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  1. Did you know 9 in 10 say they would pay 50% more for a house if a Sunseeker yacht was on the birth of the private mooring of a marina house Did I miss the pregnant pause?
  2. Its something I sometimes ponder about. There may be a shortage of houses, but I bet there isn't a shortage of bedrooms. There are loads of people I know, like us, who live in 4 or 5 bedroom houses where there are only two occupants. We sleep in the same bedroom although we could, if we wanted rotate their usage or sleep in separate bedrooms. How many other couples are there like us living in houses much larger than we actually need?
  3. Like you I realise not much seems to be happening on the HPC front. However I still find a number of posts informative over a wide range of topics, not just about the economy, and I continue to look in and participate most days. Not that I get many replies these days, I must be on a lot of posters ignore list. Perversely though I wonder what will happen when the last bear turns.
  4. Are the 22 watchers prospective purchasers or are they interested to see if the coins they purchased from the mint can be sold at a nice profit?
  5. A comment in this article reflected the hostility of some posters on HPC to private landlords. http://news.rla.org.uk/shelter-needs-to-end-campaign-against-landlords/. “Private landlords felt frustrated that they are always treated as potential devils, while social landlords are always seen in official eyes and political rhetoric as angels. In contrast to such publicly aired views, it was pointed out that surveys of tenant satisfaction actually show better results for the private sector. Nor is the social housing stock consistently in tip-top condition.” The statistics seem to disprove the opinion of the posters who complain vociferously about landlords. I suppose its just down to the fact that people only complain when they experience dissatisfaction, when there aren't any problems no one bothers to say everything's fine.
  6. Most accounting software pretty much does that currently. It is totally dependent, however, on how well the data is input in the first place. There is an oft quoted phrase "to err is human, to totally screw up you need a computer" which sums up what I often find with new clients computerised accounting records quite accurately.
  7. Well I think a lot of contributors on this forum already realise that bankers aren't the smartest cookies in the box; until it gets to their bonuses that is.
  8. Surely D E B T is the illusion? The sun still rises in the east, night turns to day, winter turns to spring. Debt is the illusion.
  9. Yes letting relief is only available if the property has been the owners principle private residence at some time during his ownership. This also applies to Principal Private Residence Relief in any case. This was the main point of the post I responded to. This link to HMRC help sheet explains. If the property has never been the principal private residence then the reliefs are not available except for the annual exempt amount. Of course there is nothing to stop an owner from moving into a house prior to selling it for it to become his principal private residence and then being eligible for the reliefs. There is no qualifying period of occupation but there must be a clear intention of the owner for it to become his principal private residence. There have been many recent challenges by HMRC in tax tribunal cases where they do not believe the owner really intended for his property to become his principal private residence.
  10. Bit more detail: Sale price plus selling costs less purchase price plus costs of acquisition equals the capital gain. You may also be able to include improvement costs to reduce the gain. The gain is pro rated over the period of ownership, as you correctly say. Any period during which the property was your principal private residence plus the last 18 months from April 2014 (used to be 36 months) is exempt with a further exemption for letting relief of up to £40k of the gain. The resulting gain after your annual exempt amount of £11,000 (from April 2014) is taxed at 18% or 28% depending on your individual tax position. If the property is jointly owned then the couple are entitled to letting relief of up to £40k each and their individual annual exempt allowance.
  11. Oh I forgot to mention the SLK was returned a couple of months early on its lease as we had exceeded the contract mileage and the mileage excess and a pair of rear tyres that would have been needed would have cost more than the last couple of rental payments. She loves her new Range Rover Vogue.
  12. The boom from the early 2000s was fuelled by? credit create by bankers who encouraged others to become landlords. ergo landlords are more evil than bankers. Not sure I follow or understand your logic.
  13. She paid for it herself. Our rental income built up our pension pot quite nicely, thank you. The sale proceeds gave it a nice boost btw.
  14. So you tossers really believe that bankers are less evil than landlords!
  15. They do that by having apartment blocks included in a development. Ball park figures I use are 10 houses per acre, so 22 per hectare. If some of those plots are used for apartment buildings then you could get to the 35-40 dwellings per hectare without squeezing the houses together too much. Besides who has the time or desire to do a lot of gardening these days.
  16. Have you read the posts by Greg Yerbury. He has made some very informative posts and his replies show he is very knowledgeable and expert on the subject. I would be interested to hear his opinion on your predicament and see if he can suggest some solutions. If he isn't updating himself on this thread it might be worth you asking for his opinion. Maybe you wouldn't mind making it public on this thread.
  17. ? I don't understand, what time periods are you using. Without looking at accurate charts gold prices rose from $200 oz in 2000 ish to $1800 oz in 2011 and then fell back to a low of $1100 in 2013, back up to $1300 or so now. I can't see how you would have lost so much holding gold, or has your house increased in price? Your original post was in 2011 and mentioned that you sold to rent 5 years earlier, I can't see how house prices outperformed gold in that time.
  18. Most of them are currently working, the question should be who is going to sack this wave of geriatrics. Mind you a lot of us geriatrics are self employed. Grey hair doesn't turn you senile overnight, nor does your body cease to function. I personally know a lot of geriatric tradesmen who are fit and competent enough to generate enough work to keep their businesses operating.
  19. What the **** is wrong with being middle class. Class is not necessarily about income or financial wealth, it is about standards and behaviour. I have no desire to travel abroad to eat fish and chips in a European country, nor to have a drunken food fight with a load of toffs in a, well wherever they happen to have food fights. Drunks and boors with no consideration for others around them. I'm not middle class in income terms, I still have to work for my money, nor am I anywhere near upper class either in terms of capital, connections or anything else. I may have aspirations to improve myself in terms of manners, cultural experiences and travel. I see nothing wrong in behaving considerately and trying to be aware of others feelings and susceptibilities. Mock me if you like, I have no shame in being or aspiring to be middle class.
  20. Do you think that the austerity measures being imposed on the European population are a good thing?
  21. or for average wages to increase to £50k per annum. Alternatively get yourself some parents who own a house to bequeath it to you.
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