lets be fair, as annoying as the presenters are (and I swear Martin gets very p155ed the night before filming at the el cheapo B+B - he always looks like he has a hangover) they usually also take the p155 out of the morons that pay too much**... Anyways, I'm off down the Woolworths closing down sale before my night shift... Theres a couple of totally useless items I've had my eye on for a few weeks now. Edit... ** Which would be all of them, then!
  13. The only downside is when people at work etc... drone on about how amazing Heroes / Lost / 24 / House / ER / insert-next-big-us-'drama'-with-at-least-40-1hr-episodes is and you are left out a bit! Actually we do have a TV (just the one) but only use it for occasional things we actually want to watch, kind of a no more than once every 2 days type of affair... Hits it home when you go drug/alcohol related DOAs and often in the smashed up, putrid flat, where even the cooker has been sold for a fix, sits a giant flat screen TV worth more than my car. On a cheerier note who needs the TV when you have BBC 6music anyway!?
  14. I went to one of those places once. As I attempted to leave (shock horror!) without buying anything, a knuckle dragging chav in a burtons suit literally blocked my way, bascially calling me a fool for not buying at their amazing prices and naffo finance rates. He started getting very agressive, and the kiddie (literally, about 16 1/2 and 2 weeks into the job) that had been showing me a car (but actually been genuinely quite pleasant) looked highly embarassed. I actually had to push my way out. This concept does seem to work though, and I can just imagine someone younger and/or easily frightened being nearly forced into buying... What a bunch of *****s.
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