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  1. Just been past the Lloyds estate agents in Canford Cliffs, and Thunderbird is in the window -- a snip at £3.25m! Curiously, the picture in the window isn't a photo, but a computer graphic, presumably from when the house was first on the market, before it was built. Thunderbird is listed under Property for Sale on the Seven Developments website, which suggests that it was never sold. BE
  2. I went past Thunderbird yesterday and, guess what? Oh, the suspense! OK, here it is: Thunderbird is still empty, three years (at least) after completion. It has bins now (perhaps a legacy from the short period someone spent living in it last year), and no sold boards, but as far as I can tell, no-one is living there. It's looking a bit weather-beaten now -- the roof, which isn't copper but I think was supposed to look like weathered copper (verdigris), now has dirty streaks down it. By the way, I think I might have been wrong when I said in one of my earlier posts that you can see into the bathroom from the road -- it's a bedroom, not a bathroom. So that's OK then! BE
  3. Thanks, debtmonkey -- that's very interesting! One of their developments is on Alumhurst Road in Westbourne (large block of flats, as you say) -- I will give it a closer look next time I am passing. I was walking along Banks Road yesterday (the neck of Sandbanks peninsula) and saw a sign advertising a double plot for sale, with planning permission and party wall consent for a huge house (indoor swimming pool, self-contained flat, etc). It looks like the developer has got quite a long way with the project and then got cold feet or run out of funds (doesn't say who the developer is on the board, of course!). I don't remember seeing anything like that before on Sandbanks ('the fourth most expensive real estate it the world' -- or so the local agents and developers like to say), and it made me think that local developers are in for a hard time. People like to say that somewhere like Sandbanks won't fall whatever happens to the market, but it did last time, and it obviously will again this time. BE
  4. Latest on Thunderbird is that the developer's son (or whoever it was) has moved out and Thunderbird is shut up again. I suppose if the developer only (!) paid £810,000 for the land, he thinks it's worth holding on for a multi-million pound sale, but I just can't see it happening. The house has been hanging around unsold, in a very high-profile way, for too long. It's also too unusual for the area it's in, which is very conservative. BE
  5. Thunderbird is now occupied. But it doesn't seem to have been sold. The local rumour is that the developer's son has moved in. BE
  6. Just to go back to the initial post for a moment and the comments from local residents, I would take issue with the statement 'It was a lovely house' -- it was both huge and really ugly! It always looked empty when I walked past, so it was probably doomed. On a wider note, yesterday's Land Registry figures for Poole and Bournemouth show YOY increases of a little over RPI, so there's no current boom in progress. This is borne out by walking around and looking at the For Sale signs, which remain static for years outside the same properties (especially on Sandbanks -- fourth most expensive real estate in the world, yawn). BE
  7. Good spot -- thanks, Zeitgeist! Will be interesting to see if they manage to shift it this summer. The developer has a few new projects on the go, and can't be very happy not to have sold such a high-profile house. BE
  8. The bulls are welcome to express their views as far as I'm concerned. I have to admit, though, that I have wondered recently why they are bothering to post on a housepricecrash website. I have noticed a fair number of the bulls are new members (many 2007) who, when pressed, admit to having bought recently but say they are sure that the market will not crash. I think they must be nervous that they have made a horrible mistake and are desperate to convince themselves that they've done the right thing, and trying to do this by trying to squash bearish comments and discussions by posting the same thing over and over again (market won't crash, it's different this time, low interest rates, high demand, etc etc) on a number of different threads, often all at the same time. Let's face it, there has been a lot more negative sentiment since the interest rate rise in January, which would be pretty uncomfortable for anyone who had just bought -- particularly if they had held out for a few years before buying. But if they were really as sure as they say, they wouldn't be posting on this website. BE [Edited to correct typo.]
  9. This bizarre item is from the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter for Sandbanks: 'There were 2 serious crimes in Sandbanks. In one a woman was bound and gagged by 2 men who hacked off her hair and stole her handbag. The Police think this was a "reprisal" attack. The crime happened just 3 days after another woman was tied up and robbed of £500,000 in cash and jewellery by a gunman. These are very unusual crimes, and we await Police results.' To put this in context, the other crimes in the newsletter are thefts of a handbag left unattended in a supermarket shopping trolley, elderly people being targeted by conmen, and thefts from garages and sheds. Maybe this is a reflection of the sort of people attracted to buy property in 'the fourth most expensive real estate in the world' or whatever it is that the local agents and the media like to say about it? BE
  10. I wouldn't be so sure that the government will bail out financial institutions that get into trouble -- remember BCCI? BE
  11. You'll get back most of your money up to about £35,000 if it's invested with a UK bank or building society (it's protected by a government scheme which I think is now called the Financial Services Compensation Scheme). I think Ing and Icesave (and presumably other institutions with their primary regulator abroad) are more complicated -- the level of protection is the same, but you have to claim on the Dutch or Icelandic protection scheme for the first 20,00 euros (no idea how making a claim would work in practice) and then claim in the UK for any shortfall. BE
  12. Another potential source of strain for amateur BTLers: HM Revenue and Customs on Moneybox on R4 just now saying they are targeting Ebay sellers and landlords -- two new breeds of self-employed who are not paying tax on income. They are using web-crawling software to pick up data from the internet and cross-reference it to databases, and will be coming after anyone who hasn't been paying their income tax. Could be interesting. How many amateur BTLers are likely to be paying income tax on profits? BE
  13. Substitution of preferences -- people who might otherwise buy a 3-bed house but only need one or two beds will buy a 2-bed flat instead if the price falls. In time, the price of the 3-bed houses comes down because of the drop in demand. As the price differential increases, more people become willing to accept a substitute (2-bed flat rather than 3-bed house). That's how I've always understood it, anyway, though I've always disagreed with people who say that football fans will go to opera if they can no longer afford football but can afford opera ... BE
  14. I can barely type I'm so astonished, but Barratt are planning to ask almost £1m for flats in Boscombe! Yes, that's right, Boscombe! http://www.barratthomes.co.uk/site.cfm?intDevID=447 There was an article in Sunday's Observer about this -- it says that 2 bed 2 bath flats with no sea view will be £389,000 and that a similar flat with sea views and a study will be £950,000! http://money.guardian.co.uk/property/story...2005402,00.html Gleeson still haven't sold all 28 of the flats they completed near Sandbanks in 2005 ('Mirage'), so I'd say that gives an indication of Barratt's chances of selling 169 expensive flats in Boscombe ('Honeycombe Beach'). It's notable that these developments are by out-of-town developers, who just don't seem understand the areas they are building in. Oh, and the agent talking up the Barratt flats is the same agent who has failed to shift all the Gleeson flats. BE
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