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  1. Dont hold youre breath! People should have been kicking up about all the corruption in government and councils but they havent. The majority are uninterested or unaware being totally oblivious to how thier tax is spent and to what it is spent on. On here people are for the most part more clued up but we are a lone voice... the masses are ignorant and governments get elected by the masses.
  2. Multiply that up to national level, its spells a bad end to humans IMHO. Im not sure pension deficits are really that relevant.
  3. +1 There in lies a substancial part of the problem. Me Me Me Now Now Now Culture.
  4. Exactly Goat, if there wasnt an election coming up they wouldve started already. It's obvious a steady approach would be best. There isnt a real leader amongst them.
  5. We should certainly cut some things now to ease some of the pain later on. We didnt used to need child trust funds and other stuff of its ilk. etc etc. We could at least redirect this money to something more economically usefull. Those kids with a trust fund are really going to thank us for it when their taxes are sky high.
  6. So much for a global economy! I wont be able to afford to travel to work soon and will have to find a local job!
  7. 1996 my point exactly. The cause of our busted banking system is greed, funnily enough thats the same cause as the recession.
  8. Yup its all Maggie's fault, this government hasnt been in power long to achieve much (apart from record borrowing). It's also an outrage that both the cabin crews and the signalmen should have to change thier working practises. I stand corrected, thanks.
  9. Dunno but 11pct of the police part of my council tax goes to pay thiers.
  10. What will end him is when it comes out we have helped to bail Greece out. They will have but why make him look a liar once if you can make him look a liar and a twister twice by bringing up the second lie next week.
  11. This is a false recovery delivered by Brown maxing out the countries credit card. When he hits the limit of it the downturn will resume until labour is reallocated and re priced.
  12. When this was put to Brown originally it struck me as a fudge as to what he replied. I remember thinking... no the British tax payer wont bail them out directly but some euro fund we contribute to might thus giving him a part get out. I dont know about you but I dont trust the bloke. Browns answer to G20 bailout19 minutes in A direct question to Brown. Brown hides behind the G20. HE DOES NOT SAY NO!
  13. Cameron should have Brown next week.... Gordon Brown "In real terms it is 12% higher, but I do accept that in one or two years defence expenditure did not rise in real terms" But a research note prepared by the House of Commons Library in October last year showed defence expenditure had fallen in real terms in four financial years since Labour came to power in 1997: 1997/98 (-2.2%); 1999/2000 (-0.4%); 2004/5 (-0.7%); and 2006/7 (-0.1%). No Gordon, not one or two... BUT FOUR.... get it right, anyone would think....
  14. It's a joke, I wrote a letter of complaint to Bercow about questions not being answered by the supreme leader in PMQ's... the anwswer I got was that it was not his (the speakers) responsibility for either the questions or answers as long as they do not breach the rules of the house.... He also says that one of his principal concerns is to ensure the highest standards of debate are maintained in the house of commons...at that point in reading the letter I started to scratch my head... I like Clegg, as it is likely to go all Pete Tonge whichever party we choose we might as well go for the wildcard choice, we might get lucky.
  15. Yes, and Cameron made mincemeat out of Brown today didnt he.... er not.
  16. Typical union boss, his members will lose an awful lot of rights when the company goes tits up.
  17. Why does a pension deficit have to be made up? No one is going to make up the short fall on my endowment. Why is the final figure guaranteed?
  18. If they win they wont be in power for more than two years, a currency crisis will force thier hand.. enter the tories with a free hand. Either way it doesnt look good for GB Plc.
  19. I think its quite likely we will have unrest, it's a nice idea to engage with the public but it wont work Nick everyone is out for themselves (in case you hadnt noticed). BA stewards case in point folliwing the typical demise of a once great British company. Even though they are losing money hand over fist the workers refuse to change significantly... History repeating itself all over again.
  20. It amazes me we have trains and buses going up and down the length of the country half empty. I cannot for the life of me understand why "off peak" at least isnt free. This would free up cash ear marked for extra road building and the joke of our traffic congested roads and help to hit CO2 targets. Petrol at £1.20 will seem cheap soon after the currency really gets hit. You have to also laugh at the contradiction between a global economy and the cost of travel for working outside youre local area.
  21. Darling has missed his chance to do him in. It's ok though because Gordon will do the right thing in the budget. You have to remember, no government has done more on everything.
  22. What with the planted questions and lack of answers it just highlights how disgusting and out of touch with public opinion they really are. Who they heck do they think they are representing
  23. What a misnomer...PMQS... he never actually answers the question!
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