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  1. Must be a local management issue. Where I live the reverse is true. The Aldi being impeccable and the Lidl being more like a cash n carry and 'messy'. We have done our last 2 months family shopping at this new Aldi and are saving about 25% on the grocery bill.
  2. Went to buy a washing up bowl at Homebase this morning. They were all £5 each. They didn't have the colour we wanted, so decided to pop in to the recently expanded Tesco's in Warwick to see what they had. EXACTLY the same bowl for £2. Britain - soon to be a supermarket!
  3. Yep. Talking about dips. We stopped buying there when we noticed their humous started to get watery. Obviously ingredient rationing and replacing with water. Giving Waitrose a try this weekend to see if its all its cracked up to be.
  4. Butterflies tinkle in my stomach. We’ll be told to open and begin the test soon. I’m in a large hall. And it’s summer 1977 and I’ve already sat and completed my CSEs and O-Levels two months prior. No, this is not an exam retake. I am trying to get an apprenticeship with a large engineering company in Brum, in competition with about a further 100 or so snotty-nosed 16-yr olds. So what’s up – weren’t my reasonable school results good enough? Apparently not. So here I am, trying to convince them that I possess the appropriate ‘aptitude’. I made the cut and got into the 40 that were selected tha
  5. I'll vouch for that. Spent a few days there earler this year in the north and it hammered down monsoon-style complete with lightning bolts etc. Not fun with the driver tooling along the autostrada at 80mph whilst checking emails on his blackberry.
  6. I impress my friends by putting (Sent from my iPhone 6 beta) as my sig. Regards, Peggy (Sent from my iPhone 6 beta)
  7. Used to live in Great Barr as a kid. The hospital site mentioned where Bovis are selling homes used to be St Margaret's - a mental hospital/institution. Ironic, as anyone willing to pay £260k to live in such a dump - dissected by the M6 - must be certifiable.
  8. Great - Frank Skinner next week! QT gets laugh-out-load funnier.
  9. Is it just my telly or is the Lab MP a bit orange? Probably to cover up his blushes.
  10. I notice the seller said he will earn £6k a year net interest and claimed to be able to live off this - plus the money he won't lose by selling a depreciating asset now. That estate in Hatton was built on the site of a former mental hospital/institute. Looks like at least one nutter still lives there.
  11. We received a employer newsletter pack from HMRC. At the back it announced the IR increase for beneficial loans provided to staff. It's quite a jump from the current setting - according to the HMRC website these are the rates for previous tax years: 1996-97 6.93% 1997-98 7.08% 1998-99 7.16% 1999-00 6.25% 2000-01 6.25% 2001-02 5.94% 2002-03 5.00% 2003-04 5.00% 2004-05 5.00% 2005-06 5.00%
  12. Spotted this whilst searching for a job lot of lino on eBay... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=012
  13. I don't think this is an urban myth... 1. Neighbour of a relative advertises the family car in the local paper for circa £8k. 2. Two guys of Eastern appearance turn up to view. Like car. Agree to buy. 3. Next day they turn up with a cheque for £8k. Cheque is from the DHS. 4. Vendor is suspicious. Will not release car until it checks out. 5. Two gents leave, leaving cheque. Vendor phones DHS to check all is OK. "Oh yes, Sir. This is quite genuine and normal. The assistance is so that they have transport to look for work..." 6. Vendor is taken aback but banks cheque. 7. Once cheque is cl
  14. Good idea. I had a so-called "Pension Plan" I/O mortgage from the A+L once on this basis (1980's). There were few lenders at the time that would entertain the notion - it seemed to be frowned upon. Nowadays will self-cert and looser controls it should be straightforward. If you put the money in an e-sipp you can retain total control.
  15. Was in a premier car dealership today. Had a browse around the showroom whilst waiting for my car to complete its service. Got talking to a salesman and spotted a printed email on his desk. It was from an EA (a medium size chain in the Midlands as I could see the email address) - it was asking for a "final discount" on a new car - I'll paraphrase "if you can throw in such-and-such extra can we settle on the £41k as discussed". WTF?
  16. He may not be so stupid. Whilst off work late last year, I was watching a BBC morning program about buying houses at auction. Can't remember the name. Had this chap that bought a wreck on one of those run down "Coronation street"-style houses up north. You know the type, most of the houses boarded up, etc. Turns out it was due to be demolished. The program did not tell you this until after he bought it - no doubt for dramatic effect! I thought he was mental for not doing his homework. He proceeded to sell it under a compulsory purchase order and make a tidy profit. Can't remember exact fig
  17. Reminds me of an old joke: Guy walking down the street. He sees an old school friend driving past in a new Merc. The Merc pulls over to buy a newspaper. Guy runs up to his old school pal and says: " Hey Joe, I'm John from your class at school. Is that your car?" " Sure is John" " But how come? You were always bottom of the class. In everything." " Hey, I'm as suprised as you. I run a small import business. I bring in goods from overseas, DOUBLE the price and sell on. And, you know what? That steady TEN-percent markup keeps me in a lifestyle I've become accustomed to."
  18. In my job, I have to deal with a few of the major mortgage lenders administration teams (selling systems that support their backend processing systems). I can confirm that they are ALL belt-tightening, ALL expenditure is being honed and has to be justified. Various mutterings of job cuts, salary cuts, job freezes, recycling tea-bags, and so on. The are all living off churn business. It can't go on.
  19. Could be something in it. The 'security' number on the signature strip on my CC is 666!
  20. It must be a trend. Been to IKEA a couple of times lately at weekends. Usually a zoo - but low traffic and managed to get checked out in less than 5 minutes.
  21. Can a bright spark work out how they got these numbers based on the £75k? I've tried but am having a bad maths day and am a few thousand out on the listed numbers!
  22. Good. My extension is being done in their bricks...
  23. This is nothing new. Check your local postcode on www.voa.gov.uk and you will see the CT band the properties fall into. The ones that have been improved often have a symbol next to them (an exclamation mark or question mark in a circle). This indicates that at the next "significant event" the property will be reevaluated. For example, when the property changes ownership. I guess the current reevaluation underway counts as a significant event so a lot of folk will be paying more in due course. Would have happened anyway regardless of government of the day. Typical Daily Mail scaremongering
  24. FACTORY GATE PRICES DROP Got to go out tomorrow and buy some while they're going cheap
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