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  1. Well, it's the only way, until a vaccine shows up. AIDS should have been the easiest virus for humans to beat, abstain from s*x and drug injections and loads of testing. But we haven't have we. Forget your 0 fantasy by lockdown measure, not going to happen. Walked past a pub on Saturday night, beer garden packed, no social distancing, socially distanced people inside. Lots of noise from outside the Spoons down the road.
  2. Yes. Paid about £180 for a discontinued model. Best to run it in one room/area at a time when you go out. Saves a lot of hoovering, but still need to do it manually once/twice a month for the parts the robot can't reach.
  3. North midlands houses are flying off the EA shelves quicker than you can say "houses are flying off the EA shelves". Trying to fool myself that it's to do with school catchment areas, but I don't really believe it. 23 years of non-stop HPI, people are now brainwashed. 9 million on furlough or lost their job and the madness continues. Too late, it won't end.
  4. +1 I remember one of the press conferences late March/early April where the press were banging on about ventilators (remember them?) and the response was "we have 8,000 and we (want/are getting) 8,000 more" but said in such a way as to show they weren't really bothered. A few days later I saw a report saying only 1655 people were in ICU for CV. They knew all along.
  5. I "got it" as soon as they announced the lockdown. Economic suicide to "save the NHS", twaddle then, twaddle now.
  6. The people who were furloughed where I work weren't the ones I was expecting. The boss recently sent around an email on the subject neither negative nor positive - basically saying he has no idea what's going to happen. I suppose it's the same for millions of us.
  7. Corbyn won the argument, now we will find out the cost. Who knows, this could save Labour and get Sir Keir in as PM!!!!
  8. Actually, they did limit access for illegal immigrants, but that was PP and when they were thrown out PSOE reinstated the access.
  9. It's a price you have to suffer being in the EU. Stansted is packed with EUers coming back and forth. Freedom of movement and all that. So you don't support that ideal then?
  10. Very nice to travel to Europe for £50, but you can do it cheaper on Ryanair. What's your problem, can't afford to do it? Tough s**t moron.
  11. You forgot all those who didn't vote, they're automatically die hard Rejoiners don't you know?
  12. No, no, don't mention that, how's that fit in with all the worker's right the EU gives out...???
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