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  1. I've no doubt you have and I've no doubt it happens and is probably one of the top reasons for divorce, but I cant believe every couple who go thorough financial difficulty end in divorce?? I hope I'm right Sorry veering off topic
  2. HA HA HA, its a worry isnt it....................If i didnt laugh i would cry!!
  3. Phew, that's a little bitter? You have a point, all be it a very extreme version of one in that the shifting of blame in a relationship is quite predictable, but to insinuate that divorce is a guarantee when a financial gamble goes wrong is a little blinkered.
  4. Hi Everyone, Don't post much but do read every day, I feel I have a good understanding of the economic problems this country (world) is facing and it is obvious (to me) this is a dead cat bounce (look at the FTSE 100 same thing) as mentioned before by others things very rarely go down in a straight line. Now, sentiment is a huge driver of markets as we all know, case in point my wife and I are about to STR, she came home from work yesterday and said we should buy straight away as the papers are saying the property market is on the turn!!!!!!!! We had a bit of a debate and I stupidly said I'm so sure the market is not on the turn I would bet my life on it (not a solid well thought out argument I'll give you but I was getting frustrated), so you can imagine the scene this morning at Nationwide's news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway after the news my sentiment remains the same but my wife (a very intelligent woman on a 6 figure salary) believes the market is on the turn, she also is of the opinion that if we buy and the market falls it will all come out in the wash over a 15 year period anyway???? In response to my argument of a bigger house 2 years down the line or a smaller mortgage her response was she wants to have her own garden!!!! I think sometimes people just don't care and want to get on with life and its not all about money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it must be nice, I wouldn't feel right if I didn't get a bargain of a good deal, maybe that's my problem? So I guess there are 3 groups of people, The Sheeple Those who have done due diligence (most people on this forum) and are waiting for the right time so as not to waste thousands of pounds, bigger house etc And Those who just don't care and want to get on with life Not quite sure what my argument is but sentiment is a huge driver of markets and the media is a huge driver of the sentiments of those who are not intelligent enough to do there own research (sheeple) So intelligent research and logical thought will often be skewed by the sentiment of the sheeple, but only for a while.............the crash will resume (probably when Halifax release its figures ha ha)
  5. I have been talking to a few EA in Beckenham and a couple of them have said they are having trouble getting vendors to reduce the price, Talking about stupid Vendors...... This property came on the market at £595,000 in late spring 2008 it went under offer early Autumn then SALE STC, the Vendor got annoyed with the purchaser, he felt he was taking to long to complete the sale, (all this 2 months from offer) so decided not to sell to him and put the property back on the market at £635,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm lost for words, I spoke to the EA about it and she said our hands are tied this is the price he wanted..........!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...maxPrice=650000
  6. They have re listed this property, I viewed it in September 2008 it had been on the market for a few months then.... it was still showing in RM in November after that I couldn't say. The price its showing is the price it came on the market at last summer, be interested to see what it sold for. I'm glad its sold as the vendors were both frail OAP's with serious heath problems who needed to move on.
  7. I may be wrong here as I've only every bought 2 houses, but......... Say you have a 25% deposit on a 100K house 25K cash 75K mortgage The bank only values the house at 80K so will only lend you 60K this leaves a short fall of 15K. Now would anyone in a falling market stump up the extra 15K or return to the vendor and ask for a reduction, I know what I would do. As the banks are being over cautious surely they are going to be a major driving force of the HPC, it doesnt matter if they lend you 60% or 95% if they think its only worth 80K its only worth 80K? This is more of a question than a statement
  8. Wow, thanks Herbert__goon Is East of the A23 that bad? or is it (as you say) just the train noise? Stuff that was on for £650-700k (standard 4 bed detached) is now 400-450k, I cant see much evidence of that in Rightmove (prop Bee) but I'm sure you know the right places to be looking, if this is the case then its making the area more attractive by the minute...... its hard to hold off and not jump straight into a purchase. Any tips on roads to be looking out for? We have been told that Sanderstead is the nicer area? again I have no idea, we really need to spend some time driving around the area, some of the houses look fantastic and I still cant believe the size of the gardens........ I had my eye on this http://www.shinerocks.co.uk/Property/Resid...urrey/2465.aspx but on further inspection it is in between 2 rail lines and look oversized for the other houses in the street/area. I take it we will find most of the estate agents on the high street? Thanks for your plus side/minus side, it has helped a lot, don't mind hills or chavs but my wife on the other hand will run a mile if its (as she says) a bit footballers wife's, I have not mentioned that one of the houses featured in the show is actually in the webb estate, keeping that one quiet...............
  9. We are selling up in SW london and looking to rent for a while (for 2 reasons, see where market goes - down obviously - and to give us time to explore new areas). We are looking to move out of London but want to be within 30mins of central London by train for work, its the classic tail of wife is pregnant so want to move to the burbs with easy access to London story. Doing some rightmove searching it seems that Purley has some good property for the price (webb estate looks fantastic but out of our price range - looking to spend around 650K). Is there anyone out there who knows the area? is it as chavy as I have been led to belive? thanks in advance
  10. "Set well back from the road" translates to "its on a A road"
  11. I called the EA yesterday and its under offer for £500,000, but as you say no better than a car dealer so who knows? I have seen quite a few houses go to sale over the last month, I'm very intrested to see what then went for. is it a 2 month wait for Land reg to catch up?
  12. link - http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-224...=2&tr_t=buy Post code is - SW19 1NX - can not exactly remember the number but it was 68 or 69 Not knowing wimbledon that well thanks for the advice, As far as EA lies go I was told if I offered £550,000 it was mine as 2 other offers came in at £500,000 if he was bull Sh*tting me then fine as £550,000 is still a good drop.
  13. I do find it astonishing that EA are allowing/instructing vendors to put, "offers over" and "fixed price" in today's market.....!!
  14. I Live in a 2 bed Ground floor Flat, and must say although all points are valid no 2 propertys are the same, i have no problem with heating, noise not a huge problem, did have a damp problem but sorted that out and having my own entrance and garden is fantastic in spring summer wouldnt do with out now, when all go to the park i just step out of my back door.......lovely
  15. Hi, Only posted a few times but could not let this one go. Wimbledon 5 bed house - needs referb- vacant possesion july 08 £799,000 Sept 08 £699,000 I went to look at this house with my wife, and ever since the EA has been contacting me regarding an offer (we are not in a position to move as have not sold our place yet, we need to move due to first baby) After spending far too long on this web site, fantastic as it is, i came to the conclusion armed with all your advice £500,000 would be all I would offer if we were in a position to do so, I didnt think for one minute they would accept as the house 2 doors down sold for £900K last sept not needing referb. Anyway EA called me last week to say vendor would acept £550,000!! told him I would look at my position and call him back. Called him back to tell him nothing I could do and was there any other offers in on the property, yes hes said 2 offers at £500,000 he said the vendor was going to accept one........ So thats almost 40% off asking
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