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  1. Can somebody please explain to me the logic applied by the govt when it was decided to bail the banks out? Why didnt the government just take over the responsibility of the savers money and let the bank go to the wall leaving share holders / creditors to carry the can as they should gain or lose dependant on the success of the business. I simply cannot see or understand the benefit of the bailout and why it was such a "must do". Thanks.
  2. Jobs are being shed big time but not I beleive in the most part due to them battling inflation. They are shedding jobs simply becuase they have been geared up to serve a market of X size and now it is Y size and they are simply downsizing. When they run out of room some will go to the wall, making whatever market they are in significantly less competitive. This along with import rises will produce inflation. No doubt inflation (price inflation is all i care about) is coming, it is here in some areas already. Some areas have been masked by retailer fire sales, clearing inventories to free up cash blah blah but they will have to rebuy a smaller amount of stock and pay more for it, this will be passed on to you and me. The timing im thinking is in around 3 months it is going to start to show. We are going to get? have got? price inflation, wage stagnation and asset deflation there is no way of avoiding it now. This is just a rebalancing of the world exercise it cannot ever be stopped unless slavery is reintroduced. I dont see the state failing as such but hopefully it will change big time but for that we need a leader.... in case anyone hasnt noticed we do not have any candidates. Eek.
  3. It does seem so convienient in so many ways but was it really enigineered? If so how the heck could it be kept hush hush...
  4. More like the lack of a maximum wage should be blamed for job loses! Maybe those bankers would not have been so reckless.
  5. I fear whilst everyone else is going down the protectionism route Brown will not do the same for the us and we will lose out. You can be sure the french will be looking after number one I dont see how this can be avoided.
  6. Surely we are talking treason here arent we?
  7. They will have an investigation or should I say damage limitiation exercise... There had better be some head rolling for this, in times past revolutions happend for less!
  8. Well i hope people will vote them in... we need a new broom... a different approach... why not... its not like we have much to lose... the old guard are hanging on..... I hope people can see through both the blue and the red....
  9. Non Food prices maybe temporarily down but that is all it is as companies reduce inventories drastically to improve cash flow. At some point they will have to restock all be it at lower levels then boom.... will you look at the price of that plasma! On the food front.... whats happend to the price of tuna! inflation is coming down (yeah right) but wages wont rise to cover it. We are no poorer in reality but it was nicer living in dreamland.
  10. Deflation definate? The pound is tanking and all my prices from suppliers are going up up and away and that is a fact. All I see is temporary reductions in prices to clear stock and ease cashflow. Once the stock is gone less will be bought in as less will sell and the prices will be more. Temporary deflation then inflation will return with a vengeance.
  11. I dont understand. The problem is too much debt? So we borrow more money and give it to the people who will spend it not save it, Mandelson said. The people who will spend it will in effect be giving the money to foreign nations / companies for a new ipod, TV sofa, car etc. Why dont we simply borrow money for investment in our exporters thus bringing money into the country and generating jobg which in turn generate more tax for the government... I cant understand how they think this will help at all, it just seems like trying to stop the tide with a buket and spade. I dont know from every angle it seems clever people tend to be the most stupid, I just cant get it.
  12. The time is now to stop buying products from these companies where ever possible, the time is to look after your own.
  13. Wont then by your own arguement higher interest rates force BTL'rs to sell thus adding to the stock thus helping prices to fall further within the reach of FTB'rs. Isnt that how market's work? Yes but I'd really like the house out of their ownership not just capital losses.
  14. "It's not about them passing the rate cut on to their mortgage holders, all this will do is help them keep their house when the ressession kicks in next year. " I do not want the BTL brigade to keep their houses, the same goes for the greedy, so sorry it IS about the rates for me.
  15. This country has got to sort itself out good and proper but the system STOPS it from happening. Nobody gets in charge without saying all the right things to the right people and thereby joining the club. This country needs a revolution, my grandad and his pals didnt fight for this.
  16. The point is it will help a BTL'r keep his string of houses instead of making him sell at a low price to an FTB. Wont it? The rate cut has to help the greedy and the BTL'rs neither deserve help. This has to be faced up to, surgery is needed, the arm has to come off or the patient is going to die.
  17. Its not about the rates! Aaargh! Lowering the rates means the greedy are going to be bailed out by the more prudent. Lowering the rates will help steady house prices so prices never get low enough for ftb's to enter. It all seems morally wrong and corrupt to me ... No it is morally wrong and corrupt.
  18. Lets face it they are going to go under its just when its inevitable. USA might be able to make one good car manufacturer out of the lot at a push.
  19. BTL's should be taxed extra They contributed to house price inflation big time, how is a young person going to get on the ladder? I hope loads of them get screwed big time. The govt should have stopped this years ago and I cant understand why they didnt (well I can, they had no other ideas). I have wanted a crash for ages even though the value of my house has gone down. Im glad we have a crash!
  20. If there is so much debt which seems the case wheres all the money gone?
  21. It would be quicker / easier to take over a bank, now how does one go about doing that i wonder.
  22. But surely the government would pay us any difference in the fixed rate to whatever the rate does go to wouldnt they? After all they gave all that money to bail out the banks who were grossly negligent and greedy and all the ICESAVE people are getting there money back also chasing high rates. No surely the government will do the right thing and pay part of my mortgage for me and If I loose a bet in Ladbrokes hey surely they will give me a sub. What a joke this country has become.
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