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  1. If I had said to the wife in Feb 2008 that in 2 years we would still be renting, I reckon I would have been in for a divorce!! Now we are seriously looking again but nothing is jumping out at us, I'm as lost as ever! If Beth Robinson says we are at 2004 prices, then how come virtually everything we ever look at is still over RV. We bought in June 2005 at 115k and the RV was 110k and sold Feb 2008, we are looking at the same houses again and they are priced at 150k+!!!! I'm going to put an offer in of 120k but know it's going to be too low. I don't know what I want you guys to tell me, but just your thoughts!!
  2. 444, i think we will start to see an increase again
  3. thanks for all the time and effort VT! I need to read it a few more times to totally digest it. Hopefully for me looking to buy nov/dec/jan (for kids nursery and primary school applications) and as long as i drive a hard bargain, I might get something not too much above bottom price!!! I've been renting for over a year now and have felt very fortunate seeing my previous house fall by 100k in value!
  4. I was thinking that. The way things are, the banks are borrowing from the BOE at a low rate and have a good "mark up" at the minute. They are slowly but surely eating away at the debt, this is my understanding anyhow! If the BOE start putting up interest rates in 6 months/1 year, would the banks possibly be able to afford less of a "mark up"? ie instead of BOE base + 4 - 4.5%, could they afford BOE Base (eg4%) + 2%. This could soften the blow for the consumer and possibly people wont see too much of a difference to monthly payment. Would this in turn slow the crash even further?
  5. 4 months on from starting this thread and my feet are getting itchy again!!! All these reports on the TV and in the papers about prices levelling off and beginning to increase can make me feel a little uneasy. I put myself in a vendors position - On the market for 24 months, house down from £250,000 to £150,000 (on their TRUSTED estate agents advice!). They are sitting down to watch the news after a hard day at work (thankful they still have a job! ) and they see the Halifax and Nationwide reports about % increases in house prices. They turn to eachother and smile, "Well dear, we'll not be accepting anything less than asking price now!!" Then I see the same report and think, "but what if this is the turn?" My wife sees it and says - "We've rode our luck for long enough, lets get out there and start viewing again and buy quickly!" Are the majority of you saying that this house is seriously going to fall to £75,000 (70% down from peak). Don't get me wrong, I really hope so!! But this seems like it's going to take an age!!!!! In this example, we are looking for the vendor to half the current value - Is this really realistic???
  6. 484 please, i hope it's 484,000 but i'll play conservative!!
  7. one thing i definitely dont have is the opening bids!! sorry, didnt have a template and was just jotting down the final prices on the brochure and whether they were provisional or withdrawn etc. I'm hoping to attend Mallusk, will try harder next time!
  8. lol, it's usually just the wife that says that!! I saw a few guys at the back of the room recording the data and I was nearly going over after the auction to see if they were from this forum, glad I didnt make an @r$e of myself now!!!
  9. Guys, I went last night and tried to keep up with recording all the data, I missed a couple and not sure if I have put Provisional on all of them or not. But I thought some data was better than none!! I went down with a friend who was looking to bid on a house but it went for a lot more than guide price. In fact there was a huge turnout and some of the early stuff left the guide price sitting by 20K or so!!! I still think buying 7 apartments in Germany seems like a great deal at 7k!!! Who should I sent the info to?? I might not get the chance today. edit, ok i see who to send it to, will do it when i get a chance.
  10. the only reason that this house is RV @ 340k is solely because that would have been calculated in the last year or so as its a new development. If that was up before 2005 there is nooooooo way it would have a RV of 340k
  11. galway is a great city, went there myself for a stag party. here's the evidence....... that would have been early afternoon - 2pm at the latest!!
  12. I have to admit that the sound of a reasonably priced 4 bed house seems a pipe dream at the minute, so I can see why we are talking next year or the year after for them to fall into line. My feet arent as itchy as they were when I asked for opinions last night!!! I just hope I havent started too many arguments in asking for different viewpoints!! If I know my money is safe in the bank, then I'll leave it there for the forseeable. I had a look at that goldmoney website last night that I saw posted on another thread, but I'll leave that for another day!!!! On another thread there was a poll as to what houses would fall by before the end of this year. The only thing which we have all discussed at length is how do we really know what is 55% below peak? Property-bee certainly helps but the rest I suppose will come from knowledge of the local area.
  13. i have nothing against Winky and am happy to take on board what they say, I just dont think that the posters on here are quite as sinister as what Winky says. If Winky truly is in the same situation as I am, then they also have a vested interest in prices falling. How low?????? We can only predict.. I'd love to get an idea on what price posters on here think will be the norm when we are at, or close to, the bottom. Doccyboy, would it be possible to get a house or 2 from each big town in NI and get a general opinion on what a realistic price would be for each?
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