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  1. It's a parody The old Labour blame game eh!, everything in the 80's was the Tories fault, (nothing to do with the hyperinflationary bankrupt economy they inherited from Labour). Now after 13 years of Labour and the biggest deficit in the G20 and a cool one trillion national debt, oh yer it's the Tories fault again, nothing to do with Labour. The record high house prices, our very reason for being on this site in the first place is of course someone else's fault again, nothing to do with Labour. If you truly believe what you wrote above then I feel sorry for you as you are a zero eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. No amount of discussion will open your eyes, so I'll leave you to your delusion. Truly Frightening, that voters like you may one day enable Labour to get another bite of the cherry, which I very much doubt this country can survive. I'm watching ITV - Britain's Trillion pound Horror, I suggest you do likewise.
  2. Crikey, when I saw the subject I assumed you were talking about people forgetting to put the clocks back and so ending up at work ab hour early and so found the place deserted! I did that many years ago doh!
  3. Left foot forward eh wasn't that set up by Jack Straws son who used to be a drug dealer? Jack Straw who was the foreign secretary who decided to go into Iraq. Yer deffo a very reputable site. So looks bad, maybe some of them may even have to end up going out to work like the rest of us, sounds like a nightmare, those bad bad tories, trying to clear up Labours economic disaster to prevent Britain becoming a banana republic, why do they bother, they'll get no thanks for it, they should just carry on spending like Labour did and when you run out of other people's money, just print some more as Labour did. yer Britain will be fu**ed forever, but hey at least you'll be popular, seems to be the Labour way, just blame the banks or the yanks or Jews or something, seems to work for Labour. Tories out, sya no to cuts, Spend, Spend Spend, I'm an idiot I love Labour!
  4. What and get ANOTHER Labour government? 1979/2010/???? the next time Labour leave office there WILL BE NOTHING left! They nearly managed it this time, it doesn't bear thinking about. No sane person who doesn't personally benefit from Labour by being in a pretend job financed by borrowed money to buy their vote would ever vote Labour. Those who do should be sectioned/de-programmed! The minds a strange thing it can make people blow up planes, scale mountains, even vote Labour, the mind boggles... Benefits should stop you starving or being out on the street, everyone has become hooked like a junkie on crack. Benefits what kind of word is that? it's charity and people have forgotten that and should be grateful. Get rid of Asbo's put in place no-dole-money-bo's if you act like a c**t!
  5. Crikey is all sounds like a game of Monopoly and is all total b0ll0cks. Welfare is to stop people starving out on the streets not to give them an equitable lifestyle to people who spend the best part of their life as wage slaves, it has all got completely out of hand and WILL get worse. Each generation will have less work ethic and if work doesn't pay, simply won't bother. How will Britain ever compete price wise with India and China when the cost of our produce is burdened by the need to fund 8 million people doing absolutely nothing added on top. People seem to forget the cost of anything we sell has to factor in the taxes placed on the wages and other components required to build it, so the 20 billion housing benefit bill is added on to the cost of everything we sell albeit indirectly, the money doesn't grow on trees. OK well this is about houses so I won't labour politics, just focusing on how best I can survive in 21st Century Britain, way past caring much about strangers simply can't afford to - charity fatigue! At some point the life raft will be full and people will have to choose whether to leave behind those who cannot save themselves or end up having to join them!
  6. Got this rental on a rightmove email today, gone already within hours! Mind you I couldn't really afford £1,200 pcm though I see they say they happily take DSS, if only I gave up work then I could afford to live here! while all the idiots (like me) who go out to work cannot afford to do so. This country is so totally mental after 13 years of Labour, we need a tax payers rebellion. Endless complaints about housing benefit being capped at 21k/pa i.e that of a 30k salary, which with bills means unless you're making £50k+ a year you would be better off on the dole, i.e 90% of people! What a joke! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-15057321.html?utm_content=ealertspropertylink&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailupdates&utm_campaign=emailupdates_sep09&utm_term=letting&sc_id=5506522 AND ANOTHER one for the doleite elite also gone within hours of todays mail out!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-27193468.html?utm_content=ealertspropertylink&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailupdates&utm_campaign=emailupdates_sep09&utm_term=letting&sc_id=5506522 AND YET ANOTHER!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-24694124.html?utm_content=ealertspropertylink&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailupdates&utm_campaign=emailupdates_sep09&utm_term=letting&sc_id=5506522 Am I seriously going to work day in day out through the pi55ing rain to work my b0ll0x off to fund the life styles of people who do nothing and can live better than I can!!!! Keeping rents high so I cannot afford to buy a house myself. I think I'm going to explode I'm this close to giving it all up and hitting the dole myself tell the right lies, read up on the right symptoms and coin it in. Get a nice pad on the seafront, and spend my days reading, watching TV and moaning about how terrible it is to not be enslaved to work day in day out! What a joke!
  7. Ahhh you absolutely have to arrange another viewing on the place, then when the agent shows you round, just walk into your own flat with your own keys and shut the door behind you leaving him in the hallway. OR Invite the agent round to value your new property OR Make an offer for the asking price, then do nothing, say your solicitor is on holiday for 2 weeks when they question it. OR Ignore my valuable advice and forget it ever existed but occasionally daydream scenarios as above for chuckles
  8. I came up with this idea myself about 15 years ago, though I called it the MLA (Minimum Living Allowance). A few months later I heard a Tory MP talking about and since I have heard other parties was it the libs or greens talking about it. Everyone would get £100/week or so (similar to the basic pension which would be replaced by this) and choose to work on top of that or not. You could buy out of work insurance if you chose. Taxation would be increased such that anyone on under 30k would probably pay as much extra tax as they got back, Dropping personal tax allowance and introducing a flat rate tax would make sense too. Charities run by dedicated people would get proper government funding towards fixed costs to cater for the vulnerable, proper disabled etc who require extra care and would be better served by people who chose such a vocation than a civil servant assigned to it. Clearly Job Centres/endless bureaucracy could be dispensed with saving a fair proportion of the money as well. I would be interested to see how much such a scheme would actually save. So 45 million adults at £100/week would cost £234 billion/year which would be recouped by the abolition of bureaucracy and a flat rate tax of 33% all in (so no NI or other stealth taxes). Council tax could be replaced by local sales tax, so there are no other taxes and no other benefits for the vast majority. I'd also refocus the NHS to do less but do it a lot better/faster, if you want extras (IVF, cosmetic surgery) you pay for them. I believe most people who don't want to work never will regardless of what government cattle prod they construct. Many of these might well choose to work a bit though when they get ALL the extra money. It's a no brainer, though as with legalising drugs etc and other logical moves, society probably isn't ready for it yet as they are too scared of what the social fall-out might be. Loads of people choosing not to work? Loads of people hooked on drugs? Who knows. Maybe if a small country like Ireland tried it first to see what happens, though they're skint so...
  9. By Phil's Ilk I assume you are referring to Red-Ed Milliband (the first unmarried party leader for tax avoidance reasons) and his dodgy inheritance tax scams. I nice little leftie-friendly article for you in the Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/oct/09/ed-miliband-journalists-in-glass-houses Labour = Corrupt Party from the leader all the way down to their voters (ahh 2 Labour peers + 1 Labour donor peer sacked from the house of Lords for Tax evasion only this week)
  10. Well why don't you go out get a job and give them YOUR money or are you a lefty who loves nothing more than spending other peoples money? Buy a house and let them live rent free in YOUR house! Become part of the big society and YOU do something instead of telling everyone else what they should do from the comfort of your ivory tower.
  11. A direct descendant of lord haw haw I fear! Errr no other countries didn't allow them in. Errr no the majority of the debt is due to labour borrowing huge amounts of money to buy voters in the boom times when they should have been running a surplus, hitler blamed the jews, labour blame the bankers, and stupid people believe them, besides it was labour who deregulated the banks, ignored liar loan warnings and generated the housing boom cos they loved all those taxes to squander The bankers are a minor factor but highly convenient scapegoat for new libores lies. To be honest after 13 years of labour that has left us with the biggest debts in our history anyone who defends them or votes for them should be tried for treason. Labours stooges are everywhere, doubtless planning their come back and the next HPI scam. Why would any labour voter be on a forum like this? It defies all logic.
  12. What's the difference between a 6 billion deficit and a 168 billion deficit, a trillion national debt that somehow needs to be paid back without just printing new money to leave an inflation time bomb. What a tool. Keep voting labour mate, the choice of the zero iq class. Ps where did 20k pa come from 6k I heard vc say. Maybe from the same fantasy labour mind that invented WMD and evil bankers to blame everything on, pathetic
  13. The peasants didn't revolt when liebore introduced fees in the first place, nor when liebore bankrupt the country necessitating such undesirable actions so why would they revolt against the 2 parties who have very honourably stepped up to the mark to tidy up the financial mess of liebore? Eton Dave eh! So his dads rich, if his dad was black would you have the same sneering Black Dave name calling? I would however love the peasants to revolt and burn Liebore HQ to the ground, surely they're not all gullible fools and know who the real culprit for their problems are? If not then they deserve to suffer through their own stupidity and will. In fact anyone who voted labour in 2010 after the country very nearly closed down forever, deserves to fail and almost certainly will as they clearly have neither the brains or common sense to achieve anything ever. Hmmm thinking about it actually my friends who stuck with labour at the last election are the less successful ones, too blind to realise liebore have shafted them. The the ex labour, born again tory voters among my friends are the achievers doing well. Guess which group will be most affected by the labour-debt cuts, guess which group will console themselves by blaming the Tories as they lose everything, guess which group will still vote labour again and again and again, guess which group will bang their stupid head against the wall again and again and again and die having learned nothing and wasted their lives.
  14. I disagree on every level with the op, history proves again and again that the government is useless at providing any efficient services. They therefore need to focus on collecting taxes and using them to buy the private services their citizens need to provide a basic living, which people can expand upon using their own earned money if they so choose. We don't want any inefficient government housing or hospitals or schools. We do however need the government to fine or imprison those who offer services that are substandard. They should govern and control the distribution of services but directly provide none of them. Butt out of citizens private lives and butt in to the lives of the service providers. Rent controls, SLA's etc. If service providers fail the directors go to prison, if you don't want the risk don't provide services to the government. If you rent slums your property is seized etc. Failed IT projects dont waste taxpayers money the company who faiI pay us millions via their insurance policy etc. We need.a lot more dynamics from government more freedom for the individual, less freedom for contractors paid from taxation. Privatization seems to have become a dirty word, but only because they can leech off the same inefficiencies that plague the public sector. Labours vote rigging expansion of the public sector is the main cause of our current mess, their lack of control over the services provided to citizens is the other. Governments need to govern, to make laws not to try to run everything. I know british society isn't ready for this yet, but in time they will have no choice as there is no other viable workable model. Socialist models always fail in practice as they do not account for the fact that they encourage and breed corruption and criminality, hence why we have 4 billion people who are apparently totally unable to work in the UK
  15. You should be banned forrest talking utter guff. What was the deficit in 97 what is it in 2010? What was the national debt, the average cost of houses then vs now. Labour stooge go home!
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