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  1. FORD - Hey Remoaners, read this https://www.elnacional.cat/es/pais-valencia/gobierno-valenciano-talonario-blindar-almussafes-ford-europa-crisis_333174_102.html Oh dear, doesn't fit into your project fear BS does it....
  2. Why don't the Spanish ask for Perpignan back, which they gave to the French under the treaty of the Pyrennes in 1659?? Saying that the Catalan nationalists do want it back, or at least refer to area as north catalonia - go there an you'll still see street names in catalan.
  3. More pure anti-Brexit drivel from the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06zlhyx Until last year unless you'd paid into the system you weren't entitled to public health care in Spain. He'll have pretty much the same rights after Brexit, as witnessed by the countless Chinese, South Americans, Russians etc etc living and working there.
  4. Someone earlier in thread wanted to join the Euro because it would keep house prices down. Sorry, just another remoaner delusion - typical of not knowing what they're talking about. Plenty of Euro 1 million+ FLATS in Valencia, Spain - which is obviously cheaper than Madrid or Barcelona . Sure, there're cheap flats in Spain, but they're either complete wrecks without lifts or in the equivalent of a sink estate (or both).
  5. Yawn, remainers are so.... boring. Plenty of evidence the EU doesn't really work for every country, just that the remainers refuse to see it.
  6. Surely all part of the "benefits" of being in the EU, you should be grateful! All to allow you 2 weeks free mobile phone roaming in the EU (after 2 weeks you pay, but just don't tell the kids) Imagine not being a member and not having those "benefits", how awful it would be! Remoaners ignore one group of people who really will benefit from Brexit. No, they're not rich, well maybe some are but most aren't, most are probably still just kids. I'll let the remoaners think about who I mean.
  7. well, I have other things to do than answer your questions. Anyway 1) We're in the EU already and asset stripping is going on. How exactly will remaining in the EU change that? You don't think that goes on everywhere in the EU? 2) I'd rather have 650 idiotic MPs that the country as a whole can change rather than 650 idiotic MPs + 750 idiotic MEPs (of which we can change only 70 or so) + idiotic unelected officials who actually make the rules. Which is more democratic for the UK do you think? 3) Have you lived elsewhere in the EU? I have, and don't see that the country has had much benefit from the EU, except new roads and parks. Unemployment is sky high, jobs regularly have 1000+ applicants, even part-time basic production line work, poverty far worse than the UK and openly visible, rich estates of detached houses with many derelict properties. Office hours are often 8.30am-6.30pm and pay E1000-1200 a month (makes a mockery of your pay rise graph), want to work those? Actually you won't and never will, you just won't be able get the job, better teach English then like the other Brits, or buy a bar. 4) I plan to move to EU after Brexit is done. It'll be easier for me than it is now 🙂
  8. Run down for 40 years, about the same time we've been in the EU and it's predecessors.
  9. Leaving the EU is a political decision, not an economic one. Perhaps remoaners should learn the difference.
  10. I don't agree. They turned a problem that people thought they could do nothing about, so they ignored it to pretend it wasn't a problem, into a problem they suddenly could do something about, so no need to pretend it isn't a problem any more. I see exactly this behaviour where I live concerning various issues - to face up to them is to admit you have a problem but no way to fix it - hard to cope with mentally.
  11. Only from the losers. Although I'd have one for no-deal or May's surrender plan.
  12. Due to the £ dropping against the Euro apparently. So, it's up to the EU to quickly restore confidence, or more will suffer in EU land.
  13. As it's already affecting parts of Spain, car exports from Valencia to the UK are down significantly, then it's up to the moronic EU to decide if it wants to continue to punish people to uphold its single market (which doesn't really exist if you go looking for it) etc, or behave sensibly for everyone's interest.
  14. Blectchley/Fenny Stratford (near Milton Keynes), down 50k, rented out, "BEING SOLD BY A MOTIVATED VENDOR" https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-54545598.html
  15. Not sure anymore, used to think that the game was being played against the leavers... but Vince Cable and Tim Farron missed the vote to keep us in the CU. Why? Then looking back, the votes had always gone with the leavers, and the remainers are left clutching at a 2nd referendum. Personally, I think they wanted always WTO, but needed to diffuse remain anger, hence the constant appearance of failing and being just about to pack it all in.

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