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  1. This country has a debt problem. When people get into too much debt they create a burden for society and the state (bankruptcy mortgage interest support emergency loans). If this website stops just a few people doing that it will pay for itself.
  2. A better comparison is to look at the interest only cost of the mortgage (as this strips out the impact of owning the house after 25 years) which gives a value of £1,521 giving you a very good deal once you have accounted for maintenance costs. Alternatively though if you consider that the value of the house will in the long time increase with inflation and that the long term inflation rate is 2%, then you could look at just the "real interest" cost of the mortgage assuming that the long term real interest rate is 3% this gives a cost of £913 per month. Once you take into account maintenance costs this suggests you are only getting a fair deal.
  3. Its employer's NI. Not payable if the employee is counted as self employed and presumably the employer believes in this case4 it can more easily get away with describing its workforce as self employed if they work a short number of hours.
  4. Lots of people certainly do leave balances on their cards (I'm sure you have read dfw on mse) but remember the credit company can sometimes make a profit from those that do repay their balances. Everytime anyone spends on acard the retailer is charged a fee most of this money goes to Visa/Mastecard but some goes back to the credit card company/bank. If these fees exceed the interest costs, any rewards and the administration costs the card can be be profitable for company.
  5. Hmm but a lot of these products (especially from the money shop) allow you to roll over the loan. Look at the Debt Free Wannabee Forum of MSE and see how many people are stuck on these loans for a long time.
  6. At least double CGT. Ridiculously low levels led to speculative booms. No fair society taxes capital gains at 18% and income at 40%.
  7. Correct See page 44 of http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/05_12_06_barker_finalreport.pdf . What worries me is that most less informed people tend to guess 30% to 50%. Ultimately lots of things can be done to dampen the cycle of hpi/hpc from a demand point of view: 1. Sensible taxation of btl rental income /capital gains tax 2. Sensible enforced mortgage income ratios 3. Sensible financial regultion (enforced capital reserve ratios etc) But when it comes to dampening the cycle from a supply point of view, I cannot understand what can be done apart from reforming the planning system. What worries me about the greend belt policy is that it is such a popular policy but very few people know much about it. Most people are in favour of the greenbelt but they don't know where it is, they don't know what is allowed to be built on the green belt, they don't know whether they have ever been to the green belt and they don't how large the green belt is (its actually 13.5% of England larger than the total built up area of England). I'm sure the boom years talk of insufficient houssing land was exagerated I just can't believe it was completely fabricated.
  8. Ok quiz question. What percentage of English land is built up?
  9. "avoiding my inbox in case Ken my accountant has sent me an email" You have to wonder what advice Ken has given her and how much he charged for it.....
  10. £500k = at most 25 deposits even for a small council this is a token policy.
  11. Yeh your site looks cheaper than Ludlow Thompson et al but £75 to sell a contract that you adapt from a basic template? Still don't understand why landlords don't do this all themselves.... w
  12. I really struggle to understand why so many landlords use agencies. It can't be that hard to advertise privately. My current tennancy agreement is with a private landlord and so will be my next one. It was not hard to find them and they both offered good rents (as they don't loose a tenth of the money on commission.) It seems odd that so many "property expert" landlord rely on agencies. If they know the market so well, why can't they find a tennant? w
  13. Central Government jobs are in: http://www.civilservice.gov.uk/ I think that the CCTV jobs you are talking about are generally advertised by agencies (you work for agency that works for police). Some jobs advertised directly on http://www.allpolicejobs.co.uk/ e.g. http://www.allpolicejobs.co.uk/index.php?p...b&jid=11144 (but post closed). w
  14. Wouldn't get planning permisssion (which is why we had HPI then HPC in first place)
  15. watch bbc 4 now.... show made back in 2006 which discussed the crazynss of the Irish property boom http://www.radiotimes.com/ListingsServlet?...ls_fullpage.jsp
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