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  1. I trust him more than Brown and Mandleson and its a good job he got in rather than the warmonger Bliar. Well Bloo... Sometimes youve got to hit rock bottom before change can occur....and we aint there yet, his vision isnt complete.
  2. Well for what its worth I certainly now can see him getting in again. The problem is most people form thier opinions from soundbites and 5 minutes on the news. If youre working 9 - 5, still in employement, then wheres the problem? those people will not see the real issues as they have no real interest. 2/3 rds of the country shouldnt get the vote! Have to agree with edge im afraid, what we need is a new Churchill, this bs democracy doesnt work as for the last 30 years for the most part it has adopted short term policies... to get elected by short term superficial people!
  3. What was once unbelievable is now looking distinctly posssible. From the turn of the year he and his team have made the best of the campaign and are seemingly turning things round. Todays news is case in point... freezing highly paid public sector workers salaries.... no real hardship to them but gives the impression of real action (to the sheeple) and simultainiuosly avoiding action now by the rank and file public sector workers... I cant stand the bloke and all of his team but theyre making a fight of it. It's a pity they couldnt make a better go of the country...
  4. Spot on. Way too much greed in society, this is just one example of it. People talk and discuss this issue, that issue but seem to ignore the core problems.
  5. I would suggest it would be better to agree on the problems to be solved before offering any solutions.
  6. A quick question, im aware of who owes vast sums of money but to whom is it all owed too? Someone must have some hefty bad debt provisions!
  7. Take all the money off them and pay it off the national debt the idiots will only waste it on pet projects or feathering thier own nests.
  8. Mayors (Expensive ribbon cutters) Halve the number of councillors. Advertising budget ....I need to sort out my pension "I'd go direct Gov" BECAUSE THATS REALLY GOING TO SORT IT ISNT IT. Child Benefit 3rd or more child. Child trust fund Half the budgets for drug and prisoner rehab (Divert to more prisons) feck em.
  9. I hope he doesnt have an "intervention team" as it will cost us all a lot more money and it wont work. I suspect he has.
  10. Youve got to laugh at the pay differntial between Alan Johnson and Jonathon Ross, what sort of country do we really live in? unbelievable!
  11. Why do we have Grammar and Secondary Modern schools? Why cant we just have schools. So much B/S in this world.
  12. I think that accounts for 4%? maybe that figure is just the deficit part but anyway it highlights what leaches they really are why should the public fund thier pension deficits? The public sector needs to start having the same pressure put on it as the private sector faces.If that happens my how they will play up ... just like the NUM did in the 80's... There just sucking money from the working man. (Bit of a generalisation as some must work very hard but so many dont)
  13. All you can do is appeal and hope. I would suggest you start sowing some seeds in youre childs head. Explain the system to her if she doesnt already understand, explain what youre trying to do. Explain that there is a chance that the appeal may fail so she may need to think about a contingency plan (aka private or other school choice).
  14. If the system was a system of choice I would obviously want the best choice for my son but it wouldnt mean I would agree with the system at a higher level or wish to change it. My son went through the system btw.
  15. Kids should go to the nearest school and stop all this wastefull b/s choice / appeals process. Why would her legs get broke? she'd have the choice to learn or not still? to work hard or not still? You could get involved with the school more? You couldve moved? You could go private...
  16. Its about time real information came out about council spending like the MP's expenses. What a can of worms that would open up!
  17. Remove ALL benefits? What about the wife of an MS suffer (careing for her husband at home) who both now cannot work? do we put them out on the street? etc etc. What sort of a country do you want to live in? Better to target the 30% motabilty claimers who are cheating the system rather than penalising the disabled with genuine needs. There for the grace and all that... Quite simply the whole benefit system needs reforming so that you are far better off working than not with those that are socially irresponsible made to pay for thier actions rather than to be paid by this government for thier actions. This is why Labour doesnt work, they try to make everything alright even for the socially irresponsible and the country is not rich enough to support this policy. The socially irresponsible should get enough benefits to exist rather than live. If you put youre hand in the fire it gets burnt and you learn not to do it again. No burn no learn.
  18. For the life of me I cant understand why we cant have balance in this country. Give benefit means tested for the first child or maybe two but after that nope if you cant afford them dont have them. When will this government realise they cannot make everything alright...
  19. This is the question.... sky high interest rates because Mr Brown is a bad risk prices go down to affordability OR Mr Brown does lots more "printy printy" and prices rise due to toilet paper money! It will be printy printy till the market calls a halt and then there will be an almighty crash.
  20. In my area councillors get 1.6 million ish in housing benefit paid to tham. People dont think things through for the most part and they dont see the endemic lawful corruption.
  21. Shouldnt we live in a society that didnt force them into being in that situation? I say penalise those that caused this situation.... screw the buy to let brigade for a start.... Youre probably going to get youre way anyway, the joke is if you really want the bust and quick medicine you will vote for Brown.
  22. What about the thousands of young couples wanting a very modest house that have been forced into a situation where they have a very high mortgage? Just letting the bust play out will penalise far more than the people who really deserve penalising IMHO It is not or should not be as simple as letting the bust just play out. The bubble needs to be deflated slowly or as slow as possible and every day that passes without real action will cause the bubble to deflate more rapidly as the inevitable is just being put off.
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