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  1. Absolutely! This is where a huge problem arises. Yes I will pay to have my bins taken away and such like neccesities but I should be able to decide or not what cultural or such like things I support financially. It disgusts me how much of my income they are allowed to spend on such things.
  2. 2.6% is no good to me, I can make more than that gambling (although it would be harder work and more stressfull) Thanks for the pointer though.
  3. Im getting .50% interest on my ISA .... thats where and whilst it sits there they are devalueing it daily "printy printy" So I might as well buy something.... Are we at the start of daddy bears "rush for assets" phase?
  4. Can thelp thinking whatever happens now will be the last leg down... however hard it falls from here.
  5. Oh dear, the question is how low will it retrace to? This will be the last leg down.
  6. This post was up one day before the rally started..... buying in day http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=107197 This topic was started one day before the rally ended.....selling day But whatever.
  7. Last time I checked my initials they werent JC, what do you want a post on the exact high point? FFS!
  8. I think it is the start of a bull rally .... so it isnt EVERYONE here!!
  9. That would be me then I do like mushrooms .. organic only mind.
  10. Agreed. Some people are going to feel the pain on this one. Especially those who have got back in again recently after probably agonising whether or not to go back in. Stop Stop youre messing with my mind.
  11. This rally is coming to an end. Now "black" day predictions can start up again in earnest, one isnt far away I feel. Now you can all party like its 1999!
  12. I have exited the market today and am a bear agian.
  13. SNOUT not feet I think you will find. I cant wait till the canvassers come round at election time. Im going to give to them both barrels
  14. I am sick of the lot of them. I tell everybody hate is a strong word, dont use it, say dislike not hate I tell them. I hate MP's, the lot of them. I dont want to hear either there not all bad because the good ones should come out and crucify actions such as this.
  15. The thing is I have only ever owned tulip since the start of this thread.
  16. Feels to me the bears are hoping to re-take control this week, I wonder at the end of the week if they may concede a touch more ground to the fact this could be a bull market.
  17. Pity government cant buy it for a £1 and recapitalise it and then give it away to the workers and management. They have recapitalised the banks. Giving the company away would turn it into a workers cooperative, if it couldnt work then well that would be the last chance.
  18. Firstly I should be clear I believe that Schiff / Ron Paul are right in thier analysis. I do think thier medicine would be too extreme. Would America survive hard times like they prescribe? I dont think so, you could see rioting and a right awful mess going on. I saw a video of Schiff urging some wealthy Arabs to buy gold and he said they could topple the Dollar as the worlds reserve currency which would obviously hurt America. I would not do anything to hurt my country and saying this to the Arabs he was presenting to took things to a whole new level for me. It seemed like he is working to aid the collapse of the dollar. I am not saying he doesnt know what he is talking about! far from it he IS on the money but I am just wondering how I would feel if he was British and he was going round telling investors in GB plc to pull out, I dont think I would like that at all. Thats all im saying.
  19. Whilst Schiff may be right he is beginning to sound like a stuck record and he certainly has a vested interest in banging on about the collapse of the dollar. His predictions may turn out to be true and a lot of what he says cant really be argued with. I am not sure if he is a patriotic american or bordering on a traitor, I cant decide on that one.
  20. Most intelligent people would realise 99% of the problem were caused by 1% of the people in the industry, there in lies the problem. If I were you there would be zero chance of me quiting IF I was blameless. Anyway I wish you good luck.
  21. Depends where you place youre ruler doesnt it. If I held gold I would be selling now at least for a while. Previous low broken. Oh dear.
  22. DENIAL .... refusal to acknowledge an unacceptable truth or emotion
  23. Wouldnt the smart money do 11 now? Stupid question really, i know the answer and it is yes.
  24. Absolutely. Why put more distrust back into the system, changing it may do more harm than good in terms of the problem they are trying to fix (unless it really is that shocking!!)
  25. The stock market has bottomed and so house prices are virtually there (but this is a shame personally I hoped they kept falling, not for personal gain but for all the young people out there)
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