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  1. Labour implements an anti evolution policy? Maybe the top bods wants the plebs to breed as they will be more easily satisfied and manipulated. Sky n White lightening all round.
  2. People as a general rule do not repeat mistakes that cause pain. Put youre hand in the fire it gets burnt. Trouble is this government doesnt realise it CANT make everything alright and it is increasing the problem by trying. Idiots.
  3. Everything stinks. The whole system stinks. We do not live in a democracy. The common man who plays by the rules get screwed over time and time again it's just a good job most of them are oblivious to what is really happening.
  4. I advocate child benefit for the first two kids only. People like this are just p1ss takers. What are the Government thinking they can achieve with a benefits system set up like it is all they are doing is training the scummers to be baby factories who no doubt in turn will perpetuate the problem. The poluter must be made to pay and child poverty eradication isnt possible. People like this are just dregs and so is the government who allowed these policies to help these people.
  5. Yeah right... all of the cost of that prius just goes right back round doesnt it.
  6. This is what "they" do and "they" wonder why weve had a belly full.
  7. +1 This approach could benefit so many public and private entities.
  8. Im not sure you understand my position. In NO way am I saying teaching is an easy job. I have thought about doing it BUT youre right I couldnt put up with year 9 or having a lack of tools at my disposal to really deal with them. So that is that out of the way. My position is that this is not the right time to strike for more money... either for pensions or class size reductions. I believe we all have to shoulder the burden of this situation with some tax rises and some public spending cuts to get the borrowing under control. There are cuts that should be made in all parts of the public sector as we are simply borrowing to pay for things we cant afford and it is sheer loonacy to think we can afford class sizes of 20. What gets my goat is threatening to strike and wanting more and NOT accepting part of the burden of this situation.
  9. Hell high? Be carefull you dont take any responsibility eh?
  10. Well thats one way but isnt it far better to encourage the private sector to expand and do better so it therefore pays more tax and employs more people rather than just taxing it heavier. Look at GP's, most on 120k plus all trained by the tax payer ... they dont work in the evenings or weekends when we want them to do they? ..... No we just had to pay higher taxes for renegoitiated contracts with no better service. Thats why we dont want to pay higher taxes anymore. The public sector is worse than the NUM ever was and needs smashing.
  11. Forgive me but you seem to lack any credible arguements doesnt really cut it. The public sector spends money which the private sector makes, this is fine when in balance but its not is it? Seriously where do teachers really think we are going to get the money for class sizes of 20, with less hours and better pensions? Do you have any magic beans?
  12. So funny.... Boo Hoo the pension is poor ..... most dont want promotion, typical public sector attitude. What do you want? Oh yes great pensions and wages without moving up the ladder.... As I say join the real world as the rest of us cant afford it anymore.
  13. Maybe after 22 years with NO PROMOTIONS thats all they are worth? Who pays thier wages and pensions? Ah yes that would be the private sector. How does the public sector think the country can afford better conditions and pay rises all round? When will the public sector join the real world? Public v Private war... Where is the Private Sectors Champion to sort the leaches out?
  14. The tick box cultures been around for ages - why are they complianing now? It's just an excuse to make striking for what they are really after seem OK.
  15. Except the doctors wont strike as a protest against the target culture .... but they will if you ask them to work evenings and weekends to provide the public with a better service. The teachers too... they want no pay freeze, lower class sizes etc etc ... funny how they are complaining about the tick box culture now isnt it..... Where do the teachers think the money is going to come from? The public sector is bleeding the private sector dry ..... the public sector is the equivalent of the old stylie unions aka NUM etc. They are calling the tune...even the tories are backing down. It's about time they were taken to task and crushed.
  16. Well for me it was a bit of a non event. Cable got it on points for me but didnt land any decisive blows with Osborne doing better than I had expected and Darling a little worse. Would want Cable but would settle for Osborne in return for not getting Liebour again. Cable came over as the most honest.
  17. Im worried that Osborne will drop a b0llock, 5 more years of Labour will finish this country off (not that Labour would last for 5 years though mind)
  18. Dear oh dear and those with money wont vote for a party that will look after them? Parasites of a different nature.
  19. We had an add where Stamford homes? would pay 105% of the value of youre house in P/X no hips etc.
  20. To deliver that budget, then in effect denounce it makes him a traitor to us all. Another snake.
  21. BECAUSE THE HARMFULL BEHAVIOUR DOES NOT JUST HARM THEMSELVES. This is the whole problem with this government. Be it smokers / obese people / people with six kids or more that they cant afford / drug takers or feckless bankers. The rest of us have to bail them out THATS THE FEKKING PROBLEM Where is the moral hazard in this country if only these people harmed just themselves.
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