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  1. Puzzles me why in the deprived suburbs of Paris, eg Genevilliers, there are huge quantities of 60's style flats, row after row of them and realy close together with few public spaces. Hardly get any trouble and life is very peaceful. Flats apear to be much more solid so you cant hear anything from adjacent flats. Why cant we be like that?
  2. Agreed - and wage deflation will inevitably lead to house prices falling.
  3. One thing I noticed over the last few months is that every time Gordon says "global" he has a look of embarrassment about him - I guess because he knows that a fair few citizens have seen through the facade. I find it a bit odd that Tony gets away with it. He obviously knew what was coming and got out by the skin of his teeth.
  4. I'm puzzled? Who are the guys who are "pheasants". I got money too but I dont intend to piss it away.
  5. Yes, you are absolutely right. The night rate this winter was roughly 4.8p wheras I was paying 2.4p the same time last year. There are going to ne a lot of bods with electric storage heating who will have a shock when they get their winter bills
  6. Not sure we can do much, better than the French nowdays. Was there a riot? I think I may have missed it
  7. That all depends what you mean by soon. In the scale of 25 year mortgages it will be very soon.
  8. You'll find the best bargains at good old fashioned jumble sales, if you can find one. All my children were brought up wearing jumble clothes, but we had posh jumble sales in Totteridge. Car boots are good for DVDs (ssshh)
  9. Some inflation is here now. As I see it old stock is being sold at knok down prices, but new imports are being priced much higher. Some, like imported luxury foodstuffs, are no longer available. In a few months this will begin to show in the published figures - so get ready.
  10. I hope we don't get a stupid riot. The pictures will be seen worldwide and the reputation of the UK will be debased even further.
  11. There are two ways of looking at this. If you are a house owner with a mortgage and the current rate is favourable ie got a tracker, then it may be better to sit tight. However, if you are a potential purchaser then a fix for 25 yrs at 5.99% must be worth considering. If you look back over the previous 25 years then you will see that interest rates have averaged much higher. Would also give you a great deal of certainty about future outgoings. Personally I think interest rates will soon be rising as inflation takes off.
  12. Well - typical waffle - "you missed the boat" etc Only one real response so far, and I would agree with that, ie 400k or above. If you cant get that (and I suspect you wont) then the decision depends greatly on your future plans.
  13. I have spent some time looking at Hospitals in Chicago. Between the Private, profit driven hospitals, "not for profit" charitable sector, and the public hospitals which treat the uninsured and Mecicaire (elderly) population, everyone gets a good service. The public hospital (Cook County) that I visited was about the same standard as a typical NHS teaching hospital, but it was clean and the rooms were single or twin. North West Memorial was a charitable, not for profit hospital. The public areas looked like a 5 star hotel and it had all single rooms. The whole hospital was HEPA filtered which means the air was filtered of bacteria constantly.
  14. As I said, £400 is not that bad for new, fit for purpose accommodation given council tax, fuel etc are included. The low rent of the old nurses home rooms just reflects how utterly awful they were. If the rent is so exorbitant, the tenants could move somewhere else. I bet you they wont though.
  15. I say it from experience. The old accomodation was built around 1910 and is rat and cockroach infested with 1 kitchen per 25 residents and similar for bathrooms. New build will not be 3 star hotel standard but fit for purpose.
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