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  1. It shows some depth of feeling to dredge up and object to a post from 4 years ago. Are you trying to sell in the Great Park? I recently sold in central Gosforth depressingly easily - nothing at all seems to be selling in Great Park at the moment.
  2. I don't think that it does include a garage, this would surely double the 33 square meter headline size and therefore be 'included in internal floor area'. It is completely ludicrous, but probably less than half what it would cost in Cambridge. I despair.
  3. Do you mean Clousden Grange? That's right on the border of Forest Hall and Palmersville (futher East), which is substantially less nice than Foggy Hall proper. High Heaton is very nice for families, but isn't cheap due to its proximity to the Freeman and lacks a metro station.
  4. It kind of depends which bit of Forest Hall, but all of it is certainly nicer than Longbenton. At the south-east end there's the 'Studley Villas' area, which is a collection of nicer semis and a few detached houses and is mainly populated by families and elderly people. This area is quite desirable, and has the feel of a pleasant suburb. It's a good comprimise now that Benton proper is so expensive Other bits of FH, west of the shops and across in 'Meadway' aren't quite so nice, but are still a step or two up on Longbenton.
  5. Seems to be a fairly common trick now, there are no garage doors on the townhouses is in the development next to the Ministry in Longbenton, except on the ones that are visible from the main road! It's absolutely crazy.
  6. It was a BTL. I'm suspicious of the £395k 2007 sale, but then I'm suspicious of all new build sales nowadays. At the very least I suspect that figure would have included a gifted deposit. A good friend of ours knows the tenants, who have been living there since it was new, and apparently who they pay the rent to has changed three times - make of that what you will. The vendor at auction was an official receiver. They want to move out in July/August and that would suit us well; having been a renter for years I'm certainly not a fan of screwing over tenants. We've bought it to live in for at least 5 years and hopefully longer, rich1234.
  7. I spotted it. In fact, I bought it Third time lucky with auction bids for me and, although I acknowledge that this is by no means the bottom of the market, a house I like for a price I could afford. It's only really a four bed though. The fifth bedroom is pokey even for an office and the sixth 'room' is a living room. 250k was a bit more than I had expected to pay given that the guide was 180k, but I am happy that it'll be somewhere to live for many years to come. It's not perfect though - has a miniscule 'town garden' and no garage and, to the wife's annoyance, isn't a mortuary chapel Thanks to you guys for the advice through these years (I've been a lurker much longer than I've been registered, since about 2004) - but I felt I had to keep my interest in this one quiet pre-sale.
  8. As a doctor, I can say there's nothing at all wrong with a mortuary I'll confess that I've never been to Consett. Being south of the river would be inconvenient for me, and I've heard people disparaging it, but I withdraw my comment - maybe we should have gone for it after all
  9. Did anyone go to this auction? Can't see anywhere on there website where they publish results. Would be interested to see what the mortuary chapel in Consett sold for. It was pretty much my wife's dream property, except for the significant drawback that it is in Consett.
  10. I would have read it that 4.58% were in foreclosure and (5.09-4.58=0.51%) were starting the process, leaving 5.09% total not having been paid in past 3 months. I agree though, it's ambriguous.
  11. Actually, the original one did sell at auction as went to London and bid on it. I was the underbidder to a telephone bid. Looks like I had a lucky escape! Do auction prices not show up on the property price websites? Same thing has happened to the Church Avenue property I bid on. Do you know if this Andrew Craig one is the 2 or 3 story version? The 2 story with the converted lofts are actually quite a lot smaller than the 3 story, as the auction one was, and the picture on rightmove is unclear. Edit to clarify: You're correct that it didn't sell at the first auction (guide £230-£250k). It sold at a second one (guide £165k) http://www.auction.co.uk/residential/LotDetails.asp?A=602&MP=84&ID=602000366&S=G&O=D
  12. Yes, me. Think most of the fall will come when the inevitable interest rate rise comes. I'm getting less optimistic about that happening until late next year though, so maybe falls more likely in 2011.
  13. Always suspicious, IMO, when someone signs up to an account just to make a post defending a particular property.
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