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  1. Great stats, those inflation adjusted falls are bigger than I expected. The fact that the fall has taken five years has cushioned the blow for home owners particularly phychologically. Imagine the sentiment if they had occured over a year or two. The fact is we have had a major correction and there is probably significant further downside yet.
  2. Interesting stats, Are the those regional figures real or nominal?
  3. I do love the freudian slip - under description, key features it says 'first fool'.
  4. Thanks for this and your previous post. Plain common sense and accurate, social commentary. I have always advocated a 'none of the above' option on ballot papers. I believe it would demonstrate exactly how dissafected people are with the established political parties. Personally I am sick and tired of the 'anti-boomer' brigade on this site, it is nonsense and distracts people from the real causes of our problems. Also a pleasure to read something so well written for a change.
  5. I used to live in the area, That price is completely insane.
  6. They are also advertising the UK in Aus. Pretty good ads too, trying to attract some of those valuable Aussie $'s.
  7. return to a prosperous UK; What planet are you on!!
  8. Thanks for that - interesting stuff Have only spent a few weeks there, as you say a great climate. Am living and travelling in a caravan at the moment so will get to spend amonth or so there and take a look around. I'm not looking for work so it may suit us.
  9. If you dont mind my asking what price range was the property in. Have been watching Hervey Bay lately as its a nice spot. Will be there in a few months and am thinking of possibly relocating from Adelaide.
  10. yours for a mere 450000 pounds http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31077619.html
  11. Nice deal for the bank, they get to make the loan and earn income off it but have little or no risk. Unbelievable!!
  12. I hope to god you are some kind of nurse, if not the mind boggles
  13. Its not a patronising tone, its a tone of exasperation. 'boomer theft'!! get real.
  14. Yet another anti 'boomer' thread. This really is getting rather tiresome.
  15. This incessant nonsensical 'boomer bashing' really is starting to ruin this site.
  16. slow decline via inflation and 1-2% annual nominal falls will continue to a bottom in approx 2015
  17. Like a few other posters I think its all about the exchange rate. Came here in 07 and converted at 2.5 to the pound, very tempted now to return to the UK for a few years and hope the exchange rate goes the other way. Could make a good living if you keep getting it right.
  18. +1 I hope he's wrong too. Wish he did not sound so plausible though.
  19. I know the area well. 1 MILL for that is completely insane.
  20. Very interesting thread. I think the moral hazard of failing to deal with the bankers (fraud) and MP's (expenses) has made a lot of people question their outlook on society. Like many posters on this thread I now consider the above to be little better than thieves. I have no debt, but now it would not bother me in the slightest to 'rip off ' a bank. It was certainly not how I was brought up but as I say things have changed.
  21. Tend to agree with this. Aus is getting very expensive. Bought a small pack of peanuts in an Adelaide pub last night - $4.50 (3 quid) Nearly had a heart attack.
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