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  1. Hi, My buy to let mortgage is going to start with northern rock very soon at the rate 5.49% fixed for two years. I know they will allow 10% overpayments each year for the fixed period. Does anyone if I can make the total 10% as one payment in order to reduce the interest paid every month. Loan is £117k including £2k product fee. Monthly interest only £532 how much will be my monthly interest if i make 10% i.e 11.7k to them as one off payment? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, Can you please help me with my query. will i need to get permission from the local council in order convert my front garden into drive way as in this photo http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28933924.html I know roadside kerb is done through the council but just wanted to know about my private front garden. Thanks
  3. Thank you. I meant from B8 to B14 so this also includes b9.....b13. We curently live in London but we have relatives in Birmingham and will be moving there in the next 2 years or so. I am not looking for something very close to them so anything good/bargain priced property in whole of Birmingham would do. Do you have any idea if the grass infront of all those house will affect the price of the property?
  4. Hi, Zoopla estimated the price to be £92k at the current market and according to zoopla it was sold for Last sale: £39,950 Sale date: 24th Nov 1995. Are zoopla estimates reasonable? We are thinking of offering 85k and this will be the first and last offer!
  5. Super stuff. much appreciated. Thank you everyone. I still can't locate the house on the google street map!! We are not in a rush so any reasoable good condition 3 bedroom house in B8-B14 for around £100k would suite our needs.
  6. Thank you very much for the above information. How do i find out price paid for the property previsouly because Land registery doens't seem to have price for it. Address: 228 Cotterills Lane Birmingham B8 2PE Tenure: Freehold Price Paid/Value Stated Data: Sorry, there is no price paid/value stated information available for this property.
  7. Hi, I am looking at this 3 bedroom property in Birmingham 228 Cotterills Lane,Ward End,BIRMINGHAM I am a first time cash buyer and would like your advice on how to proceed and how much should i offer? Thanks
  8. Hello, I am first time buyer and would like your advice before going any further. I have property worth 70k abroad but would like to sell that in order to buy 1 bed flat in Ilford. Can anyone suggest price for this 1 bed flat these days http://www.payneandco.co.uk/viewproperty.asp?adid=1234179 I want something for around 80k. are there any other websites to look into for 1 bed flat in ilford? Thanks
  9. hello to all members please bear with me cause I am completely new to housing market! I have heard from one my class mate that house prices are going down. I live in EAST London and would like to buy 1-2 bedroom house when the prices are the lowest. I can get around £100k transferred from my homeland so don't want to take more than £50k loan from bank. What do you think? Will prices go down in the next 6 months or so? if yes by what percentage? Thank you.
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