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  1. Well, by the sound of it, I'm rather younger than you, and I've been on this site longer, because I saw it coming. So don't write off all of us. People are aware... if you read the telegraph you'll have noticed this (first-time-buyers-giving-up-hope) . People are doing a cost benefit analysis of saving vs spending, and spending their money. Why not? Politicians are lying, thieving scum, the press are vermin, the police are all bent, business is run for the 1% and senior managers and everyone else can take a real terms pay cut or piss off down the jobcentre... the whole sorry mess is going
  2. Having spent a bit of time out of work, I think the UK employment situation mirrors the housing market. I see a lot of people, sitting pretty in fairly well-paid jobs, who would really struggle if they found themselves out of work tomorrow, and would be very hard pushed to find an equivalent job. I read someone in the press saying that if they lost their job 'they'd just get a job working the night shift at a petrol station'. Thing is, petrol station managers (like anyone else) like reliable employees. They don't want an overqualified middle-aged man who's 'only doing it until something be
  3. Yep. Found myself a job with a local authority 300 miles away who made me redundant after 5 months. Oh, how I laughed...
  4. Not a clue. I was too messed up to question it, just treated it as another knockback (albeit a particularly shitty one) and went on trying to find something else.
  5. Unless you get into a situation like I did when I was unemployed; Recruiter - "Your CV looks good, are you available for an interview soon?" Me - "Yes, absolutely! When suits you? I'm available anytime... is tomorrow suitable?" Recruiter - "...Don't you need to arrange time off?" Me - "No, I'm not working just now" Recruiter - "What, not at all?" Me - "No, I haven't got a job just now." Recruiter - "Ah. The organisation offering this post doesn't want any unemployed people applying. We'll keep your details on file, goodbye." [click] Me - "WTF?" ******ing soul destroying when that
  6. Hmmm... I'll stick with McDonalds and no smallpox thanks...
  7. Since all of those games are 18 rated, no 'kids' should be playing them.
  8. Probably. It's been a few years since I had any cause to go near a JobCentre but in that scenario, your Man would probably be encouraged to take the job as a stopgap, and possibly look for temp work or another part time role to make up the hours. Otherwise he could have his JSA cut off for a month for not being serious about finding work.
  9. Because if you turn down a job without good reason you'll get your JSA cut off? Those are the jobs. If you don't like them... get on your bike. You'll find roughly the same levels of pay everywhere, but at least you'll have had some exercise...
  10. Supply and demand. The supply of dentists is controlled by the British Dental Association. They set the entry requirements for Dentistry courses, and keep them high to keep the supply down. This ensures high demand per dentist, and keeps their prices high.
  11. The biggest insurance claim in British Motoring history is around £4 million pound. I think the victim(s) were left brain-damaged and paraplegic after being hit by (natch!) an uninsured driver, so the cost is paid for out of the £30 Motor Insurance tax. If you were supplying 40years+ 24hr care for wife or kids (or both), I doubt you'd have time to get a posse together and go killing. The only way you'll get even a fraction of £4mil out of a chav is if you euthanase them and sell their organs to the highest bidder.
  12. Kevlarhead

    The Chavs

    If a one year old is injured, or at all uncomfortable, you know about it bloody quickly!
  13. That'll be me then. On the plus side, I'm a poor sap who saw what was coming, stayed in a bit of the country well away from the banks, and I've got 90% of my annual salary stashed away for when the time is right. I saw it coming (thanks in part to HPC).
  14. I had a job with the tax office sending these letters out. Form P90 gets sent out to people with gappy or incomplete tax records. Work out your tax yourself. If they owe you, fill it in, send it back and collect the cheque. If you owe them, bin it, and the poorly paid temps processing these things will ignore you and move onto someone else. The stated purpose of the IR is to ensure you pay exactly the right amount of tax; no more, no less. So hold them to it.
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