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  1. Either way it is not as black and white as you paint, some on the dole DO and some on the dole DONT that is the truth of the situation. The facts are the more irresponsible youve been the more you get. This is where the problem is the system rewards laziness and irresponsibility. I know people who work for little more than they would get on benefits and these people dont do as drossy jobs as you might imagine, obviously to thier credit they choose to work but plenty wouldnt. This is where the whole problem is the more irresponsible youve been the more help you get. The responsible people are paying for the irresponsible. The hard working majority are paying for the lazy minority and the rich minority when will they wake up and see.
  2. Seriously are you trying to say the unions cooperated with BL management? .....eventually persuaded? if so it was only when it was way too late to recover! Why are or were unions so thick as not to realise the premium to be paid for the questionable benefit of "local" labour can only ever be small.
  3. We need to decide what sort of society we want to live in as thier are a whole host of retailers in Game's position. Internet and large retailers (Tesco etc) are without doubt cheaper but it is at a huge social cost at some point the social cost must be taken into account. Next one.... HMV?
  4. If youre young couple with a small deposit you can either live with youre parents OR buy a moderate house you can barely afford. Do you want those people to lose thier deposits via a repossession, they have been given little choice and it's a little unfair to call them either feckless or greedy. What needs to happen is that real greed is targeted!
  5. Its the public sector that will be the new battleground, either the people will rise up OR the government will start to tackle it and the public sector will be the modern day NUM. It is sickening the amount of money they suck out of the pockets of ordinary working class people. We need a rebalancing exercise, it is ridiculous that GP's are getting close to the PM's salary. Who is goping to step up like Maggie once did and SMASH the public sector?
  6. In 1984 she smashed the unions, who have suceeded in losing the complete coal industry and car production industry through thier failure to modernise. In 1985 she introduced the big bang which for years made this country very wealthy, it was over twenty years later things went pear shaped, that is too much time past to lay the blame at her door.
  7. OR less.... I will give you two hundred rolls for youre house.... ha ha ha
  8. Oh come on... of course they have access to ALL the money (paper stuff they want) but they dont have access to all the value of it which is the point. Printy printy means money is worth less but lets not have a big debate on that... lets just leave it as Maggie had it right
  9. One of the great debates of our time is about how much of your money should be spent by the State and how much you should keep to spend on your family. Let us never forget this fundamental truth: the State has no source of money other than money which people earn themselves. If the State wishes to spend more it can do so only by borrowing your savings or by taxing you more. It is no good thinking that someone else will pay—that "someone else" is you. There is no such thing as public money; there is only taxpayers' money. Prosperity will not come by inventing more and more lavish public expenditure programmes. You do not grow richer by ordering another cheque-book from the Bank. No nation ever grew more prosperous by taxing its citizens beyond their capacity to pay. Mr. President, let me tell you how you really terminate the health service. You do it by pretending there are no hard choices. You do it by behaving as though Britain has a bottomless purse. You do it be promising what you cannot deliver, by assuming that all you need to do is to snap your fingers, cry "abracadabra" and to and behold, the sky's the limit. But the sky is not the limit, for this or any other Government, or indeed for any other country, and to imply that it is or ever can be is sheer humbug and a fraud on the people. Our opponents would spend, spend and spend before they had even filled in the coupon, let alone win the pools. The great surges of progress and prosperity in this country did not come directly from Government action. They were not based on national plans. They came from free men, working in a free society, where they could deploy their talents to their best advantage for themselves, for their countries and for the future. Margeret Thatcher 14 Oct 1983.
  10. A high percentage of people still in a job will not understand what the problem is, to them Gordon has put us on a path to growth again all be it a false one. Those people working 9 - 5 will just want to come home and watch telly or do whatever hobby they have, to them it is problem what problem?
  11. If only they chose with their few morals, it is because they do not understand, not that they have few morals!If they understood they would see through the facade and realise the short term gain will lead to long term pain.
  12. Gordy is just buying votes but the population isnt bright or interested enough to see it. Dear Dear.
  13. Still doesnt make him / her worth it does it? Too many people STEALING from you and I is the problem ... from the FAT CATS to the BENEFIT CHEATS
  14. It's not rocket science! Give people an incentive and if they dont take it then F***K em.
  15. Lol... we just arent competitive or flexible enough. How will they get people to accept a 50% pay cut? UK PLC has been fecked for ages. The unions pre Maggie started the rot. We will only get competitive when were forced to and it will be a heck of a slog then. People have had it too easy too long. I include myself in that BTW.
  16. Stop betting on FOREX, start shorting retailers like M&S French Connection and that ilk. Sheesh YELL have just announced a refinancing to give thier banking covenants headroon... what the does that tell you... lol.
  17. Its about time we had real change and we sure as hell wont get it with the Torys, too many stupid people in this country that just dont get it. We will get what we deserve.
  18. Its the middle class that gets screwed by both the rich and the poor.
  19. I wish Vince would go on a multiple house ownership raid..... Something like that card in monoply ...... "You have been assed on your multiple house ownership and owe x pounds" We need a greed tax IMHO
  20. Oh dear .... how long has this been going on then? We should stop that right now then shouldnt we or at least until after the election....
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