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  1. Just been to 2 EUerLand supermarkets to buy milk, oh dear, thought this only happened in Bl*w J*b Boris's Busted Brexit Britain, or so the Deluded Remoaniacs would want us to think!!! :)
  2. And so what? IT companies "sack" this number in one go and not a word from any MP. I doubt they were "sacked". If you take voluntary redundancy you can't claim benefits. This happened at a place where I worked. The company said that the letter for the DSS would state "Redundancy" not "Voluntary Redundancy". Why mess things up for the employee? The "consultation" process would just be a sham anyway, with only toilet cleaners jobs on offer, then they're rejected for not having experience or whatever.
  3. Spanish TV news reporting on this. https://www.lasexta.com/noticias/internacional/falta-gas-guerra-ucrania-podria-provocar-crisis-alimentaria-global_2022032062372941447ec1000172bea5.html
  4. Cloud cuckoo land.... really is. House prices can be lower, but in "in demand areas" they're no different to the UK, even in bankrupt Spain. Out in the sticks, miles from anywhere they can be cheap, or very cheap, but where are you going to work? Or have a long, long commute. Watch those "Brits in the Sun" programmes, they always end up in the middle of nowhere, cos it's cheap, and they're obviously bored and trying hard to hide it or work harder than ever to avoid it. Freedom of movement is self explanatory - indeed it is, and is what drives the above. Petrol getting to E1.80+ a litre for 95 in Spain. Price caps? Dream on. Good luck with that long commute. EU uses Russian gas, if Putin turns off the supply prepare for a major crisis. Red tape - no different than when we were in the EU, not much has changed. EU country corruption is at the low level of society, nepotism, cronyism etc will hurt or help your job chances like you'll never see in the UK. "Black Money"? Just a normal every day thing. And don't believe EU country politicians are Snow White (up the nose maybe).
  5. To be replaced with Starbucks and other franchise carp. Greedy ****ers.
  6. Got rid of the EU, hopefully this will get rid of the Russians (but probably won't). The Arabs buy too many weapons to be got rid of, so sadly that's a no.
  7. Are the Taliban worried the Russians will invade Afghanistan again?? https://en.newizv.ru/news/world/25-02-2022/the-taliban-called-on-moscow-and-kiev-for-peace
  8. Inflation is everywhere, my EUerLand cornflakes have gone up from 1 euro a packet at Christmas to 1.05 now, 5% in less than 2 months. Yep, I blame Brexit too, not.
  9. You assume they want to control inflation. They clearly don't. Tiny token IR rises so far. IR will get to 1% in 2 months, when they should already be at 5% minimum. They make up excuses, ask workers to do their job for them (no pay rises for the "Little People" please while the MPs party on) - try that in a "Little People" job, you'd be sacked ASAP.
  10. Spanish EAs do that a lot. In the pre-internet days EAs would fudge the location by using the word "Borders" when a house was just the wrong side of a border, or use the postcode area when it included good and bad areas to associate a house in a bad area with the good area.
  11. It was about 60p a pint mid 80's. I remember paying £1.20 in the City of London late 80's, which was 10p more than where I lived. Leave the SE and the price dropped more. However, many pubs by then were run down and the early 90's saw a big investment in pubs. Beer prices are always a problem for drinkers, hence the rise of 'Spoons. As for the original topic, not much, they don't seem to want to.
  12. 2.5 years to go. Must nearly flooded by now? LOL
  13. Out of the UK at the moment, getting blocked by Rightmove. Anyone else seeing this? The page you are attempting to access is unable to be served. Why has this happened? Our security systems have detected unusual patterns of behaviour relating to the processing of this request. This could be because some element of the request submitted by your browser has activated one of the filters we use to protect Rightmove from malicious requests (i.e. attempts to 'hack' the site). Alternatively it could be because your IP address is sending an unusually high amount of requests to Rightmove; this could either be from your browser or from other browsers that share the same internet proxy (this kind of setup is common in office environments).
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