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  1. And this one: "Coveted conservation area" http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27293083.html
  2. Caught the tail end of the discussion on LBC radio on the way home. The Firefighters who were phoning in seemed to be saying "it's not about cuts, it's about their [management's] plan to close down stations in the future" or "it's not about cuts, it about not having enough cover during the evening" (i.e. not safe). Apparently, going to a balanced shift (12 hrs/12 hrs rather than 9hrs/15hrs) means that in the future stations and appliances can be got rid of and/or there will be less cover at night. The argument didn't seem to stack up. As I said, only caught the tail end of it....
  3. Quickly from RM, not scientific... Last 24 hrs - 6 Last 3 days - 13 Last 7 days - 33 Last 14 days - 45 (East Berkshire)
  4. "Doesn't include cash buyers". So cash buyers are offering more than asking price!?
  5. Didn't catch the news when I first got up and have just spent an hour in the car. I wondered why LBC did not meniton it at all!
  6. If someone has experienced a temporary blip to their finances which is recoverable then leniency is fine. But if someone is so deep into a hole that they still aren't going to escape, even with all the forbearance and government support, are they only just delaying the inevitable (and accruing unpaid debt in the process)?
  7. An opportunity for HSBC/first direct to pick ultra low risk customers.
  8. Is L4 your postcode? You seem to be speaking from experience...
  9. The implication being that people who can proceed, but at a (much?) lower price are therefore not serious buyers. That's the problem with the entrenched mindset. Someone who can proceed at a lower price is in fact a serious buyer. It's going to be a long grind changing the mindset, especially when the (cough) 'professionals' refuse to see this. Not having a pop at you Pent Up FTB, just pointing out that a massive shift in sentiment is still needed.
  10. I think it's something a gambler trader partakes in once they've lost the shirt off their back?
  11. When the goverments are being lent money, they are happy to take it, and the lenders are known as "investors". When it turns out that the investment doesn't look too good and the investor wants to get out, or demands a higher return for increased risk, they become a "speculator". Investor/speculator - one and the same.
  12. Just because some London listed companies are making profits aborad, it doesn't mean that the UK economy is not f*cked?
  13. Wonder if a related question will be asked in the Leader's Debate this week, or will the Beeb manage to swerve it? Cameron and/or Clegg had better bring it up.
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