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  1. Are there any lenders that allow you to take out a loan for the purpose of stock investing? All the lenders I've looked at have stock investing listed as a reason they won't lend.
  2. University of Sheffield may end up going down the BA route of 'dismissal and re-engagement'. They've denied it but it's actually on their own website that they are considering it as a last resort.
  3. What's the reason for looking at the futures price rather than the current spot price? Genuine question as I don't know the answer and wondered what the relevance or advantage is.
  4. I've already been to collect it. Not getting drunk on a train ever again.
  5. I dont have large amounts and most of mine are in swap line countries (by chance), but I'll bear it in mind for any future purchases.
  6. Do you only buy miners in the swap line countries, or do you not think the risk is that great at thos point, and the nationalisations will come further down the line I.e. a few years away?
  7. University of Sheffield has announced its offering a voluntary redundancy scheme, as it's projecting a loss of income of around £100 million.
  8. I wish it was possible. Won't happen in our lifetime ?
  9. It's going to be so bad, even if Corona disappeared overnight the damage is still done. House Price sentiment should be broken by the end of this year you'd think.
  10. The knock on effect will then be felt too. In Sheffield a lot of pubs, cafes, shops on Ecclesall Road rely on custom from students and to a lesser extent staff, from Hallam Uni. It's looking like at least some, if not all of the courses starting in September will be delivered mostlyonline. So those establishments on Ecclesall Road will likely see at least an 80% drop in custom from their Hallan Uni customers, if not almost 100%, lasting at least until February 2021 if not September 2021. Then theres the inevitable job cuts and probable reduction in student numbers anyway. Many of those s
  11. That is the impression I get from talking to people. I don't think they realise where we are heading, and most seem to think we really are going to 'return to normal' fairly soon. Sentiment hasn't reversed yet, it's going to take the end of furloughingvto reverse it. It's going to be a swift 180 reversal when it comes IMO.
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