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  1. well actually if the scientists are correct we are all descendants of african origin so we should all be able to apply for these jobs and then we can sue just because we have white skin, it happened round this way factory only wanted to employ polish people.
  2. i agree was in there on saturday queue to the door nearly only 2 cashiers working , the people in this country need to grow some balls and stick together more, everyone with a nationwide account should attempt to withdraw £10 over the counter if they are refused then they should say alright then i would like to close all my accounts NOW then see what nationwide would do about it , WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THIS KIND OF POWER WE JUST NEED TO GET ORGANISED WE NEED A WEB SITE WHERE SUCH ACTIONS COULD BE VOTED FOR AND PLANNED WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE A LEAF OUT OF OUR FRENCH COUSINS BOOK AND ACT AS ONE UNITED FRONT AND TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY
  3. what the F**K are you on about this is england and all these migrants should have a reasonable comprehension of the english language before they are allowed to come here for work purposes, and the same should be expected of us if we wanted to move to a foreign country to live and work , can you imagine what would happen in france, spain,germany etc if they were told they could only get a job if they could speak english in their own country they would be rioting on the streets and that is exactly what we should do if necessary, but first let try the peaceful method and vote with our feet and refuse to buy these products from asda and put this company out of business.
  4. right o.k they have finally realised how and why it happened, so why aren't they fixing the problem at the source instead of robbing us savers to prop up an unsustainable housing market because the s**t will hit the fan eventually and the longer they carry on doing this the worse it will be !
  5. this is my area , i have 200 assorted properties in my watch page on rightmove and a few have actually sold and completed but more have gone sstc and then reappeared after a couple months so people are offering then either they can't sell their own property or can't get the finance. so i can not see where the sales boost is coming from ? , mind you done a round of the new build sites a week ago most of them are gone but when we were there they were say taking alot of part exchanges so the builder is then left with loads of lived in properties to get rid of.
  6. what recovery ? revised growth 0.3% ?????? but what about the 5.2% drop in investment in the u.k due to the weak pound in my eyes thats still a contraction of 4.9% the problem is they only give you the good part of any story they want to spin ?????
  7. there will not be a G.E in march as it is to late , i was watching a programme on t.v (daily politics i think) and the deadline date for a G.E in march was last tuesday ?
  8. that is the problem with this country if people could just hand back the keys and walk away , then houses would be set at affordable levels as the risk then falls on the banks shoulders so they would only lend a limited amount like 3.5 times peoples incomes which use to be the norm, this is what we need a return to sensible lending, not being put in to the position of working all hours godsends for 25 years to buy a brick box where you sleep and store your stuff theres more to life then that i hope ?
  9. so if i have read this right house prices only rose 1% in 09 , so therefore houseprices fell 28% in 07/08 and only rose 1% in 09 so they are still down 27% from there highs , then why are asking prices still at 07 levels or is it just round my way that people are still in denial, surely if the asking prices were dropped by 27% where they should be then the housing market would not be in such a mess
  10. how long will it be when we see the same thing happening with currys and hmv etc , they all have duplicate shops in most cities and like you say things are cheaper in the supermarkets i can see these companies cutting back on the retail shops they have to save on rates and rents , i think they will actually close most of their shops in the future and just have collection warehouses so you buy it online and just turn up at the warehouse and collect your item or just get it delivered , then what are all the sad people who have nothing better to do on a saturday then wander round the shops going to do
  11. if you read the article properly they are not saying interest rates are going to rise to 9% , what they are doing is factoring in these rates to limit how much people can borrow against their incomes so if we can't borrow as much then house prices only have one way to go and it is not up, that is my interpretation of the article.
  12. no the real reason is all these bankers, m.p's and people in their elite ciche have not been able to get shot of their property portfolios yet as soon as they have the rates will start rising once their personnal wealth is safe and secure
  13. can you tell me why it was actually unexpected as it happens every year when all the temp workers taken on for the xmas period and sales are finally let go as the first 3 months of the year are always slow so what was so unexpected about it , just goes to prove how thick these people who are running this country are ?
  14. you could be right, mine is in fixed rate bonds at the moment rate not to bad but they come to an end soon isn't it about time we savers got together and made a mass capital withdrawal from a couple of banks causing a run on them to set an example that enough is enough and we will not wear it anymore it does not matter how much you have saved in an account, we should pick a bank and withdraw all our money on the same day we could start with hsbc on the 28th feb this would let the banks , b.o.e and the govt that we will bankrupt them and if they don't do something about it we can do the same again to another bank each month, if we do not act now and act together the govt will just keep taking the P!SS out of us
  15. people on here keep comparing the u.k with europe on v.a.t which is fine if the govt wants to up the rate to 20%, but then do we all get our council tax reduced to the same levels that they pay over there as in spain its only about 300 euros a year so that is about 400 quid a year over here , i bet the govt want it both ways high v.a.t and council tax as well , brown and his cronies just wants to bleed us dry.
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