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  1. Cheers. I'm with TD will contact them about it.
  2. Do you think the BoE will raise our rates in the next couple of years or so and where is the best place to hold $ in the UK?
  3. I'm praying for Trump to win and would probably pray for ANY candidate other than Clinton. He's far from perfect but like you say she's the one far more likely to lead the world into the apocalypse. The tension with Russia is mounting by the day.
  4. We're too far down the road to have an easy exit now, it's just the timing and exactly what is going to happen that are to be decided. When the majority realise that there are major problems it should really start to get interesting. Currently most people I talk to think the only real issue is Donald Trump and if Clinton gets in everything will be rosy. There is little comprehension of the potentially apocalyptic situations that are brewing in a number of places. Geert Wilders is ahead in the Netherlands too and their elections are in March.
  5. Ok cheers. There's a lot coming up in the next year or so that could send things nuts. Marine Le Pen has a good chance of winning in France I reckon and we'll see what happens with Trump in a few weeks.
  6. How low do you think we'll go in this correction and how soon could the reset happen?
  7. Down nearly 2% in USD today. Might turn out to be a good call.
  8. What is the important target number for the closing?
  9. Do you think it will bottom this year or continue to fall into next year?
  10. What's a good article/site relating to EU officials being unelected? I've seen arguments that they are unelected and this is a major part of the issue but I don't know where to start with reading up on it.
  11. Mikhailo

    Black Monday 4Th Jan 2016

    What are the best ETF's that cover these 2?
  12. Mikhailo

    Interest Rate Lift Off

    What's Martin Armstrong's track record of making predictions like? Obviously nobody 100% right but I haven't followed him that much so don't know what his past predictions have turned out like. He reckons US interest rates are going to go 'nuts' next year. http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/armstrong_economics_blog
  13. Thanks for that, I'll check it out.

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